Notorious bandit-turned-NPA leader and followers apprehended in Sarangani

Soldiers belonging to the Army’s peace and development team (PDT) apprehended a notorious bandit-turned-NPA leader and his four followers in Sarangani Province on Tuesday morning, December 14, 2010.

Arrested by PDT members of 73rd Infantry Battalion, 10th Infantry Division, Philippine Army were Toning Mungkil, a.k.a. “Kumander Monkey”. Mungkil, the leader of the “Yunit Milisya” (YUMIL) of the NPA Platoon Mazda under Guerilla Front 71, is wanted for cattle rustling, frustrated murder and other criminal cased and his four companions identified as Joel Mungkil, a.k.a. Joe; Benito Balbino, a.k.a. Ben; Ricky Mungkil, a.k.a. Muril; and Anthony Salway, a.k.a. Gusting.

Responding to the information about the presence of the wanted suspect, Lieutenant B-Jay Ursua led the PDT in serving the arrest against Mungkil. Despite of the resistance offered by the rebels, members of the arresting team maneuvered to vantage positions forcing the suspects to surrender. Recovered from the group of “Kumander Monkey” were two rifles (one M16 and one Garand). No one was wounded or injured on the government side.

The communists in Sarangani Province continue to lose its strength and influence with the series of surrender and arrest of many of its NPA members. The peace and development outreach program of the 73rd Infantry Battalion succeeded on getting the support and cooperation of the local residents from whom the NPA previously sourced its food and logistics.

The suspects thereafter were turned over to the PNP for proper disposition.



Napalaya na ang “Morong 43”. Dumadagongdong ngayon ang pagbubunyi ng CPP-NPA-NDF at mga legal na prente nito. Ito’y nagpapatunay na umabot na sa panibagong antas, ang legal na pakikibaka ng maoistang kilusan. Kaya na nilang i-presyur kung hindi man paikutin-sa-palad ng kasinungalingan ang publiko at pamahalaan!

Ang 43 ka-tao na hinuli ng magkatuwang na pwersa ng Philippine Army at pulis sa Morong, Rizal ay hindi mga “inosente”. Lima sa mga ito ang boluntaryong lumagda sa affidavit na nagpapatunay na sila ay “mga aktibong kasapi at kadre ng CPP-NPA-NDF na nagsasanay bilang bahagi ng pang-organisasyong konsolidasyon ng National Medical Staff ng NPA”.

Subalit, ang mga affidavit na nabanggit ay nabale-wala. Nabasura din ang after operation report ng militar at pulisya na nagpapakita kung bakit ni-reyd, papaano at kung anu-ano ang mga nakumpiska at natuklasan sa naturang operasyon.

Gamit ang white paper theory ni Mao Zedong, epektibong nailihis ng mga komunistang nakatago sa saya ng mga katawagang “militante at progresibo” ang tunay na mga usapin. Dahil noon pa man, pinturado na -na mga “sinungaling at berdugo na bahagi ng makinarya ng estado” ang mga sundalo at kapulisan –napalutang nila na ang mga nahuli ay mga “health workers”.

At dahil mga health workers, kinakailangang palayain sapagkat ang search warrant ay depektibo! Ito rin ang batayan ng kautusan ni Pangulong Noynoy.
Pero sa kaso na isinampa nagdesisyon ang Court of Appeals na “…imprisonment is by virtue of a valid court process….”

Malinaw na itinadhana ng Konstitusyon na magkahiway na lalawigan ang Ehekutibo at Hudikatura. Nalusaw na ba ang panuntunag ito sa administrasyon ni Pangulong Noynoy?
Maliban sa mga nabanggit, hindi lamang sa pagpapalaya (ng Morong 43) ang kapanalunan ng CPP-NPA-NDF at mga legal na galamay nito. Ang epekto ng pagpapalaya sa hanay ng AFP at PNP ang s’yang hindi pa natin masusukat. Dagdag na kumplikasyon dito ang panawagan ng Minority Group (oposisyon) sa Kongreso na imbestigahan ang naturang desisyon.

Panlilinlang at pagpapa-igting ng bangayan sa pulitika ang pinaka-tumbok na adhikain ng mga komunista. Mas magulo ang sitwasyon, mas pabor sa teroristang kilusan. Kaya ang “peacetalk” na ninanais para ‘ma-resolba ang rebelyon’ ay walang patutunguhan. Ayon kay Luis Jalandoni, “…peace talk is another form of legal struggle that must be utilized to advance the national democratic revolution…..”

Asahan natin, kung mananatiling nasa bingit lagi ng pag-alinlangan ang Pamahalaan sa kampanya laban sa mga komunistang-terorista, hindi lamang sa usapin –kagaya ng Morong 43, masalikupan ng kasinungalingan ang sambayan.


Can we trust the NPA to adhere to a unilateral Cessation of Hostilities in Region 6?

A reaction to NDF-Panay’s August 2, 2010 statement

Division Public Affairs Office, Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz— A statement intended for both local and national Media was released by the Communist Terrorist Movement’s Propaganda Bureau in Panay Island dated August 2, 2010 and undersigned by Concha Araneta who identified herself with the National Democratic Front – Panay Island. In it they presented their position justifying their most recent criminal acts and at the same time defending their actions as pursuant to their desire for the resumption of peace talks with our National Government. (their statement may be accessed here http://www.philippinerevolution.net/cgi-bin/statements/stmts.pl?author=ndfpp;date=100802;lang=eng)

However, it is our opinon in the 3ID that this most recent statement by the NDF-Panay was meant not only to re-assure their dwindling ranks but is also their attempt to destroy the credibility of the 3ID spokesman. The CPP-NPA-NDF thru Concha Araneta is attempting to win public sympathy for their cause by personally attacking the messenger and not the message in their statement. Your AFP does not resort to such elementary tactics and will only stick to the issues presented. It is by reporting truthfully, being accessible, and being accountable to the public that your Army has won the trust of our people. This reaction by the Revolutionary movement in Panay alone merits the strength of the AFP’s message as the vox populi in Region 6 over their own. Since they are having difficulty attacking the message they attack the messenger.

NDF-Panay: More than anyone, it is the revolutionary movement that desires peace as long as it is based on justice. In a climate of peace, the revolutionary government can step up even more its ongoing education, health and production campaigns in the guerilla bases, pursue land reform, advance environmental protection and enhance cooperativity in production that actualize genuine people’s empowerment.

If they sincerely desire peace so much then why do they continue their campaign of terrorism not only in the country-side but also in the urbanized areas? They claim to desire peace as long as it is based on justice but their brand of justice is the kind that is devoid of due process by not even giving the accused a chance to defend themselves via a fair and impartial trial. Their Kangaroo courts do away with due process and take justice in their own hands by meting out their own brand of revolutionary justice to those who go against their beliefs or those that oppose them.

Who gave them the right to arbitrarily take lives away? They continue to kill even civilians who they suspect of being a counter-revolutionary and sometimes even their own members are unjustly killed for fear of being a mole and a traitor. For Concha Araneta and her ilk to speak so righteously about “justice” is like the pot calling the kettle black. Our challenge to them is to put your money where your mouth is and not just pay lip service and spout out propaganda. The public doesn’t buy it.

NDF-Panay: The tactical offensives that the NPA launched this July, such as the ambush in Pontevedra, Capiz, and harassment in Osorio I, San Remigio, Antique, are merely responses to the military’s continued violation of the people’s rights and defense of the revolutionary government’s territory.

It is the NPA that continues to violate People’s rights especially in the hinterlands. The CPP-NPA-NDF are deluding themselves into thinking that they are still welcome in these communities. What have they given back to the people except fear and terror? Our AFP has continued to be the bridge between the communities and our Government, the NPA in turn threaten the people and steal from them and stands in the way of progress. And by championing these attacks, they are admitting their true nature of being above the law while the majority of our citizens in Panay would just derisively shake their head at this barbaric display of tomfoolery while the remaining few will continue to live in fear of them. Truth be told, some of our communities have gone a step further and have denounced the NPA’s presence in their villages; notable examples are the communities of Linantuyan in Negros Oriental, some communities in Igbaras, Iloilo, and some villages in Tapaz, Capiz who were once NPA sympathizers but are now empowered.

NDF-Panay: Their lack of intelligence that gave advantage to the NPA’s tactical offensives can be forgiven considering the capacity for secrecy of the revolutionary underground, but to be ignorant of open processes and papers that their own government itself has co-signed is dowright shameful to taxpayer whose money they appropriate in such large quantities.

The CPP-NPA-NDF in Panay is in near collapse and as a matter of survival and to reassure their diminishing ranks they would want to continue to project an image of strength. The indicators of an upward trend in regional stability are observed in that increased activity in economy, business, tourism, and education, have shown that the insurgents in Panay have very limited capabilities and are now localized in a few barrios within each province; all thanks to greater strides in convergence with local agencies. If we compare the number of times these trouble-makers were discovered, captured, and sent to jail by our soldiers for the past year alone to these most recent acts of aggression then we see that our soldiers have far exceeded their claims of success in this conflict.

The issue being argued by the Communist Terrorist movement in Panay is the Army’s declaration that they are rejecting the government’s call for peace and our call for a unilateral ceasefire before proceeding with peace talks. Then they resort to calling us names in a weak attempt to strengthen their position. They then assert that The NDF-Panay abides by the NDFP National Council’s proposed Concise Agreement to End Civil War and Achieve Just Peace Immediately put forth last 2005 and provides us with a copy of said document. Now, item 10 of their ten-point agreement proposal states:

10. Inaugurate a truce between the warring forces of the GRP and NDFP for the purpose of alliance and other constructive purposes as stated above.

