In the year 1994 at Lianga Bay, Tribal leaders (Datus) were called by the CPP/NPA leaders namely: Ka Isko, Father Frank Navarro and Maria Malaya aimed to discuss “Lumpong” or “Magdeal-lay Agreement”.
This agreement was between the Tribal Leaders and the CPP/NPA leaders giving the right of the Lumads Leaders (Datu) to negotiate to the investors and/or contractors of logs, falcata trees and other business opportunities.
Magdeal-lay Agreement was favorable to lumads. Leaders present during the meeting were: 1. Datu Paday Belandres 2. Agu Belandres 3. Pedro Tejero 4. Banaw Bocales 5. Lasoy Sarsona (deceased) 6. Emiliano Sarsona 7. Bubod Arbiso 8. Kumanda 9. Alping 10. Datu Busoy 11. Datu Undaw Enriquez 12. Datu Humboy 13. Datu Alab Flores 14. Odug Duhak 15. Bobito Layno (deceased) 16. Junior Belandres 17. Sanidon Enriquez 18. Mariano Bocales 19. Mayduk Abisido 20. Datu Sibugan (Marcial Belandres).
In the year 2004, “Malanday Agreement” was created. The rights given to the Tribal Leaders was retracted. The CPP/NPA leaders realized that if the Lumads will continue to enjoy being negotiating panel to the investors, they would not be able to stay in the CPP/NPA group. The Lumads gradually learned to make a living.
This was the reason why CPP/NPA broke the first made “Magdea-lay” agreement and changed it into a new “Malanday Agreement” which was unfavorable to the Lumads. In Malanday Agreement, Lumads could no longer participate in business transactions.
Personalities Involved at Malanday Agreement: CPP/NPA: Isko, Ado, Joy, Dalay and Dito Tribal Leaders (Datus): Ombid, Landoni, Gloria, Permia, Badoy, Indong, Biboy, Jepoy Enriquez and Bibot Enriquez.
This was the start of the conflict between Lumads and CPP/NPA. The said communist group started to attack lumads and lots of killings happened. Any lumad that would not obey the CPP/NPA rules would get killed. When “Malanday Agreement” was being implemented by the CPP/NPA, lumad leaders were being killed by CPP/NPA because they reacted against the new policy.
Names of Lumads who reacted against the CPP/NPA: Junel Senso, Detil Tejero, Oliboy, Wardo Albiso, Orso Tejero, Nestor Igwa, Teteng, Ollon Perez, Agsab Asibido, Pukot Asibido, Junie Asibido and Tolyo Tejero.
In the year 2010, CPP/NPA again killed Lumad leaders. Secretly Lumads gradually created plans on how to beat CPP/NPA. Gradually as well, they step down from the said communist group but still there are thousands that are in the custody of the communist group.
The Tribal Leaders called the attention of the CPP/NPA Leaders: Ka-Ores, Ka-Maria Malaya, Ka-Isko and Ka-Ado. They asked the CPP/NPA leaders to give back their rights to their own lands especially to the areas of Datu Magtatambag Tikyo Bocales, Datu Sibugan (Marcial Belandres), Datu Dangpanan, Datu Nahikyad (Marcos Vucales), Datu Calpit Igwa Asusan, Datu Martin Asabido, Datu Dagsub Perez and Datu Sinakuyan Romeo.
The Lumad Leaders warned the CPP/NPA to hear and respond to their request, otherwise bloody war will happen to the communities controlled and manipulated by the armed communist group (CPP/NPA).
On August 15, 2012, Lumad Leaders/Datus of Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur held a meeting, joined together and agreed for ONE BIG GOAL to dismantle the CPP/NPA in CARAGA Region for them to be able to return to their homeland in peace. They wanted to oust or throw out CPP/NPA in the mountains which is the land of the Lumads/Manobos.
