Digos massacre should be an engine for peace, says Rep. Alcover

“We commemorate the infamous Digos Massacre not to push further the sorrow and hate among us, especially the family of the 40 victims, but to renew our commitment to achieve peace for all of us,” said ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover during the 20th commemoration of the infamous Digos massacre in Sitio Matti, Barangay Binaton, Digos City. Alcover, together with Bantay Partylist Representative Jovito Palparan Jr. led the commemoration activities there. Davao del Sur District 1 Representative Marc Cagas also graced the gathering participated by some 1,000 residents of both Sitio Rano and Matti, held at a roadside of Sitio Matti.

A commemorative marker of that gory incident, constructed through the efforts of Barangay Council of Binaton and ably supported by the officers and men of the Army’s 39th Infantry Battalion headed by Lt Col. Lyndon Paniza, was unveiled.
Last June 25, 1989, while inside a village chapel attending a Sunday service, about 40 men, women, and children were mercilessly murdered by some 120 armed Maoist communist terrorists New People’s Army (NPA) led by Amado Payot, aka Benzar. Using M-60 machineguns and armalite rifles. “Samtang nag porma sila ug letra C, ilang girapidohan mi ug gipamusil, dayon gipamutol ang ulo sa duha ka mga lalaki (While making a letter C formation, they opened fire on us then cut-off the head of two men),” said Adronico Edianon, the man, shown in many a picture of the Digos massacre, holding a head surrounded by dead children and women. Edianon is now a Barangay councilman of Binaton.

Alcover called on all Filipinos to intently reflect and learn about the real character and intentions of the Maoist communist NPA from the Digos massacre. “The Digos massacre should always remind us that indeed those who profess as protectors of human rights and justice are actually the real purveyors of death and destruction of our democratic ideals and freedoms,” he added.
Alcover and Palparan assured the residents of the area that next year’s commemoration activities shall be held right Sitio Rano, the site where it happened. “With the help of other government agencies, we will try our best to construct a road from the main highway to Sitio Rano, in time for next year’s celebration,” they assured the residents.

Later in the afternoon, some 3,000 people from Barangay Binaton and other neighboring barangays of Digos City, and some municipalities of Davao del Sur gathered at the city’s public market to protest and condemn the continued inhuman atrocities against the Filipino people.
Alcover called on the protesters to be firm and steadfast in their commitment to oppose and peaceably confront the unabated murders perpetrated by the Maoist communist NPA. “We do not believe that the problem could best be solved by bullets and guns alone. But a strong and sustained education and counter-organizing campaign of all freedom loving Filipinos is, by any measure, the best way to put a stop to their barbarism,” Alcover explained.



Satur Ocampo did it again!

Just as the campaign against the insurgent rebels by the military is gaining headway, its legal fronts and known personalities with clear links to the left are maligning the Armed Forces in order to ease the pressure of government troops against their guerilla fronts which are waging the armed struggle in the suburbs. The order of battle as they claim to have purportedly include list of men targeted allegedly by the military is just but a doctored document tailor-fitted to their own advantage and maliciously done to discredit the reputation of the troops who are gradually gaining the trust and confidence of the people of Davao region particularly Compostela Valley province.

The International Solidarity Mission’s (ISM) supposed tour of Compostela province is not aimed on knowing the truth about the plight of the masses nor uncovering what murderous organizations or groups are killing our own people. Fact of the matter is, the ISM is doing international solidarity works in favor of the rebels as it is their sworn commitment to help communist insurgents and rebels around the world.

We are not an ignorant nation. In this age of information technology, one needs only to browse on the web to clearly know the doctrine of communism and the inner workings of communist strategy in subverting nations with existing democratic society and turning it into a socialist one through a bloody revolution in preparation to the final leap to communism. Their doctrine clearly states that in order to win the revolution, an active insurgent organization must use legal fronts to mask their identities and provide shield to their armed component that is waging war against the duly constituted government.

It is also the works of these legal fronts to expose, bloat and capitalize on purported violations of the armed forces of any nation they are trying to subvert. This, in the eyes of the common people is a necessary instrument so that the rights of both insurgents and government troops will be protected. But looking deeper into their mandate, nowhere can you find any provision that states what actions they will do in case a violation was committed not by the military but by the insurgents whom they have sworn to protect.

The people must realize that these front organizations which in this case is the ISM, is not mandated to look after supposed violations of human rights and protect the innocent. Looking at the past and present actions they have taken, we can surmise that their true function is to single out the armed forces of the host country in any case of violation of the rules of war and sensationalize it so that the active insurgents can use such issue against the existing legitimate government.

As if we have not heard enough, but these legal fronts do not only sensationalize and tailor-fit issues against the existing government in favor of the insurgents. The worse is their orchestrated move to hide any violation of human rights and rules of war by the active insurgents. They not only turn a blind eye in such cases but provide active legal shield to communist rebels who have severely violated every law of the land including human rights and the generally accepted principles of humanitarian law. Their true mandate is to condition the minds of the people that the government is evil and its instrument of aggression is the military which it uses to oppress the masses. In this light, these front organizations thus curve the perception of the people in hating the government, the military and all duly constituted authorities.