Whereas this item was the last thing on their agenda, we believe that this should be the first thing that needs to be tackled in ours, which is why we agree with our President’s stance that peace talks will only resume once a unilateral ceasefire is in effect. A “truce” while our leaders discuss how we can achieve and agree on a just peace for our Nation. Your AFP is ready, willing, and able to adhere to this truce. It is the NPA’s sincerity in this matter that comes into question. Our President extended a hand in peace during his first State of the Nation address but the NPA openly spurned it by commencing these most recent series of attacks.

We hope they will have a change of heart because we are ready to talk peace. But if the attacks keep coming as they claim then of course we will not stand idly by and do nothing.

The public has more confidence in the AFP to strictly adhere to a ceasefire; it is the NPA that the people do not trust to uphold their word. The CPP-NPA-NDF constantly lie through their teeth and have been for so long that they start believing their own lies as gospel truth.

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On May 31, 2010 the COMELEC, sitting en banc as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) determined that 39 out of the 179 party lists groups may be allotted with party list seats. However, only 28 party lists groups were proclaimed, in view of the fact that the proclamation of 11 out of the first 39 party list groups was deferred “until final resolution of their respective cases, in order not to render the proceedings therein moot and academic”. Said party list groups have either pending petitions filed against them either for cancellation of registration or disqualification of their nominees. The party list groups whose proclamations have been deferred are the following:

01 - Ako Bicol Partylist (3 seats, 1,522,986 votes)
03 - Buhay (2 seats, 1,249,555 votes)
07 - 1-Care (2 seats; 768,829 votes)
11 - Cibac (1 seat; 647,483 votes)
12 - A Teacher (1 seat; 614,725 votes)
14 - Butil (1 seat; 506,703 votes)
18 - LPGMA (1 seat; 417,600 votes)
21 - AAMBIS-OWA (1 seat; 357,009 votes)
23 - APEC (1 seat; 313,359 votes)
26 - ANAD (1 seat; 292,057 votes)
37 - 1-Utak (1 seat; 220,002 votes)
TOTAL: 6,910,308 VOTES

As of the present date, the said party lists have not been proclaimed by the NBOC.



The bedrock of democracy is an honest, fair, clean, orderly elections. The 11 party list groups whose proclamations were deferred were elected by a total of 6,910,308 Filipinos whose votes were validly and legitimately casted during the May 10 elections. The essence of democracy frowns upon any action or interpretation of the law that would hinder the free and intelligent casting and appreciation of the votes in an election. The NBOC has to respect the will of the electorate and adhere to the democratic foundations of our nation by proclaiming the 11 party list groups the soonest possible.


The cases filed against the 11 party list groups are either petitions for cancellation of registration or for disqualification of party list nominee. Majority of the petitions were only filed after the May 10 elections. In fact, a significant number of the cases were filed on May 29, 2010, or a mere 2 days before the ruling of the NBOC. This decision to defer proclamation has set for all an extremely bad precedent. The NBOC has left the door wide open to harassment suits that may be filed by the not so fortunate party-list groups, who knows not the meaning of the word “concede”, thereby creating a mockery of the will of the Filipino people.


Legally, suspension of a proclamation is usually allowed when there is a pre-proclamation controversy, which may only be raised due to illegal proceedings of the board of canvassers, irregularity of the election returns, or similar cases questioning the regularity of the canvassing of votes. Questions concerning the party list registration or the qualification of nominees are clearly NOT questions related to the canvassing. Hence, the NBOC should not have deferred the proclamations since the petitions against the 11 party list groups are not pre-proclamation controversies.


All party list groups underwent an accreditation procedure set by the COMELEC, including publication thereof in 2 newspapers of general circulation and a period to file oppositions thereto. It is unfair that after diligently complying with the registration procedure, then rigorously campaigning on a national level and finally garnering sufficient votes to be declared winners, the 11 party lists were not proclaimed due to petitions belatedly filed beyond the period allowed and even after the votes were already casted and counted. It is likewise unfair that only the petitions filed against the 11 party list groups were recognized as valid bases to defer proclamations. Party list Ang Tambay filed a petition for the disqualification of 133 party list groups but the party lists included therein were proclaimed nonetheless. In fact, it is public knowledge that Ang Galing Pinoy has a pending case for the disqualification of their nominees but it was proclaimed on May 31, 2010 in the same resolution issued by the NBOC.


The Filipino people have made known their choice of the party-list groups that would be their voice in the House of Representatives. That choice must be respected. Time is of the essence and there is now an urgent need to proclaim the 11 party list groups as a winning party list groups. Right or title to elective office must not be left long under cloud otherwise public administration will suffer.

We therefore appeal to the COMELEC, as the NBOC, to IMMEDIATELY PROCLAIM AAMBIS-OWA, AKB, ANAD, APEC, ATEACHER, BUHAY, BUTIL, CIBAC, LPGMA, 1-CARE and 1-UTAK as party list winners in the May 10, 2010 elections.



Pagkatapos ng Mayo 10, 2010 na hahalalan, mabibigyang wakas na ba ang kahirapan? Masasawata na ba ang mga magnanakaw sa lipunan? Maging makabuluhan na ba ang ‘kapangyarihan’ ng ordinaryong mamamayan? Abot kamay na lang ba ang ‘bagong pag-asa’?

Marami pang mga katanungan ang maaaring ipukol. At sigurado naman ako na ang lahat na kasagutan ay hindi pwedeng i-asa na lamang sa pangako ng mga pulitiko. Ang desaysibong kapangyarihan pa rin ay ang pagpapasya ng mga botanteng Pilipino.

Ngunit, gaano na ka-mature ang mga botanteng Pilipino? Lahat ba na mga usaping-panlipunan kaugnay sa hinaharap na halalan ay nahima-himay na sa mga botante para magkaroon ng responsible at makatarungang pag-desisyon kung sino ang iluloklok sa pwesto?

Ang batohan ng ‘putik’ ng mga estabilisadong pangalang kumakampanya ngayon ay hindi batayan na napag-usapan na ang mga malalalim na isyu sa lipunang Pilipino. Kung tutuusin, ito ay nagsisilbing tabon na lalong nagpapa-igting ng mga tunggalian sa pulitika. Ang kahinatnan nito’y hindi solusyon bagkus dagdag pang mga bangayan! Sitwasyon na naglalaway-pang-ninanais ng mga pwersang ibig sumira sa ating demokratikong sistema.

Hindi maipagkaila na ang korapsyon ay isa sa mga sanhi ng kahirapan. Ngunit, bakit habang lumalaon ay lalong lumalala ang korapsyon at kahirapan?

Ang usaping ito ay napagkaloob sa maniobrang denisenyo ng mga teroristang-komunista. Ayon kay Mao Tsetung (ang sinasambang lider ng CPP-NPA-NDF) “….poverty is bad but it is good for the revolution!” Kaya’t kung nakikita ninyo, walang patumanggang sinasabotahe ng mga grupong ito ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa para lalong malugmok sa kahirapan ang mamamayang Pilipino at umalsa laban sa gobyerno.

Pangunahing halimbawa dito ang sinapit ng Atlas Mining sa Lalawigan ng Cebu. Noong kasiglahan pa ng naturang kumpanya, meron itong 33,000 workers at nagbabayad ng halos P54M na buwis bawat taon. Pagkatapos ma-organisa ng Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) na naglunsad ng sunod-sunod na mga welga –napilitang magsara ang minahan. Hindi lamang mga minero ang naapektuhan kungdi lakip na ang mga may maliliit na negosyo sa palibot ng Atlas Mining. Ano karami ang nawalan ng mapagkitaan?

Sa Bataan Export Processing Zone (BEPZ) na noo’y merong mahigit 300 kumpanya. Iilan na lamang ngayon ang nag-o-operate matapos din ang serye ng mga strikes ng KMU.

Sa kanayunan, walang proyekto na pinapatupad ang gobyerno at pribadong sector na hindi kinukutungan ng ‘revolutionary tax’ ng CPP-NPA-NDF. Sinusunog ang mga equipments kung hindi man pinagpapatay ang mga hindi bumabayad!

Simula 1996 hanggang 2006 ang mga teroristang-komunista ay responsible sa pagsira ng mahigit 316 na estabilisadong negosyo, pagsusunog ng cell phone transmission sites, makinarya sa konstruksyon, mga bus at marami pa. Tinatayang sa 30 taon na nabanggit, trilyones ang nawala sa ekonomiya ng ating bansa.

Ito ang dahilan na maraming taga-probinsya ang tumutungo sa mga lungsod para maghanap ng trabaho. Subalit, pagdating sa syudad naging dagdag lamang sila sa halos puputok-na na lobo ng kawalan at kakulangan ng mapagtrabahuan. Dagdag na problema sa pabahay, basura at iba pang mga panlipunang suliranin.

Ito rin ang mga lehitimong social concerns ang ginagamit ng mga prenteng organisasyon ng CPP-NPA-NDF laban sa gobyerno. At sa pamamagitan ng masinop na paglubid ng mapanlinlang na mga propaganda –tuluyang discredited ang pamahalaan.