According to them, Ka Ado and Ka Isko are the leaders of CPP/NPA who victimized the Lumads. They all agreed to declare RIDO vs. NPA-Lumads as continuous killings of their relatives is not being stopped since 2004. Leaders declared that 60 Lumads more or less were already killed since 2004 up to present and still counting.
Surigao del Sur Lumad Leaders/Datus who attended the meeting were: 1. Datu Taloc Vucales 2. Datu Tenong Vucales 3. Datu Pedro Tejero 4. Datu Marcial Belandres 5. Datu Marcos Vucales Agusan del Sur Lumad Leaders/Datus who attended the meeting 1. Datu Wako Tejero 2. Datu Emie Peres 3. Datu Bogoy Asevido 4. Datu Maximo Peres 5. Datu Maning Egua 6. Datu Jonjon Peres 7. Datu Osting Peres 8. Datu Romeo Banusay 9. Datu Martin Asevido.
The meeting was lead by their respected and declared No. 1 Datu, Datu Calpit Igwa. On July 15, 2014, Rido was triggered between the two parties when armed CPP/NPAs attacked Datu Calpit's area at Sta. Irene, Agusan del Sur. Again, this was known news, documented and covered by the local media. It was also exposed by the lumads that before July 15, 2014 encounter, CPP/NPA already made series of harassments and attacks to Datu Calpit.
On October 8, 2014. Magahat Force was organized as group of Lumads that are against the CPP/NPA. On March, 2015, Magahat Force and other Lumad tribes scattered a communication/letter along the Highway in Lianga and Barobo areas in Surigao del Sur, expressing their extreme madness to the CPP/NPA and calling lumads’ attention and encouraging them to step down from the communist group.
The Lumad Leaders held series of meetings regarding their preparation for war against the CPP/NPA. Sometime as well on March 2015, they held thanksgiving, prayers and held rituals as sort of blessing on their firearms and medicinal oils to be used in approaching battle against CPP/NPA.
Sometime on April, 2015, Lumads also called the attention of fellow lumads/Manobo Tribe thru media and asked them to step down from the Communist Group and asked them to join the fight of Lumads to achieve their ultimate dream, to return to their respective lands and will finally live in peace without manipulation and control of the armed CPP/NPA.
On May 10, 2015 again Magahat Force and Lumad Leaders of the entire Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur voiced out loud their declaration of war against the CPP/NPA and asked the government to support them VICTIMS of the said communist group. This was aired thru local media coverage in Barobo, Surigao del Sur mountains, all aiming to be heard and acted upon by the government.
It was only on May 10, 2015 after the airing of the news about the declaration of war when the LGU, PNP and military learned about the matter. LGU, PNP and AFP made efforts to resolve the CPP/NPA-Lumad issues.
As a result of the said efforts, 42 (forty two) formers rebels surrendered and they were presented on August 24 and 25, 2015 Peace Caravan held at Lianga, Surigao del Sur. At present, more armed rebels are encouraged to surrender after witnessing the Peace Caravan.
The leaders of the communist CPP-NPA-NDF in CARAGA Region should bring-out themselves to open discussion for peace. Manobos called them “Tampudah” which deeply means that all of them lumads organize by their Datus, including the Datus that connived with the CPP-NPA-NDF, will make an agreement that they will resolve their issues and settle their conflicts and they will go back to zero as if nothing happens, so all lumads could return to their respective lands, make their own living and continue to live in peace without any control and manipulations of the CPP-NPA-NDF.
