Davao City – ANAD Partylist bats for the strengthening of the criminal justice system in Davao City and elsewhere as a way to curb extra-judicial killings.

“The four main pillars of our criminal justice system must be made to function properly in relation to each other and the community at large if we have to stop some people from taking the law into their hands,” said ANAD Partylist-Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman.

The four pillars of the criminal justice system are the law enforcement, the prosecution, the judiciary and the penology.

“For the state or any of its subdivisions to encourage, if not to sponsor, summary killings to arrest growing criminality in its midst is unthinkable, uncivilized, undemocratic and inhuman,” added Tariman.

In making our criminal justice system works, according to Tariman, we follow the principle of making the offenders pay for their crimes while allowing him a chance to reform and to reintegrate into the mainstream of the society.

“We follow the pattern of ‘from cradle to court’ and not ‘from cradle to grave,” Tariman pointed out, adding that ANAD Partylist supports the “rule of law” first and always as a way to achieve lasting, authentic and sustainable peace.

This explains ANAD’s call for an honest-to-goodness enforcement of laws to have order and ultimately peace in our society.

“There is no order in lawlessness. If there is no order at home or in the community, then there is no peace at all,” commented Tariman, saying that “peace is not just the temporary absence of direct or physical violence but also the absence of social and cultural violence. One commits violence if he discriminates against the poor and the members of the cultural minority.”

The Dirty Harry tactic of using terror against terror to achieve peace is only a temporary solution. It does not address the root causes of criminality and insurgency but rather perpetuates the subjective condition resulting to a never ending vicious cycle of injustices and violence.

As such, ANAD Partylist challenges the Dabawenyos to make Davao City an epitome of law and order and not just of “peace and order” as the Duterte administration insisted. (ANAD PARTYLIST-MINDANAO NEWS AND INFO BUREAU)

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