Kometing Rehiyon Negros (KRN)covers practically most of Negros island; 13 cities & 20 municipalities or the north and most of the central Negros parts of the island. Time & again, atrocities perpetrated by its regulars have lay siege on hapless Negrenses. Unfortunately, these regulars do not distinguish women, children or the elderly. Their reckless campaign of terror (murder, extortion, theft, robbery, kidnapping, arson, etc.) on the communities especially in the countryside has already brought so much pain, sufferings, & hardships to the civilian populace.

Following are the most recent atrocities carried out by KRN regulars against civilians (high school teens, unarmed civilians & elderly women) & soldiers conducting non-combat missions.

11IB, 3ID, PA was engaged in a non-combat mission at Trinidad, Guihulngan, Negros Occidental in the months of May & June. They were conducting civic-military operations in the area in preparation for the medical and dental missions that will be rendered by the local government of Guihulngan & the provincial Governor’s office to the residents of barangay Trinidad and its neighboring barangays.

On 23 May 2009, five (5) unarmed soldiers left their temporary patrol base at Trinidad, Guihulngan on board three rented passenger motorbikes & headed towards the Guihulngan town proper to attend to their personal matters. They were halted by more or less fifteen fully armed NPA regulars led by Magno Flores AKA Anot, Luis, Armand or Dan-dan at Sitio Busay, Hilaitan, Guihulngan. Three of the 5 soldiers (Private First Class Gonzaga, dela Torre and Bajon) were identified by the NPAs & were forced to get off the bike thus making them their captives. They were made to lie down facing the ground. Suddenly & mercilessly said NPAs shot the 3 captured soldiers at close range. To make sure that the soldiers won’t survive, they shot each of them twice on the head. They stripped the victims with their personal possessions and immediately left the site after the incident.

Another NPA atrocity occurred in the peaceful town of Toboso, Negros Occidental one Monday morning on July 13, 2009. Around twenty (20) fully armed NPA regulars under the guidance of its Regional Secretary Francisco Fernandez AKA Frank, Ibarra, Kanor ambushed the barangay Salamanca-owned mini truck which was fully loaded with unarmed civilians on their way to the town proper to carry out their livelihood. This very conveyance also regularly gives school-goers a free ride to their schools while plying its barangay Salamanca-Poblacion early morning routine.

Somewhere along its route, these fully armed NPA regulars ambushed the truck with heavy volleys of fire. The truck driver, Rodolfo Salanid Salipod, died instantly from a fatal head wound together with Edmar Balisa Sultan, a 2nd year high school student. Sexagenarian Ena Diama Pata did receive some gunshot wounds & was still alive pleaded to the NPAs for help but instead of coming to her aid, they made sure that she’s dead by shooting her again at close range.

The other three wounded civilians, sexagenarian Primitivo Viajador Lumapay, Erel Silva Baynosa & another high school student Ivy Berden Recopelacion, 15 years old, barely escaped death when they pretended to be dead after what happened to Aling Ena. They were the ones who witnessed & divulged what the NPAs did to Aling Ena.

These are but some of the atrocities carried out by the NPAs. These showcase the NPAs unjustifiable disregard for the lives of innocent civilians, women & children especially, as well as their gross disregard for Human Rights & the provisions of the International Humanitarian Law. They have become a group of criminal syndicates who prey on peace-loving & law-abiding civilians.

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