“Tampudah” should also be witnessed by the government thru the military, PNP or any other agency which concerns PEACE. According to the lumad leaders, “tampudah” can only be achieved if the following Datus under manipulation of CPP-NPA-NDF will be present for negotiations:
1. Datu Ombid Sinzo Area in Km. 16, Diatagon, Lianga,
2. Datu Gloria Tumalon Area in Km. 16, Diatagon, Lianga,
3. Datu Jepoy Area in Km. 9, Diatagon, Lianga,
4. Datu Landoni Tumalon Area in Km. 16, Diatagon, Lianga,
5. Datu Pemia Tumalon Area in Tiwagan, Brgy, San isidro, Lianga,
6. Datu Efren Belandres (Ago) Area in Panukmoan, Diatagon, Lianga,
7. Datu Ontong Belandres Area in Brgy. Bulhuon, Tambunon, San Miguel, (Yudong Group) Brgy. Magruyong (lumpong-balangay),
8. Datu Rebok Vucales, and
9. Datu Talok Vucales.
These 9 Datus are the Lumad Leaders of the CPP/NPA in CARAGA aside from their higher leaders who are not Manobos but just long been manipulating the poor Lumad victims.
The following NPA leaders are asked by the anti-NPA lumads to be ejected from Caraga since they are the root cause of conflicts among the lumads:
1. Ka Ores
2. Ka Mariang Malaya
3. Ka Ado
4. Ka Isko
ALCADEV or the Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural Livelihood Development is located at Km. 16, Brgy. Hanyaan, Diatagon, Lianga, Surigao del Sur.
ALCADEV is the educational front of CPP/NPA. Children are taught academically from Mondays-Fridays but Saturdays and Sundays are tactical trainings for firearms and combats. The students are brainwashed to extremely hate the Philippine government. When they finish training at the ALCADEV, they will be prepared to be soon members of CPP/NPA. 

This was revealed by former rebel (CPP/NPA) Marcial Belandres (Datu Sibugan) who had been in the armed communist group for 25 years.
Approximately three (3) kilometers from Alcadev school is a wide training ground called Marlboro with an area of more or less than 20 hectares, and seven kilometers away from ALCADEV is a wider training ground called Kabuluhan covering around 30 hectares. It is a ground for combats and firing where Alcadev students where being trained. The said school is funded by foreign country and money is used for CPP/NPA operations and propagandas aside from the school learning and activities, Marcial Belandres bared.
ALCADEV students would not sing the Philippine National Anthem. ALCADEV students sung the Anthem of CPP/NPA entitled Bangon (Internationale), which encourage revolt against the government, “Bangon sa Pagkalinupigan” that means raise from abuse/maltreatment/oppression. “When I was there, We were also singing the following songs: 1. Berdugong Kasundalohan 2. Pasistang Militar sa Pang-gamhanan 3. Tulo ka Amigo (Milisia, Sparrow, Hukbo) The lyrics of the above songs are all against the government and military,” revealed by the newly-surrendered former CPP/NPA Commander Marcial Belandres.

357 Lumads killed by NPA

The NPAs have killed and violated the rights of many individuals and they did not even bother to deny it! As a matter of fact, they publicly admitted to have carried out the killings in view of what they claim as revolutionary justice. A justice system where they are the prosecutor, the judge and the executioner rolled into one! What sense of justice can you expect in such a mockery?
To give you an idea of the such mockery of justice and killings they have carried out with impunity and total disregard to the rights of the individuals they have victimized, let us look into the list of people they killed (some in front of their loved ones) without the benefit of a fair and impartial trial where the accused can rightfully defend himself against accusations they (NPA) fabricated.
This is a partial list collected by the Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Conference for Peace and Development (MIPCPD) local chapter in Davao which contains members of the Indigenous Peoples who were killed by the NPAs from 1988 to 2008 (20-year period).
