Indolent passiveness against humanity

THE GRUESOME murder of more than 50 civilians, mostly women, including more than a dozen media personalities in Maguindanao easily draws us to some parallels in two different yet similar situations that dispassionately abounds in our country.
As the whole civilized world was saddened, angered, and has strongly condemned the Maguindanao incident, one cannot easily turn his head away from the realities that happened and is still happening, with more brutality, intensity, and viciousness, in other parts of the country .

While partisan politics may have fueled some to employ brute and overwhelming force against hapless civilians, one cannot deny the succinct tale of tens of thousands of Filipinos whose lives were snapped not only by brute force but by deceit, trumped-up charges, and blatant lies wrought about by a violent and inhuman ideology.
Evident is on the manner and treatment given to these two incidents: one with passivity, while the other with overwhelming open denunciation and grief. Surprising is the way media personalities and organizations manifest reactions to these two different incidents.

The mass purging of the 80’s, within the Maoist terrorist organization, resulting to the deaths of tens of thousands of Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF cadres and political officers never gained attention of media organizations by way of banner stories decrying and condemning the inhuman and brutal slaying of Filipinos by Maoist terrorist henchmen, upon orders of the CPP’s Central Committee leadership, that even our fingers and toes couldn’t bear in numbers.

The Inopacan massacre in Southern Leyte and the Digos massacre in Davao del Sur are far more horrible than the barefaced violence that Maguindanao massacre has shown us.
Why was media silent on the Maoist terrorist mass purging, from the 80’s and is still continuing today, perpetrated blatantly and without mercy; yet the same media are now up in arms with black armed bands and candle lighting ceremonies in open denunciation of the Maguindanao massacre.

What difference in life does the two incidents have, both brazen and despicable affront against humanity, to merit some sort of “double standard” among us?
Do we have to have media personalities as victims of violence and perfidy to cause media organizations to go out of their own shell and self-imposed selective isolation so that they would speak out loud for the protection and preservation of human life; and the inviolable right to life?

Indeed, parallels on incidents could easily be drawn but no one can ever forget that sickening passiveness yet indolent and selective treatment purposely committed by some of us.


  1. kawawa talaga ang pilipinas sa mga kurakot n ginagawa ng ating gobyerno sa kasalukuyan...

  2. Justice for the victims and their families!!!!

    This is the time that the government has to do something to punish those devils or animals!!!

  3. dapat ng tapusin ang mga komunista! kung di kaya ng gobyerno, tayo na lang mga sibilyan.. kaya natin silang labanan basta't sama-sama.

  4. Hindi na uso ang komunismo! ang hanapin nyo trabaho, para may mailuto. kayong mga npa magsipagtrabaho kayo!!! pumarehas kayo! mga salot kayo ng lipunan!