The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist challenges the Dabaweños to stand up and fight against all forms of terrorism and anarchism especially those perpetrated by the CPP-NPA-NDF and heartless politicians.

“People must stand united against terrorism and anarchism including those committed by anarchist politicians and political groups on hapless civilians just to perpetuate in power as in the case of the so-called Davao Death Squad in Davao City,” declared ANAD Partylist Congressman Pastor M. Alcover, Jr.

ANAD Partylist made the call as the CPP-NPA-NDF heightened its terroristic activities while approaching the party’s 41st founding anniversary celebration on Dec. 26.

The CPP-NPA-NDF killed at least 79 persons in Davao or Southern Mindanao Region alone this year. Of the figure, 54 were civilians, 13 were soldiers and policemen, and 12 were CAFGU members.

Last week, five innocent persons were killed and two were wounded in a string of atrocities perpetrated by local communist terrorists (LCTs) in Davao region.

The victims were identified as Fernando Timbal of Panabo City, Davao del Norte; Efren Sindaton Obaton of Sitio Barobo, Brgy. Dagohoy, Talaingod town, Davao del Norte; Rosalinda Ponciano Clata, Virgilio Arciana and Roderick Guba, all of Cateel town in Davao Oriental. Wounded were Jaymar Gulane and Rey Genabe, also of Cateel.

A certain Ka Simon Santiago, the self-proclaimed “political director” of the NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Command, admitted that NPA SPARU hitmen murdered the 48-year old Timbal at Brgy. Gredu, Panabo City, Davao del Norte early morning last Dec. 13 on the belief that he was a soldier.

Sadly however, Timbal was just an innocent driver of the Land Bank of the Philippines-Tagum Branch.

The repenting Ka Simon, who bragged the murder when he reported it to the media even without checking the identity of the victim yet, vainly tried to appease the angry Dabaweños when he said that the NPA-SMR is investigating the incident.

Dabaweños are further angered when terrorists under the Local Terrorist Front (LTF) 35, NPA-SMRC led by alias Kumander Ian mercilessly killed the 32-year old Obaton infront of his three children inside their home at Sitio Barobo, Brgy. Dagohoy, Talaingod town, also in Davao del Norte early afternoon last Dec. 17.

Obaton was a former NPA who returned to the folds of the law few years ago and took a quite life until he was murdered by his former comrades.

The morning on that day, Dec. 17, bullets from a group of more than 20 terrorists killed the innocent 55-year old Clata whose home happened to be located near a major road project linking Davao Oriental and Surigao del Sur provinces that was sabotaged by LTF 20 led by Eufemio Ombaogan.

CAFGU Active Auxiliary Members Arciana and Guba were also killed and Gulane and Genabe were wounded while heroically defending from terrorist sabotage a section of the Surigao-Cateel road project that has been undertaken by Sebastian Construction at Sitio Talisay, Brgy. Sibahay, Cateel town, Davao Oriental.

In the afternoon of the following day, Dec. 18, four motorcycle-riding communist terrorists laid down in-a-series two Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) along the national highway in Banay-banay town in Davao Oriental.

If not for the timely tip off from a concerned citizen who witnessed the sinister act, the two roadside IEDs could have harmed civilian travelers like what happened at Sitio Malikong, Brgy Suawan, Marilog District in Davao City mid-morning last Sept. 08 where Ronald Sayan, a motorcycle-for-hire or “habal-habal” driver, was seriously wounded.

Last Nov. 23 afternoon, the 66-year old Rosario Balisda was seriously wounded along with four soldiers when local communist terrorists remotely detonated an IED at the village of Fatima in Paquibato District in Davao City.

Since May, the CPP-NPA-NDF exploded at least 12 IEDs – sometimes called by the soldiers as improvised “landmines” – in the Davao region alone, six of which in Davao City.
IED is the weapon choice of many terrorists worldwide including Osama Ben Ladin’s Al Qaeda and East Asia’s Jemaah Islamiyah terror networks.


In view of the situation, ANAD Partylist decided to spearhead the citizens’ non-violent campaign against terrorism in Davao City and surrounding areas.

Initially, it calls the Dabaweños not to support politicians who are themselves part of terrorist-anarchist gangs or in cahoots with them.

ANAD Partylist also entered into alliance with other pro-democracy and pro-peace organizations in Davao City and region to put up a common front against terrorism and anarchism. (ANAD PARTLIST-MINDANAO INFONEWS BUREAU)

For reference:
Spokesman, ANAD Partylist-Mindanao


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