Maoist terrorist’s “United Front” at play!

“LUMANG TUGTUGIN!” Obviously visible now is the protective mantle thrown by Maoist terrorists’ legal and sectoral front organizations on the 43 NPA personalities cum medical workers arrested in Morong, Rizal, last week.

The cortège of sectoral front organizations, all under BAYAN, are drumming up and stirring the front pages of media black propaganda with their cohorts in media vigorously at work. All these are designed to put the government and its judicial processes under serious threat.

Expected are the actions of Karapatan whose avowed mission is to protect the rights (sic!) of Maoist terrorists personalities arrested by government security forces or killed during encounters. The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist is fully aware of the pompous milieu of highly questionable and suspect actions expediently thrown by these self-righteous sectoral Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF organizations to rescue the so-called “Morong 43” our of detention. Again, the sets of pre-planned mass actions, e.g. black propaganda, mass actions in the streets and other government institutions and facilities, and insidious moves against government personalities and functionaries, are tailored-cut to destroy government.

ANAD Partylist strongly points out the following:

a) Using the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to gain entry into the Camp Capinpin, in Tanay, Rizal. ANAD is aware of the fact that when CHR chair Leila de Lima entered Camp Capinpin this week, she was accompanied by a retinue number of media personalities. Quite a number of these so-called mediamen, were fake as they were known to ANAD as active operators of the National United Front Commission (NUFC) of Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF. Yet, when Ms. Lima was told by the soldiers, manning the entry gates, that they should undergo strict identity check, after the military found earlier that media organizations were used by the Maoist terrorists legal and sectoral front organizations to gain entry, to the camp to pass to and gain information on the detainees’ situations and conditions, her response to the guard was – “Pagusapan natin yan mamaya {We’ll discuss it later).” This is highly questionable and suspect! This is plain and unequivocal act of exerting the authority of her office and completely disregarding the policies and security measures imposed inside the military camp. What inappropriate statement from a Head of a government office, especially one who is sworn to uphold justice, fairness, and the rule of law in our country, did she make!

For fairness, we would like to ask this question: Was Ms. de Lima aware that she was with a group of impostors? If the answer is NO, then she should not have protested and arrogantly forced her way inside the camp after the soldiers, manning the entry gate, explained these things to her.

b) Many, if not all, of those arrested were identified members of the NPA operating in the areas of Southern Luzon, Bicol, Central, and even from Mindanao. Indeed it was one of the biggest single arrests ever made by the security forces of the state. Admittedly, some of those arrested has acknowledged that they are members of the New Peoples Army in their respective areas, and pointed to other personalities in the group as also NPA members but chose to be silent about it with the hope that the United Front effort will spring them out of detention.

Why are the groups Karapatan, Bayan, even Satur Ocampo ( a known Maoist terrorist pseudo Partylist personality but chose to be silent about his membership in the terrorist organization) persistent in using constitutional provisions, bill of rights of individuals, and other legal remedies available; yet insists on their silence regarding the membership of these personalities in the NPA as mentioned by Valentino Paulino a.k.a. Ka Beloy, one of those arrested, admitted being a member of the NPA in Bulacan, and chose to return to the folds of the law; and PNP Inspector Rex Cuntapay’s positive identification of Linda Otañez and Pearl Irene Martinez (among those arrested) as one of those in the NPA group that held him captive for 83 days after his group was ambushed in Barangay Mabacud, Rodriguez, Rizal last January 3, 2009. These are only a few of the revelations that some of the “Morong 43” made. Yet, the statements of Karapatan, Bayan, National Union of People’s Lawyers, even Satur Ocampo does not bear any reaction or clarification to the statements of Ka Beloy and Inspector Cuntapay! This is blatant deception that is the usual “flavor of the month” of Maoist terrorist personalities. Too obvious is the fact that they always resort to use and exploit all legal remedies afforded by the constitution and international conventions on human rights made available by the government that they themselves abhor and seek to destroy.

c) Insisting on the rights of those arrested yet silent and has done nothing to uphold the rights of innocent Filipinos mercilessly murdered, extorted money, harassed, intimidated by their comrades in the Maoist terrorist NPA. While CHR Chairperson Leila de Lima’s sworn duty is to ensure that all people’s human rights are upheld and protected, the truth has revealed the opposite. CHR Chair de Lima immediately springs into action to check on allegations hurled by Maoist terrorist sectoral front and pseudo Partylist organizations against government agencies, especially security forces. Yet, she has not moved a finger on reports of NPA atrocities, e.g. murders, extortions, intimidations, and harassments, which have been noticed and received by her office.