Ngayong eleksyon, karamihan sa mga kumakandidato mula konsehal ng bayan hanggang pagka-pangulo ng bansa ay kinukutungan ng NPA (sa iba’t ibang anyo) ng “permit to campaign fees”. Hayagang ekstorsyon na noong 2001, 2004 at 2007 na mga halalan tinatayang nakaipon ang CPP-NPA-NDF ng mahigit P2 bilyon na koleksyon.

Kung manatiling ganito ang sitwasyon, kahit sinuman ang uopo sa Malakanyang –manatiling mahirap umusad tungo sa makabuluhang kaunlaran ang bansang Pilipinas. Lalo na kung ang makakahawak sa renda n gating pambansang pamahalaan ay ‘kaibigan’ ng mga teroristang-komunista.

Kinakailangan ang kapayapaan para mailatag ang tamang mga imprastruktura ng pagsulong. Sa puntong ito tama ang sinasabi ni Cong. Bongbong Marcos na “…ang tuloy-tuloy na asenso ay makakamtan lamang sa determinadong pamumuno at lubos na pagkilala sa mga suliranin ng bayan….” May paala-ala naman si Cong. Jun Alcover ng ANAD Partylist “terorismo ang dahilan kung bakit lumalaganap ang kahirapan”.

Kaya’t sa eleksyong ito, hindi masasarap pakinggan na mga slogan ang kailangan. Kilatisin kung sino ang nararapat na lider at ibasura ang mga nagtatago lamang sa anino ng demokrasya para sirain ang mismong demokratikong sistemang ating kinagisnan.


Maoist terrorist’s “United Front” at play!

“LUMANG TUGTUGIN!” Obviously visible now is the protective mantle thrown by Maoist terrorists’ legal and sectoral front organizations on the 43 NPA personalities cum medical workers arrested in Morong, Rizal, last week.

The cortège of sectoral front organizations, all under BAYAN, are drumming up and stirring the front pages of media black propaganda with their cohorts in media vigorously at work. All these are designed to put the government and its judicial processes under serious threat.

Expected are the actions of Karapatan whose avowed mission is to protect the rights (sic!) of Maoist terrorists personalities arrested by government security forces or killed during encounters. The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist is fully aware of the pompous milieu of highly questionable and suspect actions expediently thrown by these self-righteous sectoral Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF organizations to rescue the so-called “Morong 43” our of detention. Again, the sets of pre-planned mass actions, e.g. black propaganda, mass actions in the streets and other government institutions and facilities, and insidious moves against government personalities and functionaries, are tailored-cut to destroy government.

ANAD Partylist strongly points out the following:

a) Using the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to gain entry into the Camp Capinpin, in Tanay, Rizal. ANAD is aware of the fact that when CHR chair Leila de Lima entered Camp Capinpin this week, she was accompanied by a retinue number of media personalities. Quite a number of these so-called mediamen, were fake as they were known to ANAD as active operators of the National United Front Commission (NUFC) of Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF. Yet, when Ms. Lima was told by the soldiers, manning the entry gates, that they should undergo strict identity check, after the military found earlier that media organizations were used by the Maoist terrorists legal and sectoral front organizations to gain entry, to the camp to pass to and gain information on the detainees’ situations and conditions, her response to the guard was – “Pagusapan natin yan mamaya {We’ll discuss it later).” This is highly questionable and suspect! This is plain and unequivocal act of exerting the authority of her office and completely disregarding the policies and security measures imposed inside the military camp. What inappropriate statement from a Head of a government office, especially one who is sworn to uphold justice, fairness, and the rule of law in our country, did she make!

For fairness, we would like to ask this question: Was Ms. de Lima aware that she was with a group of impostors? If the answer is NO, then she should not have protested and arrogantly forced her way inside the camp after the soldiers, manning the entry gate, explained these things to her.

b) Many, if not all, of those arrested were identified members of the NPA operating in the areas of Southern Luzon, Bicol, Central, and even from Mindanao. Indeed it was one of the biggest single arrests ever made by the security forces of the state. Admittedly, some of those arrested has acknowledged that they are members of the New Peoples Army in their respective areas, and pointed to other personalities in the group as also NPA members but chose to be silent about it with the hope that the United Front effort will spring them out of detention.

Why are the groups Karapatan, Bayan, even Satur Ocampo ( a known Maoist terrorist pseudo Partylist personality but chose to be silent about his membership in the terrorist organization) persistent in using constitutional provisions, bill of rights of individuals, and other legal remedies available; yet insists on their silence regarding the membership of these personalities in the NPA as mentioned by Valentino Paulino a.k.a. Ka Beloy, one of those arrested, admitted being a member of the NPA in Bulacan, and chose to return to the folds of the law; and PNP Inspector Rex Cuntapay’s positive identification of Linda Otañez and Pearl Irene Martinez (among those arrested) as one of those in the NPA group that held him captive for 83 days after his group was ambushed in Barangay Mabacud, Rodriguez, Rizal last January 3, 2009. These are only a few of the revelations that some of the “Morong 43” made. Yet, the statements of Karapatan, Bayan, National Union of People’s Lawyers, even Satur Ocampo does not bear any reaction or clarification to the statements of Ka Beloy and Inspector Cuntapay! This is blatant deception that is the usual “flavor of the month” of Maoist terrorist personalities. Too obvious is the fact that they always resort to use and exploit all legal remedies afforded by the constitution and international conventions on human rights made available by the government that they themselves abhor and seek to destroy.

c) Insisting on the rights of those arrested yet silent and has done nothing to uphold the rights of innocent Filipinos mercilessly murdered, extorted money, harassed, intimidated by their comrades in the Maoist terrorist NPA. While CHR Chairperson Leila de Lima’s sworn duty is to ensure that all people’s human rights are upheld and protected, the truth has revealed the opposite. CHR Chair de Lima immediately springs into action to check on allegations hurled by Maoist terrorist sectoral front and pseudo Partylist organizations against government agencies, especially security forces. Yet, she has not moved a finger on reports of NPA atrocities, e.g. murders, extortions, intimidations, and harassments, which have been noticed and received by her office.

One must not disregard the rule of law and the equal protection guaranteed by our Constitutions, and international conventions. ANAD strongly supports the move to let the wheels of justice and the rule of law turn along its due course.
The cries and protestations made by Maoist terrorist legal front and sectoral organizations must not lord over the wheels of justice and rule of law. Government must perform its constitutionally mandated task, and must not give way to the machinations and manipulations orchestrated by the organizations of doom and venom whose ultimate result would be to sow anarchy, in this country.
Finally, ANAD Partylist call on CHR Chair Lila de Lima, to fairly enforce her office’s mandate and should not allow, willfully or otherwise, any individual or organization to use the Commission on Human Rights to their benefit and gains.
Reference: Rey A. Salas
National Spokesman
Tel No. (02) 489-7662



Davao City – ANAD Partylist bats for the strengthening of the criminal justice system in Davao City and elsewhere as a way to curb extra-judicial killings.

“The four main pillars of our criminal justice system must be made to function properly in relation to each other and the community at large if we have to stop some people from taking the law into their hands,” said ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman.

The four pillars of the criminal justice system are the law enforcement, the prosecution, the judiciary and the penology.

“For the state or any of its subdivisions to encourage, if not to sponsor, summary killings to arrest growing criminality in its midst is unthinkable, uncivilized, undemocratic and inhuman,” added Tariman.

In making our criminal justice system works, according to Tariman, we follow the principle of making the offenders pay for their crimes while allowing him a chance to reform and to reintegrate into the mainstream of the society.

“We follow the pattern of ‘from cradle to court’ and not ‘from cradle to grave,” Tariman pointed out, adding that ANAD Partylist supports the “rule of law” first and always as a way to achieve lasting, authentic and sustainable peace.

This explains ANAD’s call for an honest-to-goodness enforcement of laws to have order and ultimately peace in our society.

“There is no order in lawlessness. If there is no order at home or in the community, then there is no peace at all,” commented Tariman, saying that “peace is not just the temporary absence of direct or physical violence but also the absence of social and cultural violence. One commits violence if he discriminates against the poor and the members of the cultural minority.”

The Dirty Harry tactic of using terror against terror to achieve peace is only a temporary solution. It does not address the root causes of criminality and insurgency but rather perpetuates the subjective condition resulting to a never ending vicious cycle of injustices and violence.

As such, ANAD Partylist challenges the Dabawenyos to make Davao City an epitome of law and order and not just of “peace and order” as the Duterte administration insisted. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)

The fluke of deception!

ONCE AGAIN, the expertise of Maoist terrorist sectoral front organizations is at play! This is reminiscent of the many instances when known Maoist terrorist personalities, e.g. politico/legal (NDF), armed (NPA), or top officials of the Maoist terrorist CPP, are arrested by government security forces. Immediately, the mantle of protection, seeking judicial relief and skilled use of black propaganda, is thrown by Maoist sectoral front groups like Karapatan, Flag, Bayan, Anakbayan, and others.

“The united front effort of the Maoist terrorist groups, especially the sectoral front groups under BAYAN, to use all legal avenues afforded by the government that they themselves have subverted and wanted to destroy, is vigorously at play,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover in reaction to published reports that the families and relatives of the 43 persons, including 2 doctors, a nurse, and a midwife, suspected members or new recruits of the New People’s Army cum health workers arrested by a joint military and police teams, last week in Morong, Rizal, would seek judicial relief through their filing of petitions for Writ of Amparo and Habeas Corpus with the Supreme Court.

