Lumad leaders, deplore exploitation of IP by local terrorists

Camp Panacan, Davao City- Lumad leaders belonging to Mindanao Indigenous Peoples’ Conference for Peace and Development (MIPCPD) deplored the exploitation of Indigenous Communities by the local terrorists (NPA) and their legal fronts, 11am Monday.

Speaking infront of the media, Lumad leaders attending the 3rd Founding Anniversary of the Army’s 10th Infantry Division in Panacan, Davao City, emphasized the good relation between the Indigenous People (IP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the peace efforts and development projects of the government in IP communities.

Referring to news that landed on some papers, MIPCPD members led by Datu Limpatuan Joel Unad told reporters that Pasakaddag Salupungan Kalimudan (PASAKA) does not represent the whole population and sentiments of the IP. Speaking in combined Bisaya and his native Manobo dialect, Datu Unad said “People must be wary of the propaganda of some sectors falsely representing the IP and riding on issues to serve their own selfish motives. The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) is the right organization that represents the whole sentiments of the IP.”

In a statement, Datu Unad stressed the need to look into violations of the rights of the IP on many angles and there must be impartiality in order to really address the issues. “We must not single out one organization like the AFP as the violator of the IP’s rights. There are blatant violations also of some private individuals, criminal syndicates and the local terrorists (NPA). The AFP is there to protect our people from these violators. We at the MIPCPD and NCIP address these issues by bringing the matter to the right agency.” Unad added.

Maj. Gen. Reynaldo Mapagu, Commander of 10th Infantry Division for his part belied claims of PASAKA saying, “These are clear propaganda of the left. The local terrorists have been violating the rights of our people repeatedly and with impunity. They have been responsible in land grabbing activities and they term it as land reform. Recently, they planted many landmines in Paquibato district in Davao City where many of our IP brothers live. Those landmines limited the movement of the people in that area. Civilians cannot do their daily activities freely without fear of stepping on those landmines.”

“We call on our people to distinguish true advocates of human and IP rights from wolves hiding in the cloak of such advocacy. We call on PASAKA to file charges on the proper courts and denounce also the many atrocities committed by the local terrorists against our people if they really represent our IP communities so that fairness, impartiality and justice will reign.” Mapagu added.

The local terrorist group NPA is the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines that is waging a forty-year rebellion and is being tagged in many human rights violations committed against civilians, particularly IP communities and its own members.



Kometing Rehiyon Negros (KRN)covers practically most of Negros island; 13 cities & 20 municipalities or the north and most of the central Negros parts of the island. Time & again, atrocities perpetrated by its regulars have lay siege on hapless Negrenses. Unfortunately, these regulars do not distinguish women, children or the elderly. Their reckless campaign of terror (murder, extortion, theft, robbery, kidnapping, arson, etc.) on the communities especially in the countryside has already brought so much pain, sufferings, & hardships to the civilian populace.

Following are the most recent atrocities carried out by KRN regulars against civilians (high school teens, unarmed civilians & elderly women) & soldiers conducting non-combat missions.

11IB, 3ID, PA was engaged in a non-combat mission at Trinidad, Guihulngan, Negros Occidental in the months of May & June. They were conducting civic-military operations in the area in preparation for the medical and dental missions that will be rendered by the local government of Guihulngan & the provincial Governor’s office to the residents of barangay Trinidad and its neighboring barangays.

On 23 May 2009, five (5) unarmed soldiers left their temporary patrol base at Trinidad, Guihulngan on board three rented passenger motorbikes & headed towards the Guihulngan town proper to attend to their personal matters. They were halted by more or less fifteen fully armed NPA regulars led by Magno Flores AKA Anot, Luis, Armand or Dan-dan at Sitio Busay, Hilaitan, Guihulngan. Three of the 5 soldiers (Private First Class Gonzaga, dela Torre and Bajon) were identified by the NPAs & were forced to get off the bike thus making them their captives. They were made to lie down facing the ground. Suddenly & mercilessly said NPAs shot the 3 captured soldiers at close range. To make sure that the soldiers won’t survive, they shot each of them twice on the head. They stripped the victims with their personal possessions and immediately left the site after the incident.

Another NPA atrocity occurred in the peaceful town of Toboso, Negros Occidental one Monday morning on July 13, 2009. Around twenty (20) fully armed NPA regulars under the guidance of its Regional Secretary Francisco Fernandez AKA Frank, Ibarra, Kanor ambushed the barangay Salamanca-owned mini truck which was fully loaded with unarmed civilians on their way to the town proper to carry out their livelihood. This very conveyance also regularly gives school-goers a free ride to their schools while plying its barangay Salamanca-Poblacion early morning routine.

