Notorious bandit-turned-NPA leader and followers apprehended in Sarangani

Soldiers belonging to the Army’s peace and development team (PDT) apprehended a notorious bandit-turned-NPA leader and his four followers in Sarangani Province on Tuesday morning, December 14, 2010.

Arrested by PDT members of 73rd Infantry Battalion, 10th Infantry Division, Philippine Army were Toning Mungkil, a.k.a. “Kumander Monkey”. Mungkil, the leader of the “Yunit Milisya” (YUMIL) of the NPA Platoon Mazda under Guerilla Front 71, is wanted for cattle rustling, frustrated murder and other criminal cased and his four companions identified as Joel Mungkil, a.k.a. Joe; Benito Balbino, a.k.a. Ben; Ricky Mungkil, a.k.a. Muril; and Anthony Salway, a.k.a. Gusting.

Responding to the information about the presence of the wanted suspect, Lieutenant B-Jay Ursua led the PDT in serving the arrest against Mungkil. Despite of the resistance offered by the rebels, members of the arresting team maneuvered to vantage positions forcing the suspects to surrender. Recovered from the group of “Kumander Monkey” were two rifles (one M16 and one Garand). No one was wounded or injured on the government side.

The communists in Sarangani Province continue to lose its strength and influence with the series of surrender and arrest of many of its NPA members. The peace and development outreach program of the 73rd Infantry Battalion succeeded on getting the support and cooperation of the local residents from whom the NPA previously sourced its food and logistics.

The suspects thereafter were turned over to the PNP for proper disposition.

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