Please take note that this is only a partial list and non-IP victims were not included. In 2009 alone, there were 24 lumads killed by the NPA in Davao region and Socsargen Area:
1. Miling Dogine
2. Anaclito Binhayon
3. Kabotahi Manliwata
4. Junie Odayao
5. Manhutadan Dogine
6. Datu Manhandayan
7. Eugenio Andrino Sr
8. Monsing Salinay
9. Datu Manlayenaa
10. Manuel Pinagawa
11. Adis Ansihagan
12. Baod Angkaw
13. Tinaghanao
14. Mario Sin-ingan
15. Datu Balag
16. Jose Dogino
17. Batil Dagayday
18. Ede Dagayday
19. Mansildohan Mandokita
20. Mansopote Dalondom
21. Tilem Mandokita
22. Ferio Mandokita
23. Anoy Pinagawa
24. Man Eskaman
25. Ganio Tinaghanao
26. Mansip-Odan Salamanka
27. Antiyan Binanogan
28. Lorito Sagay
29. Joker Sagay
30. Hektor Sagay
31. Constantino Saga
32. Alberto Saysi
33. Manuel Saysi
34. Oscar Saysi
35. Carlito Mandag
36. Norio Anduhoan
37. Nestorio Mandag
38. Bobong Prolio
39. Gaspan Dandananon
40. Ramon Mabasli
41. Davis Estrella
42. Dodo Aliwas
43. Datu Orencio Emboc
44. Datu Orso Duhak
45. Roger Amba
46. Datu Juanito Purogoy
47. Eking Ondayay
48. Boy Marcelo Diaz
49. certain Gorio
50. Datu SigaSiga Angeles
51. Datu Ulong Quillano
52. Magno Leorna
53. Angkat Daging
54. Ensang Daging
55. Ponciano Daging
56. Lolong Daging
57. Nosod ilagan
58. Unnamed 4 year old girl
59. Enanyag iligan
60. Datu Macuta Ponson
61. Bae Noa iligan Carlos
62. Landoni Carlos
63. Esid Carlos
64. Sofring Tomian
65. certain Bador
66. Diego Montenegro
67. Datu Marga David Tumian
68. Datu Ligison Casiano Mabantos
69. Bartolome Dagodoy
70. Macario Pouson
71. Datu Sawod Adsab Acebedo
72. Datu Kalinawan Lucio Acebedo
73. Ceferiano Tumian
74. Elves Mabandos
75. Tungalo Tanugan
76. Rudy Ondao
77. Datu Sinangkalan Jose Acebedo
78. Isidro Carlos
79. Lito Sogarol
80. Tacio Acebedo Jr
81. David Perez
82. Lito Eligan
83. Herman Salia
84. Datu Hampapalay Buag Mabandos
85. Evello Lero
86. Bobong Tania
87. Joel Macca
88. Bonie Acebedo
89. Ruben Acebedo
90. Bae Nenit Brital
91. Alberto Mabandos
92. Bado Tagunlunsod
93. Narcisa Eligan
94. Macario Eligan
95. Manuel Sahalay
96. Salvador Sahalay
97. Kignaton Mabandos
98. Obo Mabandos
99. Abundio Maca
100. Joseph Maca
101. Maning Hayahay
102. Loreto Meniano
103. Datu Banagbanag Boyasan Dagium
104. Paking Nadao
105. Librado Oniba
106. Donato Angeles
107. Docdoc Angeles
108. Rex Maca
109. Ana Maca
110. Tony Oniba
111. Delis Acebes Perez
112. Melanio Acebedo
113. Matalad Ibay
114. Hantangan Mabandos
115. Emie Hayahay
116. Datu Manlumabe
117. Datu Lude Katablaran
118. Datu Armando Ignacio Sr.
119. Datu Narciso Amado
120. Datu Tangile
121. Mayor Oscar G. Torralba
122. Datu Mandigle Boboynon
123. Datu Marlo Tagbakan
124. Datu Baloto Banagbanag
125. Datu Casiano
126. Dandong Nadao
127. Berting Elizalde
128. Fedil Quenonez
129. Eddie Sanchez
130. Segala Parker
131. Pancrasio Nadao
132. Roger Alba
133. Marcos Dagod
134. David Tello
135. Bae Konsay Parker
136. Morse Parker
137. Senando Parker
138. Himlay Parker
139. certain Ebyat
140. Madig Parker
141. Semion Olantao
142. Ambinao Lumpipi
143. Ambis Ayag
144. Paul Navaral
145. Masaglang Adimat