Satur Ocampo and the others did it again!

Nowhere can you find that ISM or any legal front organizations ever condemned the CPP/NPA/NDF in any summary killings they have committed even if the NPAs publicly admitted to such offenses. The NPAs are doing the killings with such impunity and with total disregard to the rights of the people they have summarily executed (some in front of their loved ones or even some killed by their loved ones, take the case of Father Balweg who was killed by his own brother). Such is the sad state of our nation that these killers roam around our barangays in the far flung areas and lording over the common people who cannot do otherwise but to succumb to their oppressive power. A coercive power that is left unchecked by those wolves masquerading as human rights advocates.

We do not condemn the true and legitimate human rights advocates either individually or as an organization. We hail and praise them to the highest degree and pray that they may stumble into the mine of truth for the sake of justice for all those innocent men, women and children whom the CPP/NPA/NDF have violated, tortured and killed without the benefit of a true and fair trial.

In Davao region alone, there is a record of 364 cases of summary executions done by the CPP/NPA/NDF whom they admitted to have carried out in service to the people?! We might be a forgiving nation but our memory is sharp and we cannot forget the barbaric massacre the NPAs have committed in Digos, Davao Del Sur exactly twenty years ago where they killed (some beheaded) a total of 39 innocent men, women including children and old folks in Sitio Rano, Brgy Binaton in June of 1989.

Now lets come back to the order of battle. Who now has a real order of battle which include killing of innocent people in all walks of life?



DIGOS MASAKER: 20 anyos nang naghihintay ng katarungan

Masagwa man sanang tingnan, pero ang mga larawang inilathala dito ang s’yang aktwal na resulta ng walang awang pamamaslang ng mga NPA. Nangyari ito noong Hunyo 25, 1989. Tatlumpu't siyam (39) kasapi ng United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) ang mga nabiktima.

Ito ang istorya.

Naganap ang insedente sa maaliwalas na baybaying munisipalidad ng Digos, Davao del Sur. Kakahulagpos lamang ng buong CPP-NPA-NDF sa malagim na epekto ng kanilang ‘panloob-na-paglilinis’ o purging operations na kung saan maraming mga “kasama ang pinagpapatay ng kapwa mga kasama” sa hinalang ang mga ito’y deep penetration agents ng Gobyerno.

Isang pangkat ng 18 kasapi ng mga NPA ang nagpapatrulya sa halos nababalot ng usok (dahil sa fogs) na kagubatan sa pamumuno ni Ka Maya. Nanunoot sa balat ang lamig. Ngunit bigla silang nakaramdam na parang may isa pang grupong armado sa di kalayuan. Pumwesto ang tropa at nag-abang.

Maya-maya, merong ngang pulutong ng mga armadong dumaan at hindi nila mamumukhaan sapagkat balot ng fogs ang kapaligiran. Sa mandu ni Ka Maya –pinaulanan nila ito ng bala. Pagkatapos ng putukan, 17 sa target ang patay. At ang malaking disgrasya –mga kasama din nila itong NPA!

Balisa’t hindi alam ni Ka Maya kung ano ang gagawin. Batid n’ya na malapit lamang sa kanila ay may isa pang grupo ng mga NPA na kumikilos sa pamumuno ni Ka Lolong.

Nataranta si Ka Maya at tumakbo na ito para tumakas lamang mailigtas ang sarili. Umaabot siya sa isang maliit na kapilya ng UCCP. Sa isip n’ya, ligtas s’ya dito kung makipaghalo sa mga mananampalataya.

Nakaresponde agad sa pinangyarihan ng ‘engkwentro’ ang pulutong ni Ka Lolong. Dangan nga’t kabisado nila ang mga pasikot-sikot ng lugar, madali nilang nasundan ang pinaroroonan ni Ka Maya.

Pagbungad sa simbahan, na kung saan may nagaganap na pagsasamba - agad itinanong ng mga NPA kung nasaan na si Ka Maya. Ngunit tumahimik lamang ang mga tao sa loob ng simbahan. Umaalimpuyos naman sa galit si Ka Lolong kahit na ang karamihan sa loob ng simbahan ay mga kamag-anak pa niya mismo.

Habang pinagmuni-munihan ni Ka Lolong kung ano ang nararapat gawin, bigla na lamang pinaulanan ng bala ng kanyang mga kasama ang mga tao sa loob ng simbahan.

At nangyari ang malagim na trahedya. 39 ang patay –babae, lalake, bata at matanda –lahat namatay ng walang kalaban-laban sa bangis ng mga punglo ng NPA!

Sa patakaran ng NPA – kung may napatay kang kasama, buhay mo ang kabayaran at ganun din sa mga sibilyan na kumukupkop ng kaaway ng kilusan.

Ito ang istorya ng Digos, Masaker.

Ang kasong ito ay ipinaabot sa NDF pero wala ding nagyari hanggang ngayon. Ayon kay Satur Ocampo, ng Bayan Muna –isa na itong saradong kaso! Wala ding ginawa ang CHR.