ANAD Partylist documents shows that these sectoral front organizations act swiftly to protect the Maoist terrorist organization when their peers are arrested or when a cover-up is laid-out on their highly condemnable actions against the people. “ANAD does not question the arrested families’ and relatives’ seeking judicial relief. But it is the swiftness of the action that has caught us by surprise. Definitely, this is the handiwork of Karapatan, Flag, and other sectoral front organizations of the Maoist terrorist group, who customarily intervenes in such situations. This is what happened in Southern Tagalog, Bicol Region, the Visayas, and Mindanao,” said Rep. Alcover as he pointed to Roneo Clamor, husband of one of the arrested doctors, is the deputy secretary-general of Karapatan, a Maoist terrorist human rights sectoral front organization.

“As ever, their actions are in direct contrast to the groups’ damning and deafening silence on the many murders of innocent Filipinos, extortions, harassments in the countryside, perpetrated by the Maoist terrorist New Peoples Army. This is their fluke of deception,” said Rep. Alcover as he exhorted peace-loving Filipinos to condemn these highly despicable and blatant acts against humanity.

The case of Melissa Roxas is one of the Maoist terrorist’s glaring and skillful manipulations and lies. “They designed the issue as a bombshell when they resorted to mass actions in the streets and heightened black propaganda operations to hit hard on the government. They even wanted to parade Melissa in Washington DC during PGMA’s 2009 visit. But it turned out to be a dud for reasons that they know but decided to keep it among themselves,” Alcover said.

Rep. Alcover chided these groups’ intentional, brazen, and sustained actions to deceive the Filipino people. “Their callousness is openly manifest in their actions. Now is the time for the Filipinos people to realize that the once loud cry against corruption, human rights violations, poverty and others boomingly expressed then by Maoist terrorist sectoral front organizations is a halo tube of emptiness for their aspirations are really not for the best of the country and people but in furtherance to their violent and inhuman ideological aspirations,” Alcover stressed.



Davao City – ANAD Partylist expresses willingness to help arrested NPA leader Elizalde Canete, alias Ka Jinggoy of Local Terrorist Front 3, CPP-NPA-NDF Southern Mindanao Region should he decides to return to the folds of the law.

ANAD Partylist counts among its ranks several former NPA and MILF rebels who chose to reintegrate into and work within the mainstream of the society.

According to ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman, ANAD could help find ways to support the rehabilitation and retraining of the young rebel leader who was wounded during the encounter with the Army’s 8th Special Forces Company, 3rd SF Battalion on Jan. 30 afternoon.

On the other hand, ANAD also supports the call of Chief Supt Pedro Tango, Police Regional Office XI director, to let the court decide on the custody issue over Ka Jinggoy.

Partisan groups and individuals such as Karapatan and some bishops of the Philippine Independent Church (PIC) should refrain from muddling the custody issue as it is the exclusive domain of the court that has jurisdiction over Ka Jinggoy.

“They don’t have personality on the criminal cases Ka Jinggoy is facing in court, lest they are his lawyers, which is not the case. Their over eagerness on the issue only exposes their true color – that they belonged to the same organization which is the CPP-NPA-NDF,” Tariman stressed.

Reports showed that the court has already designated the military as temporary custodian of Ka Jinggoy while recuperating from his wounds at the military hospital in Camp Apolinario in Panacan here.

This early, Ka Jinggoy already showed sign that he would change heart and cooperate with the government. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)

for more, here's the link to GMA News:



Davao City – The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist in Mindanao supports the call of Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales for the government to shift from military to political action in order to finish off the country’s communist insurgency.

ANAD has been advocating increased political action and reduced military presence in NPA-infested areas, with local government officials playing the lead role.

“Instead of merely sitting in the backseat, local officials should instead be asked to take the lead role as the communist insurgency problem is not military but political in nature,” ANAD Partylist Mindanao Spokesman Arthur Tariman stressed.

According to Tariman, the four component responses of the government’s National Internal Security Plan (NISP) includes Political/Legal/Diplomatic that seeks to tap the full cooperation of LGUs and civil society to promote good governance and citizen’s participation in the implementation of the plan. It also highlights the legal and diplomatic responses to insurgency; develops and propagates the democratic tenets to confront communist ideology; and prescribe the political offensives necessary to deal with the insurgent party and its mass organizations.

The other three component responses are Information, Socio-Economic/Psycho-Social, and Peace and Order/Security. The component responses are customized, need-based, site-specific, and strategy-driven actions to address a particular threat.
Military action is only part of the Peace and Order/Security component response that also includes law enforcement.

The Political Offensive under the enhanced NISP seeks a political solution to insurgency and applies the rule of law at all times. It also tries to correct the notion that insurgency can be solved by the military solution alone, by increasing the role of the civilian sector and the civilian agencies of government.

The political offensive will also focus on a national campaign that will be founded on a rejection of all forms of armed rebellion and the promotion of culture of peace.

“Overcoming insurgency is not within the core competence of any single government entity because it requires a highly coordinated and integrated multi-disciplinary approach. Alone and by itself, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) cannot defeat the intricate web of communist insurgency,” Tariman pointed out.

This is the rationale behind ANAD’s counter-insurgency legislative agenda, to wit:
•Categorical designation of the CPP-NPA-NDF as a terrorist organization;
•Designation of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) as lead agency in the counter-agency campaign;
•Reorganization of the government information bureaucracy with the abolition of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and in its stead, established a cabinet-level Public Information Department that would spearhead the Strategic Communication Offensive as prescribed under the enhanced NISP.

Tariman clarified that ANAD’s participation in the partylist election is in support to the government’s political offensive against the communist terrorists which the military cannot do by itself. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)



Davao City – The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) calls for responsible journalism amid the increasingly heating local election debates.

ANAD Partylist strongly criticized irresponsible commentaries in the radio like the malicious broadcast of an indecent and provocative text death threat against ANAD Partylist Representative Jun Alcover and its Mindanao Coordinator-Spokesman Arthur Tariman that was supposedly sent in by a listener of DYAB ABS-CBN’s “Hugoy-hugoy” public affairs program hosted by Jun Bersamin on 26 January 2010.

Alcover viewed the actuation as highly irresponsible and very unprofessional considering that the texter is suggesting something very sinister, that is the murder of fellow human beings.

Acting in behalf of Representative Alcover and the whole ANAD, Tariman immediately filed a formal complaint against Bersamin before the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Regional Office XI for airing such threatening message.
In his letter-complaint to NTC RO XI Regional Director Josue de Villa Go, D.P.A., Tariman reported: “In the course of his regular public affairs program, “Hugoy-hugoy,” from 12:30 to 3 p.m. on 26 January 2010, Mr. Bersamin read a purported text message from an alleged listener saying in effect that, ‘Maayo pa ana ni Cong. Jun Alcover ug Art Tariman ipapatay.’”

He further stressed that “We honestly believed that the reading on air of a derogatory, provocative and sinister text message such as death threat in Mr. Bersamin’s radio program is uncalled for, malicious, indecent, very unprofessional and a violation of the broadcasting standard and ethics.”
In response, RD De Villa Go ordered the management of DXAB ABS-CBN to preserve the tape-on-air of the questioned episode of Bersamin’s program and to answer the complaint.

Rep. Alcover and Tariman, both veteran broadcasters themselves, welcome the open, objective and healthy discussion on the law and order condition of the city and the performance of the administration of City Mayor Rody Duterte lest the character assassination and uncalled for remarks both by the opinion makers and the public.
Alcover is the incumbent president of the Cebu Association of Media Practitioners (CAMP), while Tariman, a freelance print and broadcast journalist, is the chief executive officer of Task Force Salaam Federation, the Philippine Army’s most outstanding NGO of the Year (2007).

Alcover founded the Kapunongan Alang sa Demokratikanhong Reporma (KADRE), while Tariman formed the Kontra Komunismo (KOKO) and the Baryohanon Alang sa Kalinaw ug Demokrasya (BAKUD) in the early ‘80s in Cebu. They were both founding leaders of the Federation of Anti-Communism Movements in Cebu (FACOM-CEBU) and the National Alliance for Democracy (NAD) – the forerunner of ANAD Partylist. NAD was formed in Davao City in 1988. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)


ANAD hits Satur’s continued double-talk!

HOW CAN one be true, even to himself, when he has been used to spread deception and lies to advance their violent and inhuman ideology? This question always hangs over the heads of Maoist terrorist personalities, especially those seeking political and elective position in government.

ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover slammed Makabayan senatorial bet Satur Ocampo for issuing dubious statements designed to ultimately break and destroy his benefactor’s presidential ambitions.

This is Rep. Alcover’s reaction to Ocampo’s recent statement urging Senator Manny Villar to face his colleagues in the Senate and explain his side on the C-5 controversy.

“This is Ocampo’s vaunted double-talk! But now, it is leveled against Villar purposely to destroy the latter’s presidential aspirations and the political party that Villar heads. This is typical Maoist communist maneuver or manipulation of situations and conditions,” said Alcover.

Ocampo was recently quoted, in several national newspapers, urging Villar to face the music and the Senate. “What he did was well planned to stir-up and muddle the already volatile political landscape of the country with the hope that in the end mainstream political parties and candidates shall be decimated and banished,” said Rep. Alcover.