One must not disregard the rule of law and the equal protection guaranteed by our Constitutions, and international conventions. ANAD strongly supports the move to let the wheels of justice and the rule of law turn along its due course.
The cries and protestations made by Maoist terrorist legal front and sectoral organizations must not lord over the wheels of justice and rule of law. Government must perform its constitutionally mandated task, and must not give way to the machinations and manipulations orchestrated by the organizations of doom and venom whose ultimate result would be to sow anarchy, in this country.
Finally, ANAD Partylist call on CHR Chair Lila de Lima, to fairly enforce her office’s mandate and should not allow, willfully or otherwise, any individual or organization to use the Commission on Human Rights to their benefit and gains.
Reference: Rey A. Salas
National Spokesman
Tel No. (02) 489-7662



Davao City – ANAD Partylist bats for the strengthening of the criminal justice system in Davao City and elsewhere as a way to curb extra-judicial killings.

“The four main pillars of our criminal justice system must be made to function properly in relation to each other and the community at large if we have to stop some people from taking the law into their hands,” said ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman.

The four pillars of the criminal justice system are the law enforcement, the prosecution, the judiciary and the penology.

“For the state or any of its subdivisions to encourage, if not to sponsor, summary killings to arrest growing criminality in its midst is unthinkable, uncivilized, undemocratic and inhuman,” added Tariman.

In making our criminal justice system works, according to Tariman, we follow the principle of making the offenders pay for their crimes while allowing him a chance to reform and to reintegrate into the mainstream of the society.

“We follow the pattern of ‘from cradle to court’ and not ‘from cradle to grave,” Tariman pointed out, adding that ANAD Partylist supports the “rule of law” first and always as a way to achieve lasting, authentic and sustainable peace.

This explains ANAD’s call for an honest-to-goodness enforcement of laws to have order and ultimately peace in our society.

“There is no order in lawlessness. If there is no order at home or in the community, then there is no peace at all,” commented Tariman, saying that “peace is not just the temporary absence of direct or physical violence but also the absence of social and cultural violence. One commits violence if he discriminates against the poor and the members of the cultural minority.”

The Dirty Harry tactic of using terror against terror to achieve peace is only a temporary solution. It does not address the root causes of criminality and insurgency but rather perpetuates the subjective condition resulting to a never ending vicious cycle of injustices and violence.

As such, ANAD Partylist challenges the Dabawenyos to make Davao City an epitome of law and order and not just of “peace and order” as the Duterte administration insisted. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)

The fluke of deception!

ONCE AGAIN, the expertise of Maoist terrorist sectoral front organizations is at play! This is reminiscent of the many instances when known Maoist terrorist personalities, e.g. politico/legal (NDF), armed (NPA), or top officials of the Maoist terrorist CPP, are arrested by government security forces. Immediately, the mantle of protection, seeking judicial relief and skilled use of black propaganda, is thrown by Maoist sectoral front groups like Karapatan, Flag, Bayan, Anakbayan, and others.

“The united front effort of the Maoist terrorist groups, especially the sectoral front groups under BAYAN, to use all legal avenues afforded by the government that they themselves have subverted and wanted to destroy, is vigorously at play,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover in reaction to published reports that the families and relatives of the 43 persons, including 2 doctors, a nurse, and a midwife, suspected members or new recruits of the New People’s Army cum health workers arrested by a joint military and police teams, last week in Morong, Rizal, would seek judicial relief through their filing of petitions for Writ of Amparo and Habeas Corpus with the Supreme Court.

ANAD Partylist documents shows that these sectoral front organizations act swiftly to protect the Maoist terrorist organization when their peers are arrested or when a cover-up is laid-out on their highly condemnable actions against the people. “ANAD does not question the arrested families’ and relatives’ seeking judicial relief. But it is the swiftness of the action that has caught us by surprise. Definitely, this is the handiwork of Karapatan, Flag, and other sectoral front organizations of the Maoist terrorist group, who customarily intervenes in such situations. This is what happened in Southern Tagalog, Bicol Region, the Visayas, and Mindanao,” said Rep. Alcover as he pointed to Roneo Clamor, husband of one of the arrested doctors, is the deputy secretary-general of Karapatan, a Maoist terrorist human rights sectoral front organization.

“As ever, their actions are in direct contrast to the groups’ damning and deafening silence on the many murders of innocent Filipinos, extortions, harassments in the countryside, perpetrated by the Maoist terrorist New Peoples Army. This is their fluke of deception,” said Rep. Alcover as he exhorted peace-loving Filipinos to condemn these highly despicable and blatant acts against humanity.