Sa paggunita ng ika-20 anyos na anibersaryo nitong karumal-dumal na krimen – makakamtan pa kaya ng mga pamilya ng biktima ang hustisya?

Press Statement of Samahan Ng Mga Biktima Ng Komunista (SABIK), Samar Chapter

In his press release on June 10, 2009 [read press release], Mr. Salas “slammed the AFP for old gimmick,” base on his one-sided judgment, and “calls for immediate release of child soldier.”

It seemed that the NDF-EV, through its famous prevaricator, Mr. Salas is at first evading the real issue. Instead of answering the issue why the NPA has in its rank a child soldier, Mr. Salas immediately assailed the AFP as having “abducted the child for psywar purposes.” Is it really possible for the AFP to abduct a child and teach him how to (confidently) assemble and disassemble a rifle within a very short period of time?

Apparently, Mr. Salas’ press statement was meant to ACCUSE in order to avoid being ACCUSED of an obvious violation. For a seasoned liar and protector of the terrorist NPA like Mr. Salas, it would be easy for him to accuse the AFP than to answer questions surrounding the continuous recruitment by the NPA of children for their terrorist movement.

While the AFP may also have shortcomings, it appeared that this time it is more believable and credible than Mr. Salas. Someone who had the opportunity to talk and deal with the former “NPA Child Soldier” had observed the spontaneity of the child’s responses to various questions regarding his stay with the NPA. The child, accordingly, gave vivid details of his experiences and ordeal with the NPA that it is impossible for someone to believe that he was coached to reveal those details. It’s a pity that a child like him has been taught by the NPAs to carry and fire guns when he is supposed to be school learning how to read and write with other children of his age. Obviously, as the child has confided, there are many children now being lured and recruited by the NPA, so it is timely to ask Mr. Salas and the NPA to please have the conscience to spare the children from your nasty aim of amassing wealth and power.

Characteristically, Mr. Salas called on advocates of human rights and children’s right to investigate about the child in his press release. If there is any which would heed that call, it would be the Karapatan, which has a record of making investigation to malign the AFP when the NPA is already feeling the heat of AFP operations. Mr. Salas’ call for investigation is to prevent the obvious from looking more obvious. It is suspected that Mr. Salas did it so that when Karapatan conducts the investigation, it would not appear that such investigation is already premeditated and design by Mr. Salas and Karapatan to destroy the AFP and the soldiers- as they have done it many times before.

For Mr. Salas, this is a curious question. Can you invoke other things, aside from Oplan Bantay Laya, Con-Ass, etc, as reasons that you can use to fool the people into believing your purported “selfish” cause?
Thank you Mr. Salas, and again it is hoped that you prosper in telling your own twisted version of the truth!

Ann Ocenar, Spokesperson, SABIK-Samar Chapter
17 June 2009


Laak Bantay Bayan, a unified effort of LGU, DILG, PNP Laak and Army’s 3rd SF Battalion

Laak, Compostella Valley - The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Laak in cooperation with the 3rd Special Forces Battalion (3SFBn) and the Compostella Valley Provincial Police Office assembled all Bantay Bayan of Laak Municipality at the Laak Municipal Gym last June 12, 2009.

The activity started with a registration of the participants from the different barangays of Laak wherein about 1,300 members of the Barangay Police Laban sa Krimen (BPLK) Bantay Bayan brought along a total of 226 assorted high and low-powered firearms.

The participants attended the seminar prepared for them which was aimed to equip them with the basic skills and knowledge in order to maintain and uphold peace and order in their areas as well as to strengthen links among the members.

Representatives from the PNP, military and from the LGU conducted series of lectures on Organizational Structure and the Role of Bantay Bayan.

Lt Colonel Roylan Orquia, Commander of 3SFBn said, “This activity is also conceptualized purposely to prevent the recovery efforts of the NPAs and to minimize the activities of lawless elements in the area.”

“When peace and order is established in the municipality, this will help the LGU and other stakeholders to deliver the basic social services and development projects in conflict-affected areas,” Orquia added.

Meanwhile, the activity enabled the authorities to account the existing members and firearms of Bantay Bayan who could help protect the villages against lawless elements.

Hon. Reynaldo B. Navarro, Municipal Mayor of Laak graced the occasion as keynote speaker. The mayor distributed green t-shirts printed with Laak Bantay Bayan. He said, “This is to motivate them to be more vigilant and to help in protecting the security and the enforcing against armed threats.”

“The green t-shirt symbolizes a new beginning for the people of Laak for unity and progress,” Navarro added.

Also present during the said activity were PNP personnel of ComVal led by S/SUPT Ronald N. Dela Rosa, the Provincial Director and other military personnel.

At lunch time, a traditional military “boodle fight” was shared by everyone to instill camaraderie among the participants.

The LGU officials and the locals were very thankful for the successful outcome of the activity. One of the Bantay Bayan members said, “We appreciated the efforts of the military who endeavors to actively pursue peace building initiatives together with the various stakeholders in our municipality.”