Rep. Alcover slammed the insatiable appetite and thirst for political power vociferously shown by Ocampo and company saying, “With their ulterior motive always in tow, not only would they use mainstream partisan political machinery as a vehicle to gain entry into our government’s important political and elective positions, but to advance the grand and insidious plan of their Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF against government and the Filipino people.”

“Until now, I cannot understand why quite a number of mainstream political personalities chose to ‘dance the tango’ with known communist terrorists masquerading as pro-people and protectors of human rights and pseudo political parties,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

Citing Makabayan party as nothing but a political paper tiger, Rep. Alcover said, “What is happening now is tailor-made to serve, at all cost, the devious and malicious ends of their Maoist communist masters,” he added.
“It is high time for our brother Filipinos to come forward, be counted and united to overwhelmingly deny their callous, violent, and inhuman intention against our free country and people,” stressed Rep. Alcover.



The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) confirmed the text intelligence report regarding a threat on the life of ANAD Partylist Representative Jun Alcover.

“It’s true and reliable. We got an intelligence report from a trusted source within the Philippine National Police that somebody who identified himself with the camp of Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte had asked the help of a police officer in Cebu to hire someone to assassinate Congressman Alcover right in Cebu supposedly to avoid Mayor Duterte from being implicated,” admitted ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman.

Tariman added that possibly the PNP officer concerned who is close to Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena must have leaked the plan to fellow cops that the information eventually reached the police intelligence community.

“There is however no indication if Mayor Duterte is aware or has authorized the purported sinister plot,” Tariman clarified.

“True or not, ANAD is taking the threat seriously. We have been very careful with our moves considering that we are waging war with two ruthless private armies that are linked to Mayor Duterte – the so-called Davao Death Squad or DDS and the communist terrorist NPA,” Tariman disclosed.

ANAD Partylist allied groups in Davao and surrounding areas have offered to help protect Cong. Alcover if ever he would go on campaign sorties in their respective areas. ANAD welcome such move but preferred to abide with the COMELEC stringent regulation on the employment of armed bodyguards. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)



Davao City - No amount of badmouthing, character assassination and myopic reasoning can hide the truth about the world-famous wickedness of the Davao Death Squad and the communist terrorists.

This is the reaction of the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist to a well-orchestrated tirades by media paid hacks of the Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod after the debacle created by the misguided privilege speech of City Councilor Nilo Abellera last Tuesday in reaction to ANAD's claim that Davao City is not really peaceful and in fact a dangerous place.

“The more Mayor Rody Duterte's Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod thru its paidf media mouthpieces would defend the peace and order issue, the more they would expose the naked truth behind the Davao Death Squad and the alliance of Hugpong with the CPP-NPA-NDF,” said ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman.

According to Tariman, the reaction of Hugpong councilors and its paid media mouthpieces is “very panicky” that they entirely missed the points raised by ANAD Partylist about the fragile and temporary peace condition of the city.

“In their futile efforts to hide the truth, both the Hugpong councilors and their media protectors looked and sounded like the apologists and defenders of the motorcycle-riding assassins in the urban areas and the marauding communist terrorists in the hinterlands of the city,” the ANAD Partylist-Mindanao spokesman commented.

Tariman reiterated that Hugpong's and its media spokespersons' claim that ANAD Partylist has no right to question the city's state of affairs especially on peace and order only reflects the ignorance of these people on the nature of a duly-registered Partylist Group (PLG) and the scope of its activities and concerns.
“ANAD, like the Hugpong-backed CPP-NPA-NDF-affiliated PLGs such as Bayan Muna, Anak Pawis, Gabriela, Kabataan, ACT, AKAP-BATA and Katribu, are national in scope that they can campaign anywhere in country. ANAD's advocacy includes peace and order, communist insurgency and terrorism that is why it strongly denounced the LGU-sponsored summary killings and the local officials' open and blatant collusion with communist terrorists,” emphasized Tariman.

ANAD Partylist bats for “law and order” and not merely “peace and order.” Meaning the full, consistent and fair enforcement of laws, and the prosecution, conviction and subsequent rehabilitation of the criminal offenders with the active participation of the community.

“If you truly and honestly implement the laws you would have order in the society, and if you have order in the society then you would have authentic and enduring peace. A positive peace,” Tariman explained.

In the countrary, the prevailing peace in Davao City is not principled and lasting as it has been secured through sheer brute force and it did not address the root causes of criminality and insurgency. It is a negative and temporary peace..
In view of the situation, ANAD Partylist calls for the strengthening of the criminal justice system in this party of the country. It calls for the law enforcement agencies especially the Philippine National Police, the prosecution service, the court and the penology to work together with the community to address the root causes of criminality.

“In civilized societies, citizens are not taking the law into their hands. As part of the community, citizens work with the government in enforcing the laws and not breaking it. Therefore, vigilantism has no place in a civilized and democratic society like Davao City, Tariman concluded. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)



The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist is an aggrupation of Filipino people who stand for peace, justice, freedom, equality, nationalism and democracy. ANAD fights for the people’s rights and respects every human being’s right to life and liberty.

It upholds every citizen’s constitutional right to due process. It advocates the strengthening of the country’s criminal justice system as a means to attain a lasting and principled peace and stability.

As such, ANAD Partylist strongly condemns any act by any individual, the state or any of its instrumentalities to deny a person’s right to life and to stifle his liberties both as a human being and a citizen of this country. It denounces terrorism, anarchism, communism and other forms of extremism.

ANAD Partylist therefore abhors the use of force and violence to compel obedience and compliance from anyone, no less the citizens of this country. Forcing one’s will and belief on another is naked terrorism that ANAD would always oppose albeit peacefully.

It is in this context that ANAD exposes the murders perpetrated by the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS), the Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) and other armed groups.
The employment of DDS and similar Private Armed Groups (PAGs) by the state or any of its subdivisions or groups or individuals bespeaks of vigilantism which is a stigma of a democratic society like ours.

In the same breath that the Maoist CPP’s use of the NPA to terrorize the Filipino people in order to force Communism is symptomatic of a rotten ideology.
It is ANAD’s belief that to resort to violence is a sign of incompetence. In such a way that extra-judicial killings in the fashion of the DDS and NPA is a sign of a weak criminal justice system.

In the ‘80s, the CPP-NPA-NDF experimented the Nicaraguan-style “urban insurrectionism” in Davao City that resulted to the death of hundreds of people, many of them were innocent civilians, when they employed the Armed City Partisan Units, otherwise known as Sparrow Unit. Hence, Davao was then called as NICARAGDAO.
The situation in Davao changed tide only when the people rose up to form the famous “Alsa Masa” movement. It was the Dabawenyos – the people’s movement – and not the politicians that eventually defeated the inroads of Communism in Davao City and region.

In recent years, the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF with the help of opportunist politicians like Mayor Rody Duterte made an alarming comeback by effectively combining the armed (“bala”) and legal-electoral (“balota”) struggles.

Inspired by the “Nepal experience” where the Maoist Communists have been able to seize state power by participating in the electoral processes while maintaining a private armed group, the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF has decided to expand its electoral struggle this coming national and local elections beyond the Party-List System.
And like the ‘80s, the CPP-NPA-NDF chose to make Davao City and the Southern Mindanao Region as its laboratory. The Local Communist Terrorists aim to transform Davao from NICARAGDAO to NEPALDAO.

This is the very reason why ANAD Partylist has decided to come to Davao to thwart this deceptive effort of the Maoist Communists and their anarchist patrons in and out of the present administration of the City Government of Davao.
Our campaign will go beyond the May 10, 2010 elections. Our fight is beyond partisan politics. Ours is an ideological-political struggle. We are together in this fight!


The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist exhorts local candidates under the Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod to stop acting as apologists for the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS) and the CPP-NPA-NDF in their efforts to defend the claim of the Duterte administration that Davao City is really peaceful.

ANAD Partylist made the call after Councilor Nilo Abellera stood up during Tuesday’s regular session to question the “intention” of ANAD Partylist Representative Jun Alcover and BANTAY Partylist Representative Jun Palparan in making public statements that Davao City is a “dangerous place.” He was joined in in his tirades by Councilors Danilo Dayanghirang, Conrado Baluran, Vic Advincula and Leonardo Avila.
“Hugpong candidates cannot hide the fact that about a thousand people were summarily killed in Davao City since 1995 and almost all of them including the cases of radiomen Jun Pala and Ferdie Lintuan, who happened to be critics of City Mayor Rody Duterte, remained unsolved until today,” said ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman, adding that the killings continued despite the New York-based Human Rights Watch report and Commission on Human Rights (CHR) investigation on DDS last year.

Tariman also pointed out that on the other hand, the Maoist terrorist NPA murdered 29 persons – 23 of them were innocent civilians – and exploded at least six improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that killed two and injured 22 including two civilians in Davao City in 2009 alone. IED is the favorite weapon of choice of modern-day terrorists. Police arrested no suspect so far in all these terrorism incidents in the city.

According to Tariman, these are facts that cannot just be glossed over easily. These are undeniable indicators of the true state of the city’s “peace and order condition.”

In a live studio interview with Jun Bersamin over station DXAB-ABS-CBN Wednesday afternoon, Hugpong Councilor Peter Lavilla admitted that Mayor Duterte accommodated three MAKABAYAN candidates into Hugpong’s official line up for this year’s local election to improve their chances of winning.

