Alcover calls on Congress to investigate
Cong. Maglungsod’s actions

The ALLIANCE OF NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) strongly supports the order issued by Secretary-General Marilyn Yap for Anak Pawis Partylist Representative Joel Maglungsod to vacate his “office tent”, along with Maoist communist front sectoral organizations that set up camp at the gates of the Batasan Pambansa. However, “the order should immediately be implemented and not wait until June 6,” said Cong. Jun Alcover, of ANAD Partylist
“These people had been given more than enough time and space and their continued stay in that area has shown their disregard and utter disrespect to the House of Representatives,” said Alcover. “They blatantly abused our country’s democratic space,” said Alcover.
More than 10 “tents” and illegal temporary structures with matching red banners of Maoist communist front sectoral organizations were established in that area and obviously intended for a long stay. Aside from the “Batasan Siege”, Maoist communist sectoral front organizations had pitched camp, for years already, in front of the main offices of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Elliptical Road, Quezon City.
ANAD maintains that protests and other forms of peaceful assemblies at the gates of the Batasan Pambansa and other government offices is welcome, “pitching camp and putting illegal structures there tantamount to hooliganism as if they are pressuring Congress and government to succumb to their demands,” Alcover stressed.
Alcover lamented Maglungsod’s attitude as a member of Congress. “What happened to him? He has brazenly expressed disrespect to an institution that he also belongs. His actuations, that placed the entire House of Representatives’ integrity to question and public ridicule, is something that must be investigated by the Ethics Committee of the Lower House and appropriate disciplinary sanctions be meted against him,” Alcover pointed out.
On the other hand, Cong. Alcover explained that if Congress refuses to investigate Cong. Maglungsod and immediately remove the illegal structures at the gates of the Batasan, “ANAD would take this as an expression of tolerance on the part of the House’s leadership. The news item that came out might only be intended for public relations purposes.”
In so doing, Alcover said that organized pro-democracy forces in the country, particularly in Metro Manila, can do the same, “in pursuit of our pro-democratic crusade. Congress cannot prevent us from doing so,” he added.

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