The military is optimistic that the recognition of the Bantay Bayan, as the first line of defense, will be of great help in the protection of the community against lawless elements.


Addendum to the continuing atrocities of Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF, condemned by 8ID army chief

TACLOBAN CITY – Major General Arthur Tabaquero, commanding general of the 8th Infantry Division based at Camp Lukban, Catbalogan, Samar, condemned the brutal attack and heartless killing of two soldiers and 2 civilians and the wounding of another soldier, at 1:30 in the afternoon of May 30, in Barangay Polangi, Catarman town, allegedly, by the members of the New Peoples Army operating in Northern Samar.

Adona Lira, a young mother who was about four months pregnant and her less than two years old daughter Shifra Ann Lira, went to the temporary detachment of the 20th Infantry Battalion section at Barangay Polangi, Catarman, Northern Samar in the morning of May 30, 2009, to visit her husband who is a soldier belonging to the detachment, and also to get the salary of her husband.

Little did Adona know that it would be the last time to be together as a family; and that was the last chance for her to see her loved ones.

About 50 communist terrorists aboard two privately-owned Isuzu Elf trucks and one dump truck, parked in front of the detachment at about 1:30 in the afternoon and all at once, threw grenades and fired high-powered rifles at the temporary detachment of the surprised troopers of the 20th Infantry Battalion section.

Adona and two other soldiers died, while her soldier husband and her less than two years old daughter were wounded and brought to a hospital in Tacloban. Unfortunately, the innocent child, Shifra Ann, died at the hospital.

“Victimizing innocent civilians is a clear violation of the agreement on Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CAHRIL) and a brazen violation of Humanitarian International Law,” MajGen. Tabaquero said.

“The military is now conducting hot pursuit operation on the perpetrators of the merciless crime,” MajGen. Tabaquero intimated. The owners of the private vehicles used have already been identified, he added.

The commanding general also called on the public to provide information on the whereabouts of those behind this ruthless attack, so that they could be brought to justice and so that they will no longer be able to repeat the brutal act.

The commanding officer disclosed that a section of the 20th Infantry Battalion based at Calbayog City was temporarily assigned at Barangay Polangi, Catarman, Northern Samar upon the request of the Northern Samar PENRO because of alleged illegal logging activities and NPA citing in the area. (article from PIA8)


Maoist way of celebrating Philippine Independence: NPA burns Globe tower

Camp Panacan, Davao City – The NPA rebels burned another Globe communication site in Barangay Macangao, Lupon, Davao Oriental last night at 11:00pm.

The said burning happened when everyone is preparing for the 111th Philippine Independence Day celebration today.

Field report revealed that more than 10 rebels under Guerilla Front 18 of the Southern Mindanao Regional Committee forcibly broke in the fenced tower by cutting the wires of the gate and destroyed the padlock.

“No resistance occurred as there were no security personnel at the time of the incident. The rebels destroyed the tower equipments and eventually burned it using gasoline”, said Second Lieutenant Isis Achanzar, the Public Affairs Officer of the 28th Infantry Battalion (28IB) based in Barangay Poblacion in Lupon.

“Ang kanilang ginawa panahon sa pagdiriwang ng ating kalayaan ay nagpapatunay na hindi nila ito nirerespeto. Pinapakita din nila na hindi sila ayon sa progreso o pagasenso ng Davao Oriental sa pagsira nila sa milyong halaga ng nasabing Globe tower. Ito ay simpleng pagtaboy sa mga investors na nagbibigay ng hanap buhay sa mga tao,” added Achanzar.

Globe Communications was known to be a non-supporter of the revolutionary taxation of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Meanwhile, Lt Colonel Leo Lazarro Budeng, Commander of the 28IB has directed his troops for a pursuit operation immediately after the reported incident and he has set-up checkpoints at strategic areas to block possible route of withdrawal of the rebels.
Army troops recover firearms, explosives and one NPA dead

Camp Panacan, Davao City – Operating troops from 1001st Infantry Brigade encountered more than 30 NPA rebels under Guerilla Front 2 in Sitio Lantawan, Barangay Napnapan Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province at 2:45pm today.

The troops were able to overrun the harbor site of the NPAs which was laid with anti-personnel (pressurized) mines.

Recovered at the encounter site are one M16 (Colt) and one M14 (Winchester) rifles, one set rigged C4 Improvised Explosive Device (IED), one set rigged Claymore mine IED, detonating cords, blasting caps, one ICOM radio with name “Pulang Bagani Command Alex” and one PNP security tag of APEX mining with pass ID #0001.

The said encounter was the result of the continuous pursuit operations conducted by the unit after the troops overrun an NPA encampment also in Bgy Napnapan last June 2 wherein the troops recover three high-powered firearms.

No reported casualty on the troops while one dead NPA was left by the fleeing rebels.

Meanwhile, local residents reported to the troops that they saw more than 10 NPA members that were wounded while being carried along by their comrades using three “habal-habal”, a commuter motorcycle.

Field report revealed that the same group of rebels was responsible during the raid of APEX mining in Maco town last May 29 wherein they were able to seized five high-powered firearms from the mining guards.

