ANAD hits continued CPP-NDF recruitment of Filipino youth and students

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist denounce and condemn, in strongest terms, the unabated use of the youth and minors, especially students, by the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF against the duly constituted democratic and free government of the Republic of the Philippines.

Rep. Jun Alcover of ANAD Partylist describes as outrageous and highly condemnable the CPP-NPA-NDF’S utter disregard of the international conventions and the laws of our country on the protection of the rights of the youth that would ensure a better future of our youth in the community of free and democratic nations of the world.

This is Rep. Alcover’s reaction to the arrest of Maria Carla Alvarico, a licensed nurse, graduate of Velez College; Carlo Hernandez Cabahug, a graduate of computer technology at the University of San Carlos; and Absin Glenn Filamer, a political science student of the University of Cebu, after shooting it out against elements of the 79th IB, PA, last Sunday (October 18) in Sitio Pulang Yuta, Barangay Mayabon, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. During the same incident, one of their companion identified as Reden Carpentero, aka Rodel, 20 yrs old, was found dead, beside a creek, some 200 meters from the encounter site.

“This is horrible considering their continued avowals as protectors of our youth’s political and human rights and ensuring better future to our young, the Maoist communists incessantly are manipulating and abusing the idealism of our youth by inculcating on them the demonic Maoist communist ideology whose obsession is violence and destruction of human life and that of our country,” Rep. Alcover explained.

He pointed to the two PUP students: Albert Estrada and Regina Obiso, who were duped by the sweet-talking and glib-tongued Maoist communist recruitment specialists into joining the armed communist-terrorist, New Peoples Army, in the Southern Tagalog area.

“ANAD strongly warns all freedom and democratic loving Filipinos, especially parents whose children are subjected to recruitment by CPP political operatives, to be always on the wary and be on guard to safeguard their children,” Alcover said.

“What happened to the three arrested NPAs, former leaders of the College Editors Guild of the Philippine (CEGP), could very well happen to your children if we remain complacent and defy the call of the times to be on guard against Maoist communist-terrorist influence whose penchant for deception and lies continues to hold sway,” Alcover stressed.



DAVAO CITY, 13 October 2009 – The Victims of Injustice, Communism and Terrorism in Mindanao (VICTIM) challenges the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to investigate the human rights abuses committed by local communist terrorists especially the Pulang Bagani Company 1 of the CPP-NPA-NDF Southern Mindanao Region.

In a press release, VICTIM pointed out that no less than Ka Simon Santiago, political director of the NPA in Southern Mindanao, admitted to the local media that the NPA units tasked to execute the “death sentence orders” of their so-called “People’s Court,” otherwise known as “Kangaroo Court,” have committed “errors” and “excesses” even as he tried to gloss over the killings by saying that the victims were criminals.

“Ka Simon Santiago’s open admission of their men’s errors and excesses in carrying out the killings is a good cue for the CHR to come into the picture and investigate the atrocities,” said VICTIM, adding that the CHR had been quick to grab the limelight in other high profile cases such as the alleged abduction of NPA member Melissa Roxas and the Tiongson-Singson wife-beating scandal.

The CHR’s constitutional mandate is to investigate all human rights violations in the country irrespective of the offending parties.

Once and for all, the CHR under Chairman Leila de Lima should prove to the taxpayers who funded the office that it is not subservient to the CPP-NPA-NDF whose overall evil master, Jose Ma. Sison, is the husband of her cousin Juliet de Lima, said VICTIM.

According to VICTIM, “Chair De Lima must take the occasion that the CHR is investigating the so-called Davao Death Squad to also look into the excesses of the Sparrow Death Squad that made Davao City as its laboratory since early ‘80s.”

“Who knows that the alleged DDS and the NPA Special Partisan Unit (SPARU) shared some common resources and interests? There have been persistent rumors that some former SPARU members in Davao City have turned themselves into DDS members or even started the group.

Earlier, VICTIM vehemently denounced the series of atrocities committed by local communist terrorists against members and leaders of the indigenous cultural communities in Southern Mindanao Region.

VICTIM’s own probe tend to show that the CPP-NPA-NDF authorized the recent spate of killings of the “Lumad” to discourage members of the local indigenous cultural communities from supporting the government drive against all illegal armed groups in the region’s hinterlands that disrupted the indigenous people’s peaceful living.