Lavilla also reechoed Councilor Nilo Abellera’s concern that ANAD and BANTAY Partylist Groups have painted a not so good picture of the city with their claim that it is not really peaceful contrary to the claim of Mayor Duterte.
Tariman stressed that Gen. Santos City that is used to be known alternately as “boom town” and “bombing city” because of its fast economic growth and the many deadly explosions in the past, respectively, is a lot peaceful than Davao today.
Gensan experienced only one terrorism attack in 2009 when suspected MILF rebels blasted down a power tower at the boundary with Sarangani Province.
There was not a single NPA atrocity committed in Gensan during the last few years except for the murder of a soldier last Dec. 5 that was suspected to be a handiwork of NPA SPARU hitmen.

There was no encounter between government and MILF forces in the city even at the height of last year’s war over the ancestral domain issue.
There was not a pattern of summary killings in Gensan the last 12 months, unlike before when suspected DDS hitmen “invaded” the city.

“The more Hugpong candidates would insist that the city is truly peaceful, the more they would appear and sound as the criminals’ and the terrorists’ apologists and defenders. If they would walk like a duck and quack like a duck, what are they? Pigs? No, they must be ducks, and such is the case of the Hugpong candidates on the issue,” Tariman concluded.#



The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist laughed off the action of City Councilor Nilo Abellera reportedly denouncing its efforts as well as those of BANTAY Partylist to expose the real state of the law and order situation of Davao City even as it expressed willingness to face the entire City Council on the issue.

“Who is he (Abellera) questioning our presence in Davao City. He does not owned the city. ANAD’s constituency is nationwide and therefore we have every right to challenge the claim of the Duterte administration and his Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod party that Davao City is “peaceful,” ANAD Partylist Representative Jun Alcover declared in a live phone-patch interview in the “Alsa” radio program over DXIP Bantay Radyo-Davao hosted by Manny Autida and James Pala from 12 to 1 p.m. yesterday.
During the regular session of the Sangguniang Panlungsod yesterday morning, Abellera delivered a privilege speech questioning the intention of Cong. Alcover and Cong. Jovito Palparan, Jr. of BANTAY on exposing the tenuous law and order condition of the city.

Abellera, chairman of the SP Committee on Peace and Order, reportedly claimed that Cong. Alcover’s and Cong. Palparan’s expose projected a “negative” image of the city.
In response, Alcover stressed that contrary to Mayor Rody Duterte’s claim, Davao City is not and has not been as “peaceful, lawful and orderly” as he wanted the people to believe.

“The fact that more than 952 people, mostly from the lowly class of the society, were summarily killed in the city during Mayor Duterte’s 20-year administration and none was hauled to court to answer the murders proves that criminal justice system is not really working in Mindanao’s prime city,” Alcover commented, adding that “it is a blow to the image of law enforcement agencies particularly the PNP, the prosecution, the court, the penal institutions and the community at large.”
Compared to Gen. Santos City that has zero explosive incident in 2009, the Maoist NPA blasted at least six improvised explosive devices and killed at least 28 persons, 13 of them happened in Paquibato District, last year, ANAD Partylist-Mindanao records showed.

For his part, ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Arthur J. Tariman pointed out that the prevailing “peace” in Davao City is not “authentic and enduring” but a negative one. This kind of peace is short-term, fragile and unstable.
“What we in ANAD Partylist aspire to bring about is a peace that is characterized by the absence of direct or personal violence, structural violence, and cultural violence. A positive peace,” Tariman explained.

According to Tariman, “what we have in Davao City is a temporary peace because we never have addressed the rootcause of the problem despite the P800-million peace and order discretionary fund of the hizzoner.”
“The law must be fully implemented without fear or favor in order to have real peace and order in Davao City,” Tariman concluded. (ANAD PARTLIST-MINDANAO INFONEWS BUREAU)


Maoist terrorists’ devious propaganda!

The malicious and crooked minds of Maoist terrorists propagandists are once again busy and at play solely to confuse and deceive our people, and to sow hate against the government that have been constantly touching base with its constituency and seeking ways to improve our well-being under the atmosphere of free and democratic yet republican governance.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist is a confluence of former Maoist communist rebels; victims of Maoist terrorist murders, forcible collections, intimidation and other forms of harassment; and plain and simple civilians with unwavering patriotism and boundless love of country.
ANAD Partylist is no military or government hound dog, as what the demented minds of Maoist terrorist propagandist oftentimes has said, but of Filipinos’ pure and genuine zeal to protect and preserve the democratic ideals and institutions vigorously sought and achieved by our forebears.

If indeed we are a creation of and supported by government and the military, we should now be far stronger and visible compared to what we are today. ANAD should have made it with three (3) slots since the 2004 and 2007 elections. But such is not the case. As clear as everybody could see and feel, we struggled very hard to reach the state of what we are today. It is our people’s strong push to move forward so that the flames of deception, lies, murders, and extortions, perpetrated with impunity by the Maoist terrorist’s CPP-NPA-NDF together with their sectoral front and pseudo Partylist organizations, could ably be addressed and eventually extinguished.

Marco Valbuena and Rubi del Mundo, both glib-tongued specialists of the Central Committee and the Southern Mindanao Revolutionary Committee, all of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF, respectively, is no different from their masters in the movement, namely: Jose Ma. Sison, Luis Jalandoni, Fidel Agcaoili, Jorge Madlos, Satur Ocampo, Renato Reyes, Liza Maza, Teddy Casiño, Rafael Mariano, Joel Maglungsod, Joel Virador, Raymond Palatino, and others. They spew lies to deceive our people.

They make not only one extra step but go out of their way to cover the grizzly murders and heartless extortions committed by the New People’s Army, throughout the country. The Filipino people never heard them acknowledge responsibility on the murders of tens of thousands of Filipinos in the l980’s to the present. Their insidious lies, have been slapped hardly their faces when their allegations of the military’s responsibility in the murder of Evelyn Pitao, sister of Leoncio Pitao aka Parago, were clearly overturned by unequivocal facts and evidences, as bared out by witnesses in the Davao region, showing the NPA’s dirty hands behind it!

If indeed they are strongly against extra-judicial killings, Rubi del Mundo should have opened his mouth when the Maoist terrorists mercilessly murdered 83 persons, mostly lumads, elderly, and unarmed civilians, in the Davao region during 2009. Our heart cries when these self-professed human rights protectors and advocates never cried for justice when: a) about 35 lumads in Sitio Rano, Barangay Binaton, Digos, Davao del Sur were annihilated inside a UCCP church by the group of aka Benzar in June 25, 1989; b) more than remains of about 300 persons, discovered in “The Garden”, in Inopacan, Southern Leyte where Satur Ocampo is one of those named in the charge sheet now before the courts; and c) when more than 3 people, including as 14-year old innocent girl, were killed in the gruesome ambush in Toboso, Negros Occidental, last July 23, 2009! These are but a few of the so many incidents perpetrated by the Maoist terrorists, as revealed by residents and witnesses, in their 41-years of insurgency against the Filipino people.

They, including Satur Ocampo et.al., chose to remain silent for how can they antagonize and disobey the order of their masters, who wields far more heavy carrot sticks ready to swing and inflict damage against anyone who disobey terrorist party lines and discipline!

Yet they have the temerity to twist facts, fabricate informations, shout innuendoes, and even liquidate people, for no other logical reason but to enhance their devious and violent Maoist terrorist ideology at the expense of our innocent and helpless people.

In stark contrast to their allegations, ANAD did not demonize Satur Ocampo and his ilks. We just bared the facts, the real character and persona of those seeking public office, abusing and manipulating opportunities under the aegis of democracy and freedom that we savor today.
How can anyone demonize already wild DEMONS sworn to spread terror and destruction on the once peaceful and stable Filipino community and country! Rubi del Mundo and others are glaring examples of what character and mind a Maoist terrorist is molded and now at play.

Truly, we advocate the strengthening of our government institutions, especially our security forces, e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police, to be of better service to our people and adequately extinguish the damning notion and belief still being possessed by DEMONS, like self-proclaimed Maoist messiah Joma Sison et.al. so obsessed in destroying the very fibers of our country’s economy, freedom, and democracy.

This does not make us hound dogs but a stimulus for those in government to do better for our country and people. In contrast, Rubi del Mundo and others are indeed lapdogs who cannot distinguish right from wrong but only mouth what their masters would want them to do!
Rey A. Salas
National Spokesman
Tel No. (02) 489-7662



The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist warns that the Communist Party of the Philippines’ participation in the forthcoming elections thru the newly-formed Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamayan (MAKABAYAN) does not in any way alter its ideological lines.

“It just simply complemented the revolutionary struggle by widening its mass base, enabling it to achieve its tactical and long term objectives, building up its arsenal, and enhancing its united front efforts courtesy of their fielded and supported political candidates,” said ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Spokesman Arthur Tariman in a statement.

According to Tariman, the CPP, in the past and under the present circumstances, has never believed in the merit of the electoral process as a means of achieving the desired reforms in society.

“An ANAD Partylist study shows that the CPP continuously participates in the electoral exercise in order to weaken and undermine the government, and as a convenient way of rectifying its boycott errors in the 1978 and 1986 elections,” emphasized Tariman, a long time anti-communism activist who hailed from Cebu.
Tariman observed that the CPP leadership has realized that should the Party decide to boycott the future political exercises it could be facing a more damaging dissension that may lead to another split like what happened in early ‘90s.
ANAD Partylist is however aware of the ongoing internal debates over political lines and revolutionary direction of the Party.