Somewhere along its route, these fully armed NPA regulars ambushed the truck with heavy volleys of fire. The truck driver, Rodolfo Salanid Salipod, died instantly from a fatal head wound together with Edmar Balisa Sultan, a 2nd year high school student. Sexagenarian Ena Diama Pata did receive some gunshot wounds & was still alive pleaded to the NPAs for help but instead of coming to her aid, they made sure that she’s dead by shooting her again at close range.

The other three wounded civilians, sexagenarian Primitivo Viajador Lumapay, Erel Silva Baynosa & another high school student Ivy Berden Recopelacion, 15 years old, barely escaped death when they pretended to be dead after what happened to Aling Ena. They were the ones who witnessed & divulged what the NPAs did to Aling Ena.

These are but some of the atrocities carried out by the NPAs. These showcase the NPAs unjustifiable disregard for the lives of innocent civilians, women & children especially, as well as their gross disregard for Human Rights & the provisions of the International Humanitarian Law. They have become a group of criminal syndicates who prey on peace-loving & law-abiding civilians.


Soldiers seek Satur’s public apology

A regional trial court on Friday, August 14, denied the privilege of the Writ of Amparo filed by three militant lawyers against military and police officers in the region. The Congressman who earlier sensationalized an “order of battle” list failed to prove his claim about the existence of said “OB List”.

Judge Jose Emmanuel M.Castillo of Branch 10 of the Regional Trial Court 11, after a careful evaluation dismissed the petition filed by lawyers Angela Librado-Trinidad, Carlos Isagani Zarate and Lilibeth Ladaga against Major General Reynaldo Mapagu, Commanding General of the Army’s 10th Infantry Division; Colonel Lysander Suerte and Lieutenant Colonel Kurt Decapia, General Mapagu’s Chief of Staff and Public Information Officer, respectively; Colonel Oscar Lactao, Task Force Davao Commanding Officer; and Davao City Police Chief Senior Superintendent Ramon Apolinario. Judge Castillo denied the petition of the respondents because the latter failed to prove, by substantial evidence, that their perceived threat to life, liberty and security is attributable to the unlawful act or omission of the respondents.
The petition stemmed from the alleged “Order of Battle” which Bayan Muna Congressman Satur Ocampo claimed he received from a “conscientious soldier”. The military respondents vehemently denied authorship of the purported “OB List” saying it does not bear the distinctive marks and security classifications that military documents normally contain”.

In ruling against the petition, the court considers the statement of Congressman Ocampo as “empty” and “hearsay” considering that he has no direct or personal knowledge on the authenticity of the subject “OB List”. For unknown reason, Congressman Ocampo did not personally testify to affirm what he stated in his affidavit and he also failed to present the “conscientious soldier” who the court says “could have possibly put petitioner’s position in a better light”. Based on the evidence presented by the petitioner, the court was unconvinced that the violent deaths of militant members Celso Pojas, Ludenio Monzon and Dr. Rogelio Pe├▒era is in any way related to the alleged “OB”.

Colonel Oscar Lactao expressed his elation over the court’s decision which he describes as the “triumph of the truth over propaganda”. He says, “The verdict of the court sends a very clear message. All the malicious allegations hurled against the military by Congressman Ocampo, which have caused undue fear and anxiety to the respondents and unfairly besmirched the integrity of our organization, are unfounded. It is therefore incumbent upon him, being a public official who, in everything he says and does, is accountable to the Filipino people, to correct his erroneous statement and apologize for the wrong done to our soldiers and the Filipino nation.”


ANAD slams Maoist commies’ insincerity:Warns government against deception galore

There is evidence of insincerity and callousness of the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF to pursue real and lasting peace in the country.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist is more than certain that the “old swan song” of the Maoist communist-terrorists will again be heard during the forthcoming peace talks with the government.

ANAD deplores the fact that while government has manifested its commitment to achieve lasting peace by bending too-much to the demands of the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF, “reciprocity is far fetched in the minds and intentions of the communist-terrorists,” said ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover as he pointed to the statement issued last week by Jorge Madlos, NDF spokesman in Mindanao.

“With Madlos saying that the NPA will continued its attacks on government installations and other soft targets, throughout the country, while the formal negotiations are held abroad, this clearly shows the double-edged tactic being displayed by the terrorists,” said Rep. Alcover.

ANAD reiterated its call on government to take the extra step of caution in the advent of the Maoist communist’s threatening statements against government. “Definitely it is in accordance with the teachings of their venerable ideologue Mao Tse Tung that a good communist is he who masters the art of deception,” said Alcover.

On the other hand, ANAD urged the government to prepare for any eventuality considering the insincerity, deceit, and lies all displayed by the sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations of the Maoist communist-terrorist.