Colonel Romeo Calizo, Commander of 1001st Brigade said, “We will continually track down these lazy bandits and make them responsible for the crimes they have committed to the people. They are nothing but band of criminals who make extortion activities as their way of living.”

The 10th Infantry Division recently encountered the NPAs in Sitio Cabuley, Bgy Kapatagan last June 8 that resulted to the recovery of three high powered rifles, capture of one NPA member and discovery of their encampment.

Major Reynaldo Mapagu said, “The support of the civilians in the area was the key to our success. This simply means that the general public wants peace and progress, not an armed struggle.”


HR1109 should be viewed in a wider context and not only on PGMA’s term extension, says Rep. Alcover

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) calls on all Filipinos to take a serious look on the need to amend some provisions of our Constitution and not harp solely on the issue on the extension of the term of office of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The main issue here is not President Arroyo but on what is best for our people and country. I voted in the affirmative for House Resolution 1109 to make our constitution more attuned and responsive to the call of the times.

ANAD believes that putting in place a Unicameral System or a Federal form of government could be the best move to make as these would save more than enough funds that the government could use to strengthen our democratic institutions and people’s well being. In the present bicameral system, the upper house or the Senate, aside from practically unnecessary duplicating the legislative functions with the House of Representatives, could be a good avenue for corruption especially during elections where each candidate conducts a nationwide campaign for a seat in the Senate. This entails a lot of money to spend. The next question then would be – How would these candidate recover the money they used during the campaign? The present presidential-bi-cameral form of government is definitely weak. Obviously, this breeds corruption from the top to the lowest rung of governance.

A federal form of government is also a wise and good move considering the devolution and decentralization of power and authority from the seat of national governance to the different regions of the country.

The issue of PGMA’s possible extension of office is an issue raised and twisted to high heavens by the Maoist communist agitators and pseudo partylist groups because:
1. They abhor and disliked a change in our constitution, either in form or substance. Any change of system would negate all of their intentions and motives in conducting street protests and other anti-government actions;
2. The demented minds of Maoist communist agitator-propagandists’ choice is to constantly target PGMA because they prefer the present set-up of government in support to their political aspiration of putting 3 of their cohorts in the Senate, through their communist front political party MAKABAYAN. If this happens, it is just a few steps away from the penultimate position of power in government; and
3. They wanted this condition because it feeds on their appetite to sow discontent, disinformation, and public disorder among Filipinos and even the international community of nations.

Why are those against HR 1109 harping on this concern if they believe that the President does not have the support of the majority of the Filipinos? Why were the Maoist communist agitators, especially those in the pseudo Partylist groups, silent and never protested nor questioned then President Corazon Aquino’s appointing members of the Constitutional Commission in l986 and not truly reflective of the people’s mandate? The truth of the matter is that they are afraid of their own shadow. This is the very same shadow that they themselves created! They are now totally out of touch with reality. Their only motivation is putting in place a situation in furtherance of their own revolutionary agenda.

Let us admit the fact that there are flaws in the l987 Constitution. These flaws need our immediate attention and action to be able to respond to the demand of our people and the call of the time. We should rise up forthwith not because of our emotions but for a more noble purpose of not allowing the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF to exploit the issue.

The current situation is very serious and critical. Indeed, our country needs people who can readily stand up and ably respond to the demagoguery wrought by the Maoist agitators who have successfully influenced different sectors of the Filipino community, to include the religious.

Truly enough, ANAD will not be surprised to see these personalities on the streets during the mass actions during President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address on July 27 and chanting anti-Charter change and other anti-government slogans.

It is high time that I call on the members of the House of Representatives who voted affirmative to HR 1109 to come out into the open and explain their respective position. We have our sworn duty and obligation to explain this to our people. A united front on pro-charter change must be established and mobilized to explain to the people the whys, wherefores, and other imperatives appurtenant to HR 1109 and not to leave it up to any one man alone.

The same call holds true for government and all freedom loving Filipinos. There is only way to enlighten our people. This will only happen if we “come out of our own cowardly shells.” Our continued silence is only what the enemies of freedom and democracy wanted.

We must always be reminded of British statesman Edmund Burke who said - - - ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING.


Bukas na Liham ni Lerma "Ka Liway" Bulaklak

Note: Matagal nang pinadala sa akin ang liham na ito. Kung'baga'y, mukhang naalikabukan na ito sa taguan. Muling inilathala ko ito ngayon para maging 'sulo' na sana'y makapagbigay liwanag sa mga posibleng mabiktima pa ng panlilinlang ng mga maoistang komunista...)

Ako si PFC LERMA DIA BULAKLAK tubong Guinyangan, Quezon. Isa po akong dating kasapi ng NPA na kumilos sa lalawigan ng Quezon at kilalang kilala sa tawag na KA LIWAY. Ang bukas na liham na ito ay hindi lamang po para sa aking mga dating kasamahan sa kilusan kungdi para rin po sa aking mga kababayan. Nawa ay mayroon kayong matutuhan sa aking mga naging mapait na karanasan.