146. Nonoy Palawod
147. Rusterio Gumaling
148. Datu Induyung Asil
149. Paye Landas
150. Edralin Malatino
151. Tato Bualan
152. Datu Indo Dumalay
153. Lusada Tularan
154. Odanding Adimat
155. Tiago Enagkob
156. Una Luyucan
157. Jun Gambay
158. Masyong Man-Ulugan
159. Domon Dalagisi
160. Dodong dela Pena
161. Dionesio Ayag
162. Dodong Cabawan
163. Dolfo Otay
164. Daniel Ahot
165. David Mambo
166. Dongin Dumaon
167. Danny Dacao
168. Doming Dura
169. Danny Dumacon
170. Ducarao Ambinot
171. Daniel Balagisi
172. Datu Enangkob Adimat
173. Edralin Malatino
174. Elisan Palawod
175. Francisco Andap
176. Fernando Bangcas
177. Datu Indoy Dumait
178. Guddy Dumacon
179. Arimat Tandang
180. Datu Buwalan Angit
181. Datu Amado Yahumon
182. Datu Alandonie Buntas
183. Anungan Pinaling
184. Beninsag Awon
185. Datu Bagyas Bualan
186. Datu Boisa Baon
187. Bandong Baanban
188. Bobong Mansaloon
189. Bosot Mansaloon
190. Benisad Antay
191. Camid Bumbad
192. Camina Cagano-an
193. Catalino Sacalang
194. Junior Ampinot
195. Dioning Sacalang
196. Jaime Dacula
197. Jailes Lianao
198. Lozada Tularan
199. Lopez Pendio
200. Libania Ecatan
201. Limpao Biglo-an
202. Lopanza Araes
203. Milanio Bualan
204. Manggumirie Malatino
205. Manuel Lawog
206. Mariano Ajos
207. Manuel Ando
208. Manlibulong Manucos
209. Manlukong Dumakatal
210. Mariano Gawilan
211. Manlatawan Umbos
212. Odanding Palawod
213. Onding Malatino
214. Opatay Aguatan
215. Datu Pascual Sumandang
216. Panguparon Bering
217. Paindoy Bansilan
218. Pinalisod Maylona
219. Datu Quizon Palawod
220. Puloy Mansugal
221. Datu Quirino Bualan
222. Rudy Banatao
223. Datu Ruben Masihod
224. Rustino Gumaling
225. Ruben Enayag
226. Rufino Baantong
227. Sangguog Apuha
228. Sermion Olantao
229. Sagana Onsad
230. Santiago Araes
231. Sugoran Enlog
232. Sadanie Ansulay
233. Sayumbad Bayamban
234. Samson Talay
235. Salim Dumacon
236. William Sumalpong
237. Antao Bugcal
238. Mariano Anjos
239. Fernando Bangcas
240. Cesar Ligunay
241. Jose B Libayo
242. Manuel Bualan
243. Salihan Bualan
244. Quirino Bualan
245. Bugcal Elansag
246. Lorito Libayao
247. Ayag Laidan
248. Ruben Masihod
249. Nonoy Roldan
250. Datu Manuel Butig
251. Junior Gariando
252. Harodidilio Bagmohan
253. Helinito Bagohan
254. Cristito Bagohan
255. Nelson Bagohan
256. Domingo Ingin
257. Domoing Rivas
258. Datu Mapando
259. Datu Ramos Ombilayan
260. Datu Bayatogan Samoing
261. Datu Mariano Samoing
262. Datu Mauyongbot Sangay
263. Datu Dodong Butongan
264. Datu Temoteo Pagarayon
265. Datu Rogelio Gallo
266. Cab Maning
267. Gahina Condring
268. Amay Condring
269. Dangin Dumakon
270. Godi Dumakon
271. Mariano Man-uyaw
272. Datu Mariano
273. Lasut Helarion
274. Adoy Helarion
275. Berto Patronilo
276. Bernardino Ponillias
277. Ale Bugay
278. Titing Atis
279. Certain Brayan
280. Pelo Ruria
281. Nono Hurtado
282. Datu Edwin Lupasi
283. Datu Adong Ogaw
284. Datu Lucio
285. Datu Vicente
286. Datu Otong
287. Datu Maximo Garan
288. Berto Sulang
289. Capt Maximo
290. Pfc Juihalie Birang
291. Berino Bodiongan
292. Ginawatan Domingo
293. Myrna Tumagna
294. certain Tabata
295. Carding Rubio