The call is made due to reports received by ANAD that points to the intentions and projections of the Maoist communist-terrorists in using the peace negotiations to advance their political gains in the run-up towards the 2010 elections.

“My experience in the Maoist communist movement plus the reports we received validates our claim that indeed the NDF is strongly moving to ensure the entry of their communist candidates in the higher echelons of political power,” said Alcover.

However, Alcover said that ANAD will act accordingly and appropriately to stall, if not scuttle, the plans and intentions of the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF. “With the millions of peace and freedom loving Filipinos behind us, I know we will not fail. We are prepared for this for we already know about it beforehand,” said Alcover.


Government must be cautious in talking peace with the communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY Partylist calls on government to be extra cautious in the conduct of the forthcoming peace talks with the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF even as it strongly condemns the latter’s continued deception and lies against the Filipino people.

ANAD stands committed to the use of available peaceful and equitable means in resolving any and all conflict. “However, this must be anchored on the sincerity, transparency, and real commitments of both parties,” said Rep. Jun Alcover of ANAD Partylist as he chided the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF for putting up a lame-duck chief negotiator who cannot decide for and in behalf of their organizations in terms of truly implementing cessation of hostilities, open declaration of actual and real members of their panel, consultants, and staff, and others.

ANAD calls on the government to challenge the NDF chief negotiator, Luis Jalandoni to bare out on his authority in leading the communist-terrorist panel. “Government must ask Jalandoni as to what authority does he bring to the negotiating table? Who appointed him as the lead negotiator when communist-terrorist CPP Chairman and Maoist messiah Jose Ma. Sison acknowledged his being a mere NDF Consultant,” said Rep. Alcover as he reiterated his earlier pronouncement that currently government is dealing with a phantom organization whose leaders do not admit or continually hide in the limbo of oblivion.

In the more than 20 years of peace talks, the military and police forces were restrained from conducting offensive operations, throughout the country, during the duration of the talks. Yet, the Maoist communist NPA continuously unleashed their brutal and treacherous ways against military and police installations, private and business facilities, and innocent civilians.

“This is aside from using the ceasefire to consolidate their forces, replenish its supplies, and strengthening its extortion activities. What happened was - - talk-talk-talk abroad, and at the same time, kill-kill-kill by the NPA, inside the country,” Alcover explained. “Factual developments of the previous negotiations showed that government was talking peace with a phantom organization represented by the lame-duck negotiator, Luis Jalandoni,” Alcover said.

On the other hand, government should be forthright in its quest to resolve the 40 years insurgency problem with the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF. One should not be complacent when dealing with groups or individuals who have already exhibited mastery in the art of deception and lies. Deception is pronounced when they profess of not being involved in the Maoist communist organization, when arrested; but immediately identified by their leadership as member, consultant, and staff of the communist panel in the peace negotiations.

Such is the case of Alfredo Mapano and Elizabeth Principe. “Indeed what a glaring deception in the highest order,” said Cong. Alcover. “Government must be wary about this repeated intentional display of astuteness by the CPP-NPA-NDF,” he added.

Meanwhile, ANAD calls on the government to be circumspect and transparent on important communist-terrorism/insurgency issues. “What happened to President Macapagal-Arroyo’s all-out-war against the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF with a 1 billion pesos budget? Has government changed its policy of no-negotiation with any and all terrorist groups or individuals?” Alcover asked.

These are important questions that need to be appropriately responded to clear the doubts and suspicions of Filipinos clouding the resumption of the oftenly suspended peace talks.

Alcover urged government to rectify the previous imperfections in dealing with the wily Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF.


2 killed, 5 wounded in NPA landmine

Camp Panacan, Davao City – Two soldiers were killed and five were wounded in an NPA landmine that exploded at Sitio Banban, Brgy Lumiad, Paquibato, Davao City at 2pm this afternoon.

The casualties were members of the 5th Scout Ranger Company who are part of the contingent that exhumed the cadaver of an NPA member believed to be liquidated by the ruthless Pulang Bagani Command 1 under Leoncio Pitao @ Parago. The identities of the fatalities are temporarily withheld pending notification of their families. The exhumation was conducted in the presence of his relatives and to ensure that a descent burial will be accorded to the slain NPA member. The troops carrying the cadaver were on their way to Paquibato proper when the incident happened.

MGEN REYNALDO B MAPAGU AFP, the Commander of 10th Infantry Division expressed his condolences to the family of the soldiers and the civilian whom they have exhumed and vowed to help the soldiers’ family to run after the perpetrators. “These people are heartless, they have been doing these barbaric acts with impunity and total disregard to human lives. The use of landmine has long been banned by every civilized nation and all entities whether state or none state actors are bound to respect it as enshrined in the Ottawa Convention. The NPAs clearly do not respect the International Humanitarian Law and the International Convention on Armed Conflict.” Mapagu added.