VICTIM is a new group composed of surviving victims and families of the victims of injustice, communism and terrorism in Mindanao. Its growing membership includes those who survived persecutions, ambushes, assassinations, bombings, human right abuses and other infractions against humanity.

It was secretly founded at the eve of the 20th commemoration of the infamous Digos Massacre last June 25.


ANAD chides Maoist CPP’s slant as mere propaganda and lies

by:Mharlon Borja
as posted in http://anadpartylist.wordpress.com/

“THIS is part of the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF’s malicious propaganda scheme,” said Tito Porras, national vice president of the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist, in reaction to the recent statements of the Maoist communist group saying that US forces are exploiting the calamitous conditions to send in more “interventionist” troops into the country.

“In fact, a day or two after Typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila and ravaged the cities of Marikina, Pasig, Antipolo, the municipalities of Cainta and outlying provinces, calls had been made by practically all sectors of the Filipino community seeking US government’s assistance in the rescue and relief operations to supplement government’s effort,” said Porras.

He chided some quarters, especially those in the sectoral front organizations of the NDF, for making a fuzz of the US assistance saying, “Instead of injecting malice to highlight the arrival of US forces as a bane to Philippine sovereignty, Filipinos must welcome them in the spirit of humane accommodation as they are here for humanitarian consideration amidst the calamity that struck us,” explained Porras.

Returning to the Maoist CPP to a more profound question on what have they done to the Filipinos in the light of “Ondoy” and “Pepeng’s wrath, Porras slammed the Maoist communist leadership for issuing statements that are not only meaningless amid the hardship faced by our people but are clearly propaganda full of malice and ill-will, “ They continue to hit on the efforts of government with them showing not even a cinch of what they have been professing, for the past 40 years, as protectors of our people,” Porras stressed.

“In this time, where our brother Filipinos in the areas of Bicol, Southern Tagalog, Eastern and Northern Luzon areas needs whatever assistance possible, I challenge the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF to openly show the care and concern towards the Filipino people that you have been advocating in the past,” Porras said.

“Lip service and press statements on your website and to your minions in media outfits is the least wanted and are nothing. You should make good of what you’ve been saying all along, and put an end to your savagery and inhuman acts committed against the people,” said Porras.


ANAD downplays Joma’s delisting from world’s “Terrorist” list

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist describe the recent European Union (EU) court’s ruling, taking-off Maoist messiah and CPP founder Jose Ma. Sison from the list of “terrorist” personalities in the world, as a simple “palliative pill” to assuage the aging 70-year old founder of the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF.

“The decision does not make him a non-Maoist communist believer or would altogether change the very persona of Joma Sison who is deeply committed to pursue his vow of using violence as a means in achieving the goals and objectives of his organization,” said Rey Salas, ANAD Partylist national spokesman, today.
“The EU court’s edict was only to stop the use of the word - - terrorist as a label against Sison. Definitely, it does not change the character and intentions of Joma,” Salas added.

Even the unfreezing of his assets by the same EU court does not give a new Jose Ma. Sison to the community of free and democratic nations of the world, said Salas as he called on all peace loving Filipinos to constantly be wary and on-guard against the surging and unflinching deception and lies spread by the sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations, in the country.

On whether this development could spell and cause some improvement in putting an end to the country’s 40-year CPP-NPA-NDF insurgency, Salas explained, “It is only our hope but facts covering the same period unequivocally show that Joma and his peers has no intention, whatsoever, of reaching out for peace. Instead, ANAD Partylist sees the upsurge in the NDF’s malicious and venomous propaganda campaigns against government and stepped-up NPA guerilla attacks, in the countryside.”

“Our brother Filipinos, especially those who continually are victims of Maoist communist manipulation and those in the less privileged sector, must always be on-guard against the onslaught of black propaganda as a result of Sison’s delisting from the terrorist list,” Salas explained.

On the other hand, ANAD Partylist welcomed the EU court’s ruling with the hope that it will cause Joma Sison to get-out of his “protective shell” and pretensions and shall play a more active role towards the resumption of the oftenly stalled peace-talks with the government.

“Rather than going to the US not only to do some lectures but to taunt American authorities for labeling him as a terrorist, it is best for Joma to come back to the Philippines and seriously work for the resumption of the peace talks,” Salas added.