Can we trust the NPA to adhere to a unilateral Cessation of Hostilities in Region 6?

A reaction to NDF-Panay’s August 2, 2010 statement

Division Public Affairs Office, Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz— A statement intended for both local and national Media was released by the Communist Terrorist Movement’s Propaganda Bureau in Panay Island dated August 2, 2010 and undersigned by Concha Araneta who identified herself with the National Democratic Front – Panay Island. In it they presented their position justifying their most recent criminal acts and at the same time defending their actions as pursuant to their desire for the resumption of peace talks with our National Government. (their statement may be accessed here http://www.philippinerevolution.net/cgi-bin/statements/stmts.pl?author=ndfpp;date=100802;lang=eng)

However, it is our opinon in the 3ID that this most recent statement by the NDF-Panay was meant not only to re-assure their dwindling ranks but is also their attempt to destroy the credibility of the 3ID spokesman. The CPP-NPA-NDF thru Concha Araneta is attempting to win public sympathy for their cause by personally attacking the messenger and not the message in their statement. Your AFP does not resort to such elementary tactics and will only stick to the issues presented. It is by reporting truthfully, being accessible, and being accountable to the public that your Army has won the trust of our people. This reaction by the Revolutionary movement in Panay alone merits the strength of the AFP’s message as the vox populi in Region 6 over their own. Since they are having difficulty attacking the message they attack the messenger.

NDF-Panay: More than anyone, it is the revolutionary movement that desires peace as long as it is based on justice. In a climate of peace, the revolutionary government can step up even more its ongoing education, health and production campaigns in the guerilla bases, pursue land reform, advance environmental protection and enhance cooperativity in production that actualize genuine people’s empowerment.

If they sincerely desire peace so much then why do they continue their campaign of terrorism not only in the country-side but also in the urbanized areas? They claim to desire peace as long as it is based on justice but their brand of justice is the kind that is devoid of due process by not even giving the accused a chance to defend themselves via a fair and impartial trial. Their Kangaroo courts do away with due process and take justice in their own hands by meting out their own brand of revolutionary justice to those who go against their beliefs or those that oppose them.

Who gave them the right to arbitrarily take lives away? They continue to kill even civilians who they suspect of being a counter-revolutionary and sometimes even their own members are unjustly killed for fear of being a mole and a traitor. For Concha Araneta and her ilk to speak so righteously about “justice” is like the pot calling the kettle black. Our challenge to them is to put your money where your mouth is and not just pay lip service and spout out propaganda. The public doesn’t buy it.

NDF-Panay: The tactical offensives that the NPA launched this July, such as the ambush in Pontevedra, Capiz, and harassment in Osorio I, San Remigio, Antique, are merely responses to the military’s continued violation of the people’s rights and defense of the revolutionary government’s territory.

It is the NPA that continues to violate People’s rights especially in the hinterlands. The CPP-NPA-NDF are deluding themselves into thinking that they are still welcome in these communities. What have they given back to the people except fear and terror? Our AFP has continued to be the bridge between the communities and our Government, the NPA in turn threaten the people and steal from them and stands in the way of progress. And by championing these attacks, they are admitting their true nature of being above the law while the majority of our citizens in Panay would just derisively shake their head at this barbaric display of tomfoolery while the remaining few will continue to live in fear of them. Truth be told, some of our communities have gone a step further and have denounced the NPA’s presence in their villages; notable examples are the communities of Linantuyan in Negros Oriental, some communities in Igbaras, Iloilo, and some villages in Tapaz, Capiz who were once NPA sympathizers but are now empowered.

NDF-Panay: Their lack of intelligence that gave advantage to the NPA’s tactical offensives can be forgiven considering the capacity for secrecy of the revolutionary underground, but to be ignorant of open processes and papers that their own government itself has co-signed is dowright shameful to taxpayer whose money they appropriate in such large quantities.

The CPP-NPA-NDF in Panay is in near collapse and as a matter of survival and to reassure their diminishing ranks they would want to continue to project an image of strength. The indicators of an upward trend in regional stability are observed in that increased activity in economy, business, tourism, and education, have shown that the insurgents in Panay have very limited capabilities and are now localized in a few barrios within each province; all thanks to greater strides in convergence with local agencies. If we compare the number of times these trouble-makers were discovered, captured, and sent to jail by our soldiers for the past year alone to these most recent acts of aggression then we see that our soldiers have far exceeded their claims of success in this conflict.

The issue being argued by the Communist Terrorist movement in Panay is the Army’s declaration that they are rejecting the government’s call for peace and our call for a unilateral ceasefire before proceeding with peace talks. Then they resort to calling us names in a weak attempt to strengthen their position. They then assert that The NDF-Panay abides by the NDFP National Council’s proposed Concise Agreement to End Civil War and Achieve Just Peace Immediately put forth last 2005 and provides us with a copy of said document. Now, item 10 of their ten-point agreement proposal states:

10. Inaugurate a truce between the warring forces of the GRP and NDFP for the purpose of alliance and other constructive purposes as stated above.

Whereas this item was the last thing on their agenda, we believe that this should be the first thing that needs to be tackled in ours, which is why we agree with our President’s stance that peace talks will only resume once a unilateral ceasefire is in effect. A “truce” while our leaders discuss how we can achieve and agree on a just peace for our Nation. Your AFP is ready, willing, and able to adhere to this truce. It is the NPA’s sincerity in this matter that comes into question. Our President extended a hand in peace during his first State of the Nation address but the NPA openly spurned it by commencing these most recent series of attacks.

We hope they will have a change of heart because we are ready to talk peace. But if the attacks keep coming as they claim then of course we will not stand idly by and do nothing.

The public has more confidence in the AFP to strictly adhere to a ceasefire; it is the NPA that the people do not trust to uphold their word. The CPP-NPA-NDF constantly lie through their teeth and have been for so long that they start believing their own lies as gospel truth.

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