The Ottawa convention is the “mine ban treaty on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti personnel mines and their destruction. This is to put an end to the suffering and casualties caused by anti-personnel mines, that kill or maim hundreds of people every week, mostly innocent and
defenseless civilians and especially children, obstruct economic development and
reconstruction, inhibit the repatriation of refugees and internally displaced persons, and have other severe consequences for years after emplacement” the Ottawa preamble states.

There were reports that the NPA bandits operating in Paquibato District have prepositioned landmines in more that 10 areas along the main road traversing in Paquibato. These landmines are ready for detonation once there is a target of opportunity of soldiers passing by. Task Force Davao is now verifying the said reports because this will endanger the civilians or non-combatants who are using the said road.

NPAs murder CAFGU member infront of family

While the Filipino nation is mourning for the death of former President Cory Aquino, NPA bandits murdered Tuesday evening a CAFGU member infront of his family inside their home in Magsaysay, Nabunturan, Comval Province.

The victim was identified as Benito Goso, a member of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit. Report reaching the authorities states that Goso and his family were about to sleep when fully armed NPAs barged into their house shortly before 10pm and forcibly took the unarmed victim and killed him despite the plea of his crying wife and children.

MGEN REYNALDO B MAPAGU AFP, the Commander of 10th Infantry Division expressed his condolences to the family of the murdered CAFGU member and condemned the killing saying “it is the height of cowardice and the work of evil”.

“These people are merciless, such barbaric act has no place in a civilized world. They have been repeatedly violating every conceivable law of the land and they do not respect human rights. The NPAs clearly and totally put the International Humanitarian Law and the International Convention on Armed Conflict in utter disregard. It is unlawful and it is immoral to kill an unarmed individual, much more inside his home and infront of his family. They have not taken into consideration the trauma that the children may suffer. They are plain criminals without any ideology whatsoever.” Mapagu added.

Recently, Malaca├▒ang opened the door for another round of peace-talks and gave safe conduct passes to many top ranking communists.

The New People’s Army is the Armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines that is waging a 40-year rebellion for a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist state while it is plagued by many human rights abuses and reported violations of the peace-talks.


Army, PNP arrest terrorist, recover bomb making paraphernalia

Camp Panacan, Davao City- A local terrorist responsible in the series of bombings in Maaasim, Kiamba and Maitum (MAKIMA) was arrested by joint operating troops of Army and PNP in Brgy Daliao, Maasim, Sarangani province at 1:00pm today.

The local terrorist identified as Mohammad Jaafar Maguid @ Tikboy was apprehended by elements of 73rd Infantry Battalion (73IB) and Maasim PNP by virtue of a warrant of arrest issued by the court for murder, destructive arson, robbery with violence against and/or intimidation of persons.

The arrested terrorist is a member of the Lawless MILF Group (LMG) and is reportedly the mastermind of the blast in Maasim a month ago that killed one civilian and wounded 32 others. Maguid is also being tagged as one of those who carried out the series of bombings in MAKIMA area that killed several civilians and wounded many others.

Seized from Maguid’s possession were firearms and war materials to include one Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Launcher, one M79 Grenade Launcher, one Carbine Rifle, one round of rocket propelled grenade, one hand grenade, one magazine for Carbine and one binocular.

Bomb making paraphernalia were also recovered from Maguid that include two bottles of black powder, one soldering iron, one cellphone, two chargers, one VHF radio and two 9-volt batteries.

In a statement Lt Colonel Edgardo Y de Leon, Commander of 73IB said, “Tikboy is one of those tasked by Ameril Umbra Kato to disrupt the GRP-MILF peace talks by carrying out terror acts in Sarangani. With his arrest, the province would have relative peace and his victims will finally get justice.”

Meanwhile, Major General Reynaldo B Mapagu, the Commander of 10th Infantry Division lauded policemen and soldiers who apprehended Maguid saying the people of MAKIMA are a lot safer now that one of the suspected terrorists will face the court of justice and will be put behind bars if found guilty.

“The crusade against terrorism does not end here. We must unite as one nation and fight all threats to our national development. We call on our people, Muslims, Lumads and Christians alike to join hands in making our community a safe place to live. There is no better way to fight terrorism than understanding and communicating peacefully with each other. Together, let us create an atmosphere of mutual respect and sympathy so that we may journey towards lasting peace in our country,” Mapagu said.

Authorities are hot on the tracks of other suspected terrorists who are responsible in the recent terror attacks in Mindanao.