The case of Melissa Roxas is one of the Maoist terrorist’s glaring and skillful manipulations and lies. “They designed the issue as a bombshell when they resorted to mass actions in the streets and heightened black propaganda operations to hit hard on the government. They even wanted to parade Melissa in Washington DC during PGMA’s 2009 visit. But it turned out to be a dud for reasons that they know but decided to keep it among themselves,” Alcover said.

Rep. Alcover chided these groups’ intentional, brazen, and sustained actions to deceive the Filipino people. “Their callousness is openly manifest in their actions. Now is the time for the Filipinos people to realize that the once loud cry against corruption, human rights violations, poverty and others boomingly expressed then by Maoist terrorist sectoral front organizations is a halo tube of emptiness for their aspirations are really not for the best of the country and people but in furtherance to their violent and inhuman ideological aspirations,” Alcover stressed.



Davao City – ANAD Partylist expresses willingness to help arrested NPA leader Elizalde Canete, alias Ka Jinggoy of Local Terrorist Front 3, CPP-NPA-NDF Southern Mindanao Region should he decides to return to the folds of the law.

ANAD Partylist counts among its ranks several former NPA and MILF rebels who chose to reintegrate into and work within the mainstream of the society.

According to ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman, ANAD could help find ways to support the rehabilitation and retraining of the young rebel leader who was wounded during the encounter with the Army’s 8th Special Forces Company, 3rd SF Battalion on Jan. 30 afternoon.

On the other hand, ANAD also supports the call of Chief Supt Pedro Tango, Police Regional Office XI director, to let the court decide on the custody issue over Ka Jinggoy.

Partisan groups and individuals such as Karapatan and some bishops of the Philippine Independent Church (PIC) should refrain from muddling the custody issue as it is the exclusive domain of the court that has jurisdiction over Ka Jinggoy.

“They don’t have personality on the criminal cases Ka Jinggoy is facing in court, lest they are his lawyers, which is not the case. Their over eagerness on the issue only exposes their true color – that they belonged to the same organization which is the CPP-NPA-NDF,” Tariman stressed.

Reports showed that the court has already designated the military as temporary custodian of Ka Jinggoy while recuperating from his wounds at the military hospital in Camp Apolinario in Panacan here.

This early, Ka Jinggoy already showed sign that he would change heart and cooperate with the government. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)

for more, here's the link to GMA News:



Davao City – The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist in Mindanao supports the call of Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales for the government to shift from military to political action in order to finish off the country’s communist insurgency.

ANAD has been advocating increased political action and reduced military presence in NPA-infested areas, with local government officials playing the lead role.

“Instead of merely sitting in the backseat, local officials should instead be asked to take the lead role as the communist insurgency problem is not military but political in nature,” ANAD Partylist Mindanao Spokesman Arthur Tariman stressed.

According to Tariman, the four component responses of the government’s National Internal Security Plan (NISP) includes Political/Legal/Diplomatic that seeks to tap the full cooperation of LGUs and civil society to promote good governance and citizen’s participation in the implementation of the plan. It also highlights the legal and diplomatic responses to insurgency; develops and propagates the democratic tenets to confront communist ideology; and prescribe the political offensives necessary to deal with the insurgent party and its mass organizations.

The other three component responses are Information, Socio-Economic/Psycho-Social, and Peace and Order/Security. The component responses are customized, need-based, site-specific, and strategy-driven actions to address a particular threat.
Military action is only part of the Peace and Order/Security component response that also includes law enforcement.

The Political Offensive under the enhanced NISP seeks a political solution to insurgency and applies the rule of law at all times. It also tries to correct the notion that insurgency can be solved by the military solution alone, by increasing the role of the civilian sector and the civilian agencies of government.

The political offensive will also focus on a national campaign that will be founded on a rejection of all forms of armed rebellion and the promotion of culture of peace.

“Overcoming insurgency is not within the core competence of any single government entity because it requires a highly coordinated and integrated multi-disciplinary approach. Alone and by itself, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) cannot defeat the intricate web of communist insurgency,” Tariman pointed out.

This is the rationale behind ANAD’s counter-insurgency legislative agenda, to wit:
•Categorical designation of the CPP-NPA-NDF as a terrorist organization;
•Designation of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) as lead agency in the counter-agency campaign;
•Reorganization of the government information bureaucracy with the abolition of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and in its stead, established a cabinet-level Public Information Department that would spearhead the Strategic Communication Offensive as prescribed under the enhanced NISP.

Tariman clarified that ANAD’s participation in the partylist election is in support to the government’s political offensive against the communist terrorists which the military cannot do by itself. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)