Isang batang mahirap lamang ako, anak ng mga magsasaka, noong panahon na iyon, masaya ang aming pamilya kahit nakakaramdam ng pagdarahop ang naging mahalaga kami ay sama-sama. Isang araw, nabago ang takbo ng aming buhay, may dumating na mga armado sa aming barangay na inakala naming tutulong sa amin at siyang magiging instrumento ng pag-unlad ng aming buhay. Ang masakit “akala” lamang ang lahat.

Labing anim na taong gulang ako nang tuluyan na akong sumapi sa armadong kilusan, naniwala na ang rebolusyon ang magiging solusyon sa aming kahirapan. Sa loob ng anim na taon nagsilbi ako at hindi lamang ako kungdi ang aking buong pamilya sa samahan sa paniniwalang sila ang magiging katuwang namin sa aming kahirapan. Mula sa isang simpleng pulang mandirigma umakyat ako sa pinakamataas na posisyon bilang Pampulitikang Giya. Nakapag-asawa na rin ng isang armado na Kadreng Militar ng lalawigan ng Quezon.

Subalit tumagal ang panahon maraming katanungan ang umuusbong sa aking murang isipan. Pagsisilbi, pagsisilbi ang mga katagang ito ang itinanim sa aming mga isipan. “Simpleng pamumuhay, masigabong pakikibaka”. . . totoo naman namuhay kami ng simple pero sa simpleng pamumuhay na yon ultimo kakainin namin ay sa taumbayan pa namin kinukuha, mga bagay na kabalintunaan sa mga teyoryang aming pinag-aralan.

Unti-unti nagliwanag ang aking isipan, katulad ng aking kapatid na si Ka Rado/Ka Erwin na namulat sa tunay na kamulatan at sumuko sa pamahalaan. Ang aking ama na inginuso rin ng kapwa namin armado sa mga sundalo para mapatay sa isang engkuwentro. Ang lahat nang ito ay nakatulong sa aming mag-asawa para muling pag-aralan ang aming pagsapi sa kilusan.

Dahil sa mga pangyayaring nabanggit ko, tuluyan na ring nagdesisyon na sumuko at magbalik loob sa pamahalaan ang aking asawa na kilalang kilala sa Bondoc Peninsula na si Ka Eugene. Sa katotohanan, nauna ang aking asawa na magliwanag ang nagdilim na kaisipan. Una niyang nakita na malaking kahangalan lamang ang ginawa naming pagsapi sa kilusan, na walang katotohanan ang aming ipinapangako sa taumbayan, na huwad na pangarap ang aming mga sinasabing pangarap na pag-unlad sa bayan. Ang lahat ay kahungkagan.

At dahil dito gusto ko pong linawin sa taong bayan kung bakit ako umalis sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan, dahil naniwala po ako noong una na ang rebolusyon ang tanging solusyon sa pundamental na problema ng sambayang Pilipino, sumapi ako at ang aking buong pamilya.

Subalit sa loob ng anim na taong ipinamalagi ko doon napatunayan kong ang aming ipinaglalaban ay hindi para sa kapakanan ng mahirap kundi para ito sa mga pinuno lamang namin. Kaming mga armado ang gumagawa ng paraan para makapanghingi ng tulong na materyal at pinansiyal, tulong na sa aking pagkaka-alam ay dapat na mapakinabangan ng masang mahirap na aming ipinaglalaban. Pero ang tulong din na ito ay sa mismong masang mahirap na Pilipino naming kinukuha at ipinapadala sa sentro, sa nakatataas na organo. Maliwanag na hindi para sa mahirap ang aming ipinaglalaban kungdi para sa mga namumuno ng kilusan na galing sa hanay ng mga peti burgesyang pinaniwala kaming ang digmaan ang siyang solusyon sa dusta naming kalagayan.

Sa pagbabalik loob sa pamahalaan sinikap ko at ng aking asawa na makapagbagong buhay. Pumasok ang aking asawa bilang isang CAFGU upang maitaguyod ang aming pamilya nang maayos at mapayapa. Sabi nga niya masarap ipakain sa aming mga anak ang aming pinagpaguran hindi pinaghingian at pinagnakawan. Pero malupit ang kilusan, sa kabila ng katotohanang nais na naming mamuhay nang matahimik at nagsisikap sa sariling sikap hindi ito malugod na tinanggap at ikinatuwa ng dati naming mga kasamahan.

Alas siete ng gabi, FEBRUARY 5, 1994 pinasok ng dalawang kabataang lalaking armado ang aming tahanan, sa harap ng aking biyenan at dalawang anak pinaulanan na lamang ng walang patumanggang bala ng armalite ang aking asawa. Ang masakit pati na ang aking walong taong gulang na panganay ay nadamay, tinamaan ito at muntik nang mamatay. Sa tulong ng mga kasundaluhan na agad na rumesponde sa aming tahanan nadala ang aking asawa at anak sa pagamutan. Hindi na umabot nang buhay ang aking asawa sa pagamutan samantalang ang aking panganay na anak ay nakikipaglaban kay kamatayan.