“The Nepal experience was said to have provided new revolutionary insights for the Party on how to possibly achieve a ‘qualitative leap’ of the revolutionary struggle,” stressed Tariman.

The aging but ambitious CPP Founding Chairman Jose Ma. Sison is said to be giving more focus on electoral struggle despite some internal opposition.
The hardline Maoist couple Benito and Wilma Tiamzon is reportedly opposed to the shift of the primary focus from armed struggle to legal struggle to seize state power in much shorter time.

Encourage by the electoral gains of Bayan Muna and other CPP-affiliated partylist groups in the past, “Sison seriously considered the Nepal experience as an alternative strategic option,” said Tariman, adding that Sison subscribes to the idea of “exploring the arena of the electoral struggle.”

The ANAD Partylist spokesman in Mindanao further contend that the establishment of the MAKABAYAN is a manifestation of the CPP’s serious intention to win as many seats in the Senate, Congress and the local elective posts.

MAKABAYAN’s promotional activities have not been limited to popular mass support, but rather extend to known political personalities, especially opposition leaders as in the case of Davao City where three of its candidates to the City Council have found their way into the Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod party of City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. They are Joel Virador, Lea Librado and Ariel Casilao.

Hugpong also backs all partylist groups identified with the Maoist MAKABAYAN like Bayan Muna, Anak Pawis, Gabriela, Kabataan, ACT, COURAGE, KATRIBU and Akap Bata.
During the 2001 elections, Alvin Luque, Bayan-Southern Mindanao Region secretary-general-turned-NPA-SMR spokesman, also ran under Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod but lost.



ANAD Partylist blames the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF for destroying the future of thousands of Filipino youths by luring them into a violent revolution.

“The death of Kemberly Jul Luna, a campus-beauty-and-brain-turned-NPA-terrorist, is just a tip of the iceberg of the ominous situation where Maoist communist agents are deceiving many of our idealistic youths today with the promise of serving the people and the country,” declared ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Spokesman Arthur Tariman.
According to Tariman, the death of the 21-year old Luna, a member of the CPP-NPA-NDF front League of Filipino Students (LFS), during the encounter between the 8IB PA and a group of NPA terrorists in the mountains of Valencia City, Bukidnon Province last Dec. 15 is just one case in the long list of incidents involving young and children warriors.

Sometime last March, student leader Esmael Magbanua, Jr. was also slain when he joined a band of communist terrorists who attacked the Zamboanguita Patrol Base in Bukidnon.

With the request of his parents, Army soldiers exhumed Magbanua’s remains from a shallow grave somewhere in Bukidnon on Sept. 22.
Magbanua, a resident of Barangay Gusa, Cagayan de Oro and student of Xavier University of Cagayan de Oro, was the spokesman of the Supreme Student Council in Xavier University and an active officer of the former Anak Bayan Partylist, now known as Kabataan Partylist.

Less than two years ago, a bright and promising Rachael Mae Palang was also killed in an encounter with soldiers also in Zamboanguita town in Negros Oriental.
Palang, a daughter of a municipal councilor in Consolacion town, Cebu, was the regional chairperson of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) in Central Visayas at the time of her death.

Last Oct. 18, a young NPA terrorist was killed when his group of student activists from Cebu City shot it out with Army soldiers manning at checkpoint at Sitio Pulang Yuta, Barangay Mayabon, Zamboanguita town in Negros Oriental.
Rodel Carpentero of Cebu City was slain but three of his companions were nabbed. They were identified as Maria Carla Alvarico, a licensed nurse who graduated from Velez College; Carlo Hernandez Cabahug, who finished computer technology from the University of San Carlos; and Absin Glenn Filamer, a political science graduate from the University of Cebu.

Alvarico replaced Palang, a best friend, as CEGP-Central Visayas regional chairperson after her death in an encounter with the military a year ago then.
In Metro Manila, two students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)-Sta. Mesa, Manila campus are yet to return to their respective families after they went to the hills with local communist terrorists mid last year.
The parents of 19-year old Albert Estrada, a 1st year BS Journalism student; and 18-year old Regina Obiso, a 1st year BS Broadcast Communications student, both in the College of Communications of PUP, have been pleading for the return of their children.

Albert and Regina were members of the PUP Kabataang Makabayan – Charlie del Rosario Chapter which recruited them to join the NPA.

In Davao, the media appearance of former BAYAN-Southern Mindanao secretary-general Alvin Luque in a local NPA camp during the 41st anniversary celebration of the CPP dramatized the transformation of an idealistic student leader into a militant street parliamentarian and later as a ruthless communist terrorist.

“There are thousands of Luque, Luna, Magbanua, Palang, Estrada and Obiso in the making, unless the Filipino people would take collective steps to frustrate the sinister design of the CPP-NPA-NDF,” Tariman concluded. (ANAD PARTLIST-MINDANAO INFONEWS BUREAU)


ANAD strongly warn candidates and voters against Maoist terrorists “PTW”

From their dismal “Permit to Campaign” (PTC) scheme in the past, the Maoist terrorist are now into hard-selling their newly “Permit to Win” (PTW) commodity on candidates, especially in local government units, throughout the country.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist strongly warns the Filipino electorate and those seeking elective positions, in the 2010 national elections, that the Maoist terrorists have shifted their devious methods from merely extorting Permit to Campaign money towards demanding political aspirants to shell out sizeable amount of money, from Php 200 to 500 thousand for those aspiring for local elective positions; and higher for those seeking congressional and gubernatorial positions.

“Our sources in the countryside told us that the Maoist terrorist are hard-selling this to lure candidates into giving out money in exchange for an insurance of winning which the terrorists are not capable of,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover as he pointed to the new mode of extortion in the run-up towards the 2010 polls.

Records showed that in past political exercises, there never was a sizeable bloc number of vote’s equivalent to 3 million votes that Satur Ocampo and company has been boasting and brandishing in the past months. “The people, especially in the countryside, are now wary and have altogether repudiated Maoist terrorist presence and influence in their areas,” said Alcover. Reliable sources told ANAD that Maoist terrorist organizations have bought there way into the House of Representatives using coercion and the “color of money.”

Rep. Alcover describes the PTW scheme as simple yet blatant blackmailing by Maoist terrorist groups and personalities. “Their only motive is to secure the victory for Satur and Liza Maza for the Senate, and their own candidates in the local levels. In fact they have no intention, whatsoever, to comply with their end of the deal, if there is any, as they surely knew that they don’t have the capability and capacity of ensuring victory for those who may have given money to them,” said Rep. Alcover.

“They simply coerce, harass, and intimidate our people to vote for their chosen candidates. In this glaring anti-people scheme, our people must respond by putting up a bastion of defense to protect their sacred votes,” said Rep. Alcover as he called on all candidates, in all levels not to give even a penny to the Maoist terrorist as they will only use the same money against our people and government.
Alcover’s warning is explicitly defined when he said, “A vote for any of the candidates pushed and supported by identified Maoist terrorist personalities is a vote for the NPA and the Maoist terrorist organization itself.”

Reference: Rey A. Salas
National Spokesman
Tel No. (02) 489-7662



DAVAO CITY – ANAD Partylist denounces leaders of so-called militant organizations affiliated with BAYAN and MAKABAYAN for continuously deceiving the people on their real ideological and political agenda.

“We don’t begrudge BAYAN, MAKABAYAN and their affiliates for embracing communism if they believed that is best for the country but we abhorred their deceptive and misleading methods,” ANAD Partylist Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman said in a press release.

BAYAN, MAKABAYAN and their affiliate organizations like GABRIELA, KABATAAN, ANAK-PAWIS, LFS, ACT, COURAGE, MIGRANTE and KATRIBU recruit members into their folds without telling the subjects the real nature of the so-called progressive or militant organizations they are representing.

The future of thousands of bright and promising young students all over the country are wasted because of the very deceptive recruitment method used by LFS, CEGP, KABATAAN and other campus-based front groups.

According to Tariman, the case of Alvin Luque is one good example of this deceptive method. Luque first joined LFS while he was still a student of Ateneo de Davao University in the ‘90s but without any inkling of the real design of the people who recruited him.

The intelligent Luque rose from being a mass member to a full-pledge party member, became BAYAN-Southern Mindanao chairman, and in between ran for the city council during the 2001 elections.

Until Luque’s media appearance at a NPA camp in a hinterland somewhere in the Davao Region during the 41st anniversary of the CPP, Luque never admitted his active involvement in the armed revolution.

“Luque always maintained that he was just a plain leader of BAYAN even in the face of evidence brought forward by the military that filed arson and rebellion charges against him in 2002. When the court issued the warrant for his arrest, he simply vanished and reappeared only last Dec. 26 as spokesman for the CPP-NPA-NDF in Southern Mindanao,” Tariman pointed out.

Luque’s case is not the first and the last. There are thousands of other “Luques” in other communist sectoral front organizations. They are victims-in-process of the CPP-NPA-NDF deceptive recruitment machinery.

It is not far-pitched that it would also happened to MAKABAYAN’s Joel Virador, Ariel Casilao and Lea Librado, all aspiring for seats in the city council under the Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod ticket of Mayor Rody Duterte in this year’s simultaneous national and local elections.

