NPAs murder CAFGU member infront of family

While the Filipino nation is mourning for the death of former President Cory Aquino, NPA bandits murdered Tuesday evening a CAFGU member infront of his family inside their home in Magsaysay, Nabunturan, Comval Province.

The victim was identified as Benito Goso, a member of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit. Report reaching the authorities states that Goso and his family were about to sleep when fully armed NPAs barged into their house shortly before 10pm and forcibly took the unarmed victim and killed him despite the plea of his crying wife and children.

MGEN REYNALDO B MAPAGU AFP, the Commander of 10th Infantry Division expressed his condolences to the family of the murdered CAFGU member and condemned the killing saying “it is the height of cowardice and the work of evil”.

“These people are merciless, such barbaric act has no place in a civilized world. They have been repeatedly violating every conceivable law of the land and they do not respect human rights. The NPAs clearly and totally put the International Humanitarian Law and the International Convention on Armed Conflict in utter disregard. It is unlawful and it is immoral to kill an unarmed individual, much more inside his home and infront of his family. They have not taken into consideration the trauma that the children may suffer. They are plain criminals without any ideology whatsoever.” Mapagu added.

Recently, MalacaƱang opened the door for another round of peace-talks and gave safe conduct passes to many top ranking communists.

The New People’s Army is the Armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines that is waging a 40-year rebellion for a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist state while it is plagued by many human rights abuses and reported violations of the peace-talks.

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