Ilang araw matapos ang ginawang pagpasok at pagpatay sa aking asawa may mukha pang bumalik ang mga kasaping armado sa barangay at kinausap ang aking biyenan. Hindi daw nila ako pinatay dahil buntis ako ng walong buwan at wala daw silang intensiyon na barilin ang aking anak, nadamay na lang daw ito. Sinabi pa ng mga kasama na “PAGPASENSIYAHAN NA LANG DAW ANG PAGKAKADAMAY NG AKING ANAK SA GINAWA NILANG PAGPATAY SA AKING ASAWA.”

Ganun na lang, magpasensiya na lang daw kami at hindi nga daw sinasadya, inakala ng aking mga dating kasamahan na magsisilbing babala ito sa akin at sa aking buong pamilya. Subalit ang pagkamatay ng aking asawa ang siya ring nagtulak sa akin na patunayan sa pamahalaan ang aking pagbabago. Sa awa ng Dios nabuhay ang anak ko sa tulong na din ng mga sundalong nagdala sa amin sa V. Luna Hospital.

Inakala ng mga NPA na matatakot na akong magsalita dahil sa ginawa nila sa pamilya ko subalit ako ay lalong nagpakatatag sa aking paninindigan na harapin ang tunay na kaaway at ilantad ang buong katotohanan. Dahil kami lang na galing sa kilusan ang makakapagpatunay kung ano ang aming pinanggalingan. Kaya muli narito ako upang harapin ang magandang bukas kapiling ang aking mga anak sa kabila ng pagbabanta ng aking mga dating kasamahan. Pero nais kong iparating sa inyo na ang katotohanan ay di kinatatakutan bagkus ito ay dapat na malaman ng buong sambayanan at sana ay kapulutan ng tamang aral.

Kaya inaasahan ko na ang kasaysayan ko ay nagsisilbing hamon at gabay sa mga taong gustong magbagong buhay. Di dapat katakutan ang kamatayan, ang mahalaga tunay kang bayani ng ating bayan.

The UNSEEN PLAN of the Puppets of MAO

(Note: Contribution from NADFFI - National Alliance for Democracy and Freedom Foundation, Inc.)

A rising communist hunger for recruitment is seen being done among the children, the out-of-school youth and the labor sector. This is because the CTM is losing in their People’s Protracted War (PPW) so that they are short of quality cadres, red fighters and party members. This development is brought about by so many reasons both in the local and the international.

Locally, the CPP is not able to proselyte and recruit from the students and the ilustrados whom they wish to lure and believe in the communist ideology. Additionally, the recent thrust of the AFP to inoculate the urban areas and sectors from the ideological encroaches of the communist political works exacted a great toll on their PPW. The party-list alone suffered a decrease of votes from 27 percent down to 16 percent as the people learned of their sinister plan.

There is neither hope for the communist movement in the political arena nor in the finance to sustain it because, internationally, their assets are already freezed being tagged as a foreign terrorist organization by both the US and the EU.

The fact that there is no more Russia and China to push for the communist dream to dominate the world the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is simply losing the chance to send scholars to schools of its own kind like the Lenin School of Russia. This is one of the reasons why there were good cadres before compared to today. In the absence of this there is obviously a dearth of real communists around the world and JOMA SISON would want this resurrected from the dead.

Given these developments the obvious and last course of action for the CPP, the New People’s Army (NPA) and the National Democratic Front (NDF) in order to prevent its death is to recruit children as combatants and rescue their political prisoners. The purpose is to redoubt the dwindling number of the NPA and use these as their goons in the next political exercise come 2010. This is the only way where they can be able to survive-concentrate in the political struggle. As long as the six devils in congress, one already locked up in the bottomless pit, are not renouncing their Maoist faith these are never humane and tamable. They will continue to deceive, steal and kill people.

The secret is they can easily convert one labor or student proselyte into a hardcore NPA once this is immersed and exposed to the radicalizing elements of the revolution through rallies and demonstrations. Everyone will have to take note for this because the political struggle is just a way to produce the means–armed men–to wrest power from the government in the end. Let not the AFP be deceived into believing that at the end of the day it is still the NPA that they will have to fight!

Do not be a fool. For if you have seen the movie about the Dinosaur coming into America and laid eggs at the Madison Square Garden the best solution was to bomb the nest or eggs before it becomes a baby dinosaur. Maglagom Kamo! Why make yourselves preoccupied with killing NPAs (body count syndrome) as if this is the first priority or top solution?

Undeniably, killing NPAs is part of the solution but never omit the weightier matters involved in the war against the communist insurgents on the ideological, political and organizational (IPO) work. Hit the Dinosaurs in their nest which is the political struggle. This is what the AFP missed doing for so many years now and I will have yet to see it come.

http://nadffi.org.ph is the official website of the National Alliance for Democracy and Freedom Foundation, Inc. (NADFFI).

NADFFI attempts to expose the CPP-NPA-NDF's untold secrets if only to make the whole world know that the Philippine government will never relent to any communist pressures as it is challenged once again to fight its long defeated enemy frontally on Philippine soil, and diplomatically, in the Netherlands where the leaders of the enemy have taken refuge, a cowardice act; and for the Philippine government to decidedly finish that fight.


