Deafening silence is loudest!

TRUE to their vow of silence, the Maoist communist’s CPP-NPA-NDF refused to respond to the challenge raised by the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM and DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist to turnover their comrades who were responsible in the ambush-killing of 3 innocent civilians and the wounding of 3 others in the town of Toboso, Negros Occidental, last July 13.

Calls not only by ANAD but the residents of Toboso and the provincial government of Negros Occidental remained unheeded despite NDF-Negros spokesman Frank Fernandez and the head of the NPA’s Guerrilla Front’s admission of their personnel’s responsibility to the incident.

ANAD, through House Resolution No. 1367 filed before with the House of Representatives dated Sept. 1, issued a strong condemnation of that gory incident and called the CPP-NPA-NDF to turnover their men to the government even as it urged the Lower House and the members of the Maoist communist pseudo partylist groups, e.g. Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis, and Kabataan to issue the same sentiment of denouncing and condemnation.

“With Fernandez and the alleged leader of the NPA’s guerrilla front’s admission they have shed all what is left of their “masks” and must turnover their men, perpetrators of that incident, to the government for appropriate judicial proceedings before the country’s courts of law,” said Alcover.
However, Alcover said that despite the several calls and challenges made, “the Maoist communists’ character show that they would pursue giving out deafening silence with the hope that the issue would die down and thrown to oblivion,” he added.

He expressed sadness to the fact that despite several urgings by the people, “pseudo partylist members of Bayan Muna and others had forsaken them by playing the same way as what their cohorts in the Maoist communist organization do - - silence,” Alcover said.

“One cannot expect something good to come out when all of these are displayed with malice and ill-will,” Alcover explained.

“Sincerity, transparency, and honesty is what the Maoist communist sordidly lacks as they continuously seek the destruction of our country’s democratic institutions and freedoms,” Alcover pointed out.

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