NPAs Continue Terrorizing the People in Davao City

Malagos, Davao City – At least 14 individuals including civilians and CAFGUs were restrained against their free will by the New People’s Army in Barangay Tambobong, Baguio District, Davao City since December 23, 2012 until today.
There were 11 residents of Barangay Tambobong from different sitios were held captives and intimidated by the armed rebel group led by a certain Ka Bobby who continues to sow terror in the said district even during the yuletide season and while their ceasefire is supposed to be in effect. 
Based on reports coming from the residents, an estimated number of 140 NPAs stayed in the barangay to conduct recruitment, intimidation and kidnapping.
At around 5:30am on December 30, 2012, two CAFGU Active Auxiliary (CAA) members namely:  CAA Artemio Sitoy and CAA Romeo Bulod both residents of Sitio Mangas-As of said barangay were forcefully taken for interrogation and held captive for almost 12 hours. 
During interview, the victims narrated that the NPAs asked them for names of all the CAFGU members and civilian military supporters residing in the barangay to be coerced to cease from supporting the Philippine Army and the Philippine Government . 
The victims recounted that they were pinpointed by the new NPA recruits who are also residents of the place.
Another kidnapping incident perpetrated by the same group transpired last December 31, 2012 with victims identified as a certain Jun Lopez, Junjun Alonzo and Tata Pandian who are all civilians and residents of Sitio Luyan.
According to the victims, one of the residents of the same barangay believed to be a supporter of the rebel group told them that they have an issue to be settled with the NPA and they are accounted to answer some questions.
Alarmed and terrorized, the victims tried to evade the NPAs but were chances upon by the bandits while on their way to the neighboring sitio of said barangay. 
Their ordeal at the hands of the NPAs doing interrogation started at around 5:30 in the morning and finished at around 3:30 in the afternoon. 
According to the victims, the group is composed of around 70 armed men and women conducting medical mission-like activity at the sitio.
At around 4:00 in the afternoon of same day, another CAFGU identified as CAA Tony Pandian was also abducted and then freed by the rebel group after answering some questions. 
According to one of the civilian victims, CAA Pandian was told by Ka Bobby to leave the military service as CAA or his son would be taken by the NPA to join the armed revolution.
Some witnesses said that the group went to CAA Pandian’s house twice and that they were really ardent in talking to him.
Aside from the ensuing incidents of abduction in Barangay Tambobong, seven other residents kidnapped by the NPAs and coerced them to join the illegal armed group. Four of them were identified as a certain Toto Belarmiya, Adonis Belarmiya, Elmer Amad and Toto Duyan were all taken before the NPA Anniversary Celebration last December 26, 2012. All of them were residents of Sitio Laputan of said barangay.  
Last December 31, 2012, three more civilians were captured and were forced to join the NPAs identified as Boyet Duyan and Joel Espina of Upper Tambobong and Lower Luyan of the same barangay and a certain Junjun Ogao, not from  Barangay Tambobong but identified as the grandson of the late Datu Causing Ogao who was killed by the NPA last July 2012.
Another resident of  Barangay Tambobong named Boy Betil was also abducted by the NPAs last December 23, 2012 at Sitio Sayawan, Brgy. Salaysay, Marilog District, Davao City for suspicion of being a military informant. 
Some witnesses said the victim was tortured, immersed in Tuli River and believed to be still in the hands of the rebel group. Until now, no one knows the whereabouts of Boy Betil. 
The kidnapping incidents and the presence of the New People’s Army in Barangay Tambobong clearly prevented the observance and celebration of the community of the Yuletide Season and of the New Year. 
Most of the rebels stayed overnight at the residents houses even they were not welcomed by the local populace. 
Some of the families even left their houses and evacuated at nearby sitios and barangay because they were frightened of the presence of the NPA at their houses. Several residents opted not to go home for the celebration of New Year with their families upon knowing the presence of the rebel group.
“We see how inhumane the NPAs are. They do not abide in their self proclaimed ceasefire, they do not stand with the peace truce that they have with the government – in which they have even asked for its extension – and worse, they did not let the people celebrate New Year. They intimidated and threatened the people not minding what the occasion is. They had been violating CARHRIHL and the Suspension of Military Operation. I would like to call on everybody specially the government officials to condemn such monstrous acts of the New People’s Army and to help the people of Barangay Tambobong.” said by LTC Nigos, Commanding Officer of 84IB.
On another development, GPH Panel Chairman Alex Padilla, through panel member Ednar Dayanghirang, confirmed that the NDFP shortened the bilateral ceasefire to 02 January 2013 (yesterday) instead of 15 January 2013 as it announced the allege AFP violation of the ceasefire and insinuated that NPA may launch Tactical offensives. 
It may be noted that the NDFP earlier declared that they consider AFP's "Civil-Mil Operations" and "peace and development" activities as "offensive military operations". 

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