296. Dodong Ipil
297. Boy Damason
298. Nardo Sumiguid
299. Selpanio Tumata
300. Rosendo Jutba
301. Tataan Rubio
302. Dodong Rubio
303. Toding Rubio
304. Sarion Jalalon
305. Pablo Montipon
306. Gumimod Dumalti
307. Langkas Basisihan
308. Daned Manguanda
309. Puli Kabutahi
310. Datu Ruben Mandahanog
311. Arman Mangkugihan
312. Daowbi Mangkugihan
313. Datu Madusa
314. Datu Tomas Anggay
315. Jimmy Ligasan
316. Nelson Cabunyas
317. Samson iligan
318. Golong Donato
319. Reynaldo Felix
320. Rosalia Labanen
321. Dionecio Daniosa
322. Nolie P. Paw-as
323. Eduardo P. Ruelan
324. Lucencio Ampunan
325. Datu Gideon C Otao
326. Datu Pablo Bael
327. Datu Ramon Bayaan
328. Datu oscar Imba
329. Bae Alma Binayao
330. Enrique Jista
331. Bonifacio Chavez
332. Ceriaco Gamahon
333. SPO4 Boy Mier
334. 1LT Al Mier
335. Jejen Monte
336. Yodie Dalig-os
337. Joselord Cabonada
338. Arturo Bangot
339. Manuel Arsenal
340. Dufo Sibli-An
341. Amer Lumista
342. Datu Balatinao
343. Bernabe Ampuhan
344. William Balog
345. Bae Terry Pabalinas
346. Datu Evan Ignacio Campos
347. Margarita C. Mansuito
348. Datu Lagnasan Alejandro Campos
349. Sawa P. Sevilla
350. Mayor Lope Asis
351. Capt Julian Bayong
352. Elias Coquilla
353. Datu Dinango B. Brital
354. Gerry Ponso
355. Alvaro Guyo
356. Datu Kawit Cido
357. Mayor Jose Asi-ay Libayao
This clearly shows the unimaginable crimes and inhuman acts intentionally committed by the CPP/NPA/NDF against our people duly sanctioned by their Central Committee.
Studying the list of the people they killed, one can readily see the number of people having the same family names. This signifies the mode of killing. These people were murdered as a whole family in a massacre. The NPAs are notorious in branding whole families, organizations and even communities who are not supportive of their malevolent cause and mark them as their enemies and hunt them down sparing no one even small children. The list shows one unnamed four-year old girl who was murdered in cold blood. As we read further, we can see names of women. One need not contemplate what unimaginable things happened to them and what hell they suffered from the hands of the NPAs.
This clearly shows that the NPAs respect no one. They do not respect the innocents, even women and children were desecrated and made to suffer in what they call revolutionary justice. Is there justice at all?
What in the world now can we call people passionately advocating human rights and respect to individuals who points to the government with an accusing finger in an orchestrated fashion but turning a blind eye on the atrocities admittedly committed by the CPP/NPA/NDF?
Don’t we have a heart in sympathy with those innocent men, women and children murdered by NPAs? Those who claim to be fighting for the rights of the masses might want to look into these killings and file cases against the NPAs. The evidences will come handy as the NPAs have proudly claimed their hand in the execution of their revolutionary justice.
Photo Credits: Bantay Bayan  
Article published at:  https://www.facebook.com/nationalalliancefordemocracy