The fluke of deception!

ONCE AGAIN, the expertise of Maoist terrorist sectoral front organizations is at play! This is reminiscent of the many instances when known Maoist terrorist personalities, e.g. politico/legal (NDF), armed (NPA), or top officials of the Maoist terrorist CPP, are arrested by government security forces. Immediately, the mantle of protection, seeking judicial relief and skilled use of black propaganda, is thrown by Maoist sectoral front groups like Karapatan, Flag, Bayan, Anakbayan, and others.

“The united front effort of the Maoist terrorist groups, especially the sectoral front groups under BAYAN, to use all legal avenues afforded by the government that they themselves have subverted and wanted to destroy, is vigorously at play,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover in reaction to published reports that the families and relatives of the 43 persons, including 2 doctors, a nurse, and a midwife, suspected members or new recruits of the New People’s Army cum health workers arrested by a joint military and police teams, last week in Morong, Rizal, would seek judicial relief through their filing of petitions for Writ of Amparo and Habeas Corpus with the Supreme Court.

ANAD Partylist documents shows that these sectoral front organizations act swiftly to protect the Maoist terrorist organization when their peers are arrested or when a cover-up is laid-out on their highly condemnable actions against the people. “ANAD does not question the arrested families’ and relatives’ seeking judicial relief. But it is the swiftness of the action that has caught us by surprise. Definitely, this is the handiwork of Karapatan, Flag, and other sectoral front organizations of the Maoist terrorist group, who customarily intervenes in such situations. This is what happened in Southern Tagalog, Bicol Region, the Visayas, and Mindanao,” said Rep. Alcover as he pointed to Roneo Clamor, husband of one of the arrested doctors, is the deputy secretary-general of Karapatan, a Maoist terrorist human rights sectoral front organization.

“As ever, their actions are in direct contrast to the groups’ damning and deafening silence on the many murders of innocent Filipinos, extortions, harassments in the countryside, perpetrated by the Maoist terrorist New Peoples Army. This is their fluke of deception,” said Rep. Alcover as he exhorted peace-loving Filipinos to condemn these highly despicable and blatant acts against humanity.

The case of Melissa Roxas is one of the Maoist terrorist’s glaring and skillful manipulations and lies. “They designed the issue as a bombshell when they resorted to mass actions in the streets and heightened black propaganda operations to hit hard on the government. They even wanted to parade Melissa in Washington DC during PGMA’s 2009 visit. But it turned out to be a dud for reasons that they know but decided to keep it among themselves,” Alcover said.

Rep. Alcover chided these groups’ intentional, brazen, and sustained actions to deceive the Filipino people. “Their callousness is openly manifest in their actions. Now is the time for the Filipinos people to realize that the once loud cry against corruption, human rights violations, poverty and others boomingly expressed then by Maoist terrorist sectoral front organizations is a halo tube of emptiness for their aspirations are really not for the best of the country and people but in furtherance to their violent and inhuman ideological aspirations,” Alcover stressed.

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