In view of the situation, ANAD Partylist urges the public to be wary and watchful in joining with so-called militant organizations as they might be communist fronts.
“Be very selective and inquisitive before joining any group presenting themselves as militant and progressive as they might take you to hell,” Tariman concluded. (ANAD PARTLIST-MINDANAO INFONEWS BUREAU)


Another life wasted! – Rep. Alcover

“Another life has gone and wasted. She should have used her brains and beauty to the fore and along the parameters of a truly free and democratic process. What happened to Kemberly deeply saddens me because her young life was abused and cut-short by the violent and Godless Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF whose penchant for exploitation and manipulation of our youth’s idealism remains unabated and with stinging impunity,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover in reaction to Kemberly “Kimay: Jul Luna’s death in Sitio Bulacao, Barangay Concepcion, City of Valencia, last Dec 15, 2009.

Contrary to what the article “Brainy beauty joins NPA, dies in Bukidnon” (pp1, PDI, January 8, 2010) hardly wanted to immortalize Kimay’s involvement in the terrorist underground activities, “Tributes mean nothing when one’s life is gone. Adulations ad memoriam for a supposedly noble endeavor is meaningless and does not serve anyone when one’s vision and idealism were purposely twisted and manipulated with so much calumny against the people they themselves vowed to serve without knowing that they are mere pawns to foster the inhuman and violent advocacies of Maoist terrorism resulting in their untimely demise,” Rep. Alcover retorted.

Kemberly, a student of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology in Iligan City, is one of the many youths that the Maoist terrorists duped all in the name of fighting for a people that they themselves manipulated and exploited. “Many of them are still in the mountains and with them not for anything else but because of fear of being liquidated once they shy away from the movement,” Rep. Alcover added.

Rep. Alcover further explained that he himself, in the mid-‘70’s, was duped by glib-tongued political officers of the Maoist CPP into believing that theirs was a worthy and noble cause to protect and serve the Filipino people from the fangs of a corrupt and abusive government system. “No one in the top leadership of the CPP told us that we were to embrace and promote the Maoist communist ideology! Indeed a brazen act of deception and lie that they have mastered in duping our youth with impunity until today,” said Rep. Alcover.

“This is what happened to Kemberly, whose body was found along with seven other guerrillas, dumped by their comrades deep in the forest of Concepcion, days after the Dec. 15 encounter,” Rep. Alcover said.

“Kemberly’s fate should serve as a stinging lesson for all our youths. Idealism and patriotism is what we should encourage our youth but all these must be along the parameters of a real and true democracy and freedom that our forebears have fought and shed their lives for,” Rep. Alcover noted.

Terrorist NPA should be dismantled first! – ANAD

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist calls on the government to primarily dismantle the Maoist terrorist New Peoples Army (NPA) and not only the fidgety ones. ANAD issued this call as it strongly supports the move to cleanse the country of private armies as a means toward achieving clean, honest, and credible elections in May 2010.

ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover said that the NPA has already shown its tenacity to sow terror by the many merciless murders and harassments they premeditatedly committed in the countryside for their continued extortion activities against businesses and individuals; and victory for their candidates in the national and local levels, throughout the country.

“The NPAs are bunch of hooligans preying on helpless Filipinos and forcibly telling them to vote for their candidates like Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza, eyeing Senatorial seats, and those seeking elective positions in the different local government units, in the country,” said Rep. Alcover as he called on the recently organized special Presidential Commission Against Private Armies to focus more on the dismantling of the Maoist terrorists NPA.

“Other so-called private armies could easily be addressed by the military and the police after the NPA’s are immobilized and rendered incapable to terrorize our rural folks,” said Alcover. He described the NPA as a private army of the Maoist terrorists Communist Party of the Philippines, the sectoral front and pseudo Partylist organizations under the National Democratic Front (NDF) and Bagong Alyansa Makabayan or Bayan.

“The NPAs are no different from the so-called private armies that are now the target of the commission. Their actions are the same as they coerce, intimidate, and harass ordinary and helpless Filipinos to support their candidates and forcibly extort money from them. But the NPAs needs immediate attention as they are widespread and had been on this terrorist trade for over 41 years already,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

Rep. Alcover disclosed that reports from the field showed that the NPAs have now issued strong warning on our brother Filipinos, especially in the countryside, to vote and support the Senatorial bids of Ocampo, Maza, and candidates supported by the Maoist terrorist CPP-NDF, throughout the country.

“This is undeniable and flagrant hooliganism against our people’s true will and choice,” said Rep. Alcover. “Government should act now in the light of the blatant deceptions and manipulations currently waged by Godless, inhuman, and violent CPP-NPA-NDF that seeks to subvert and supplant the sovereign will of our people,” Rep. Alcover added.


BRUTAL NA KAHIBANGAN: 'sorry' nagkamali lang sa pagpaslang!

Noong Disyembre 13, 2009 sa pangunguna nina MANUEL FERNANDEZ alyas “Ka Bobo” at NOEL LEGAZPI alyas “Ka Jeffrey” Secretary ng maoistang CPP-NPA-NDF Guerilla Front 56 sa Far South Mindanao Region (GF56-FSMR) mga 30 armadong teroristang ang namataan sa Sityo Bantog sakup ng Barangay Telafas, Munisipalidad ng Columbo, Sultan Kudarat.

Pakay ng mga komunistang-terorista sa nabanggit na lugar na kausapin ang mga kamag-anakan ni SINDO AWING. Si Awing ay naparusahan kaya pinatay batay sa paghuhokom ng CPP-NPA-NDF “Kangaroo Court”.

Ngunit, sa imbestigasyon matapos paslangin si SINDO AWING -natuklasan na isang malaking pagkakamali ang pagpataw ng parusang kamatayan sapagkat walang kasalanan si Sindo Awing. Kaya't sumadya sa nabanggit na lugar sila Ka Bobo at Ka Jeffrey para "humingi ng despensa at kapatawaran sa kanilang pagkakamali".

Ang insidenteng ito ay hindi nag-iisang kaso! Sa buong bansa, libu-libo na ang walang awang pinagpapatay ng maoistang teroristang CPP-NPA-NDF. Sa mga komunista "ang suspetsado ay deklarado nang may-sala, maliban lamang kung mapatunayan itong inosente matapos masentensyahan!"

Sa mga pagkakamaling ito, mabilis ang mga komunistang-terorista sa paghingi ng "sorry sapagkat nagkamali ang rebolusyonaryong hukuman".

Kaya't matapos ang assessment sa pagpapatupad ng malawakang 'paglilinis' (purging operations) laban sa "mga ahente ng kaaway na nakapasok sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan" (Oplan Ahos, Oplan Kadena-de-Amor, Oplan Zombie, Oplan Tide Bar, Oplan Takip-Silim at marami pa)apuradong inilathala ng Komiteng Tagapaganap ng Komite Sentral (KT-KS) ng maoist CPP ang Memorandum na may pamagat "Sobarang Kahibangan.....!" Sa dokumentong ito tahasang inamin ng CPP-NPA-NDF "ang mga kalabisan sa pagpapahirap at pamamaslang sa mga suspetsado na karamihan dito ay mga inosente sa ipinaratang na mga kaso....."

"Sorry sa mga napatay," at dugtong pa ng nabanggit na dokumento "...pagpulutan natin ng aral ang mga pangyayari para lubos pang isulong ang digmaang bayan...."

Ganun lang ka simple ang pagkitil ng buhay sa mga komunista! Sorry lang ang katapat! Kaya, sa mahigit 10,000 na biktima ng purging operations --tapos na ang kaso sapagkat humingi na ng 'sorry' ang CPP-NPA-NDF!

Marami din sa mga pinagpapaslang ng maoistang CPP-NPA-NDF ay ipinagbunton na kagagawan ng AFP/PNP. Gamit ang kumplikadong eskema sa propaganda, nilulugaw din ng mga prenteng organisasyon ng mga komunista (katulad ng Karapatan, Bayan Muna, Gabriela, PCPR, LFS at iba pa) ang mga isyu. Maglulunsad ng mga rally/demostrasyon ang mga ito at manawagan ng "hustisya para sa mga biktima ng pasistang estado" --paulit-ulit nila itong gagawin sa malawak na entablado ng opinyon publiko kasabwat ang mga galamay ng komunistang organisasyon sa tri-media. Hanggang tumimo sa isipan ng publiko na "AFP-PNP talaga ang may kagagawan!"

Katulad sa kaso ni KAT-KAT RAMOS. Pinalabas ng mga prenteng organisasyon ng CPP na si Kat-kat ay kinidnap at sinalbeyds ng militar. Pero makalipas ang ilang panahon, nabuking ang kanilang kahibangan. Itinuro ng mga sumurender na NPA ang pinaglibingan ni Kat-kat matapos ito patayin ng mga berdugong komunista. Pinaslang ang biktima sapagkat pinagdudahan itong "depenetration agent dahil ang ama ay kasapi ng militar".

Katulad ng sinapit ng libu-libong biktima ng berdugong CPP-NPA-NDF, marami pang mga SINDO AWING at mga KAT-KAT RAMOS ang kanilang ibabaon batay sa kahibangan ng idolohiyang walang diyos at walang pagtalima sa dignidad ng tao!

Kung hindi tayo kikilos laban sa maoistang teroristang CPP-NPA-NDF at mga prenteng organisasyon nito, maaaring kamag-anak o kayo na mismo ang susunod na biktima!

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