ANAD denounce the murder of Pitao’s sister

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) denounce, in strongest terms, the continued murders, utter disregard to human life, and other forms of barbaric acts perpetrated by the Maoist communist-terrorist NPA against peace-loving and civilized Filipinos. ANAD decries the ability of these Maoist Godless and inhuman group to easily end one’s life while riding on the comforts of a hasty decision by their Kangaroo court where the victims were denied due process.

Representative Jun Alcover of ANAD Partylist describes as completely outrageous the murder of Evelyn Pitao, last May 23, in Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte. “We cannot hold our feelings on the unjustified and inhuman act committed by a group who professed to be protectors of human rights, of the oppressed, and purveyors of equality in Philippine society,” Alcover said.

The admission by the Maoist communist NPA command in Southern Mindanao of their responsibility on Evelyn’s murder, points to a glaring fact that they do not dignify and recognize the sanctity of family ties and relationships. “We must not forget Fr. Conrado Balweg who was treacherously murdered by his own brother, Jovito, upon orders of the central committee of the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF,” Alcover said.

“What is surprising is the conflicting statements issued by both the NPA command in Southern Mindanao and that of KARAPATAN, the Maoist communist front organization for human rights. This is really alarming considering the usual propaganda campaign line of the so-called human rights advocates that always points to the military and government as the ones responsible in all incidences of murders and killings in the country,” Alcover explained.

“Consistent with their denunciation and condemnation on the disappearances of Jocelyn Cadapan, Jonas Burgos, and others upon whom the government and military were accused as the ones responsible, I challenge Bayan Muna Congressmen Satur Ocampo, Tedoro Casino, Neri Colmenares and all their cohorts in the Maoist pseudo party groups to openly denounce and condemn the Maoist communist-terrorist NPA for the killing of Evelyn Pitao and her alleged lover – Roberto Dadula,” Alcover said even as he called on the Filipinos to wake up from deep slumber to confront and oppose the notorius Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF and all of its surrogate organizations.
“Our country truly deserves the full cooperation, understanding and support of every freedom loving Filipino for peace to completely reign again in our midst,” Alcover added.

Rep. Alcover dares pseudo partylist members to renounce their membership with the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines

Pseudo Partylist groups must now take out all the trappings and covers that they used in the 4 decades of Maoist communism insurgency in the country. This is the challenge poised by ANAD Partylist Representative Jun Alcover during his privilege speech, entitled – “A scourge of deceit and brutality”, at the House of Representatives this afternoon (June 1, 2009).

Alcover pointed out that Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis, and Kabataan are partylist organizations of the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines, under the National Democratic Front. “CPP chairman and Maoist messiah Jose Ma. Sison admitted this in his speech in Brussels, Belgium in l987 and during the launching of Makabayan, last April 16, 2009,” Alcover said.

Alcover warned those who still remain in the so-called political mainstream to be wary about Makabayan. “It is a political coalition instigated by the Maoist CPP. Let me warn you that any decision to be subservient to those who espouse a Godless and inhuman ideology could spell disaster for our country,” he said.

Alcover decried the unabated killings, harassments, and intimidation by the Maoist communist New People’s Army in the countryside; and the sustained anti-government campaign waged by the pseudo partylist groups to advance their cause and gain seats not only in Congress but in the Senate during the 2010 elections. “They continue to unleash their death squads on those whose opinions differ from the dogma they dearly hold. They have corrupted our electoral system by using armed units to dictate how communities vote. . . .They are not merely turning our democracy on its head. They are turning our democracy against itself!” Alcover said.

Alcover chided the pseudo Partylist Representatives for using Congress as a venue to launch their vicious propaganda campaign against government and to advance their cause. He added that they chose to join protest actions rather than willfully fulfill their sworn duty as members of the Lower House. “Such will be the case when Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will deliver her State of the Nation Address before a joint session of Congress. . . . Now is the time to ask Cong. Satur Ocampo and company as to which body they wanted to belong. They cannot be in two places at the same time,” he clarified.

The ANAD partylist representative challenged Congressmen Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casino, Neri Colmenares, Rafael Mariano, Joel Maglungsod, Liza Maza, Luzviminda Ilagan, and Raymond Palatino to renounce armed struggle, renounce their membership in the Communist Party of the Philippines, and denounce the terrorist acts of the communist NPA. “The proxies of Maoist Messiah Jose Ma. Sison, in this hall, must now be asked with full clarity about their readiness to standby their oath of office - -to defend the republic and obey the constitution,” Alcover stressed.

To effectively and peacefully confront and oppose the continued deception and brutality of the Maoist communists, Alcover called on the government to maximize the use of its resources to conduct a peaceful education campaign from the national to the barangay level with the local government units in the forefront of the effort. “Killing or arresting these Maoist communists’ agitators and propaganda operators will not solve the problem. We can isolate physically a person but we cannot isolate or kill an ideology. The best way is by educating the Filipinos,” Alcover explained.