NPA post ceasefire attack on civilian authority in Baguio District, Davao City

Malagos District, Davao City - More than 30 NPA rebels ransacked the house of a Brgy. Captain yesterday, February 22, 2011, at about 3:45 in the afternoon in Baguio District, Davao City.

Police investigation disclosed that Baranggay Captain Alfredo B. Austral of Purok 4, Brgy Carmen, Baguio District was not in his house for he was attending a seminar when the armed rebels, led by a certain a.k.a Bobby, went inside and stole one 12 gauge shotgun issued by the City Government (Davao) to Barangay Captains and forcibly took a cell phone battery from Australs’ son who was there with his siblings during the rummage.

The Barangay Captains’ children who were present in their house were terrified by the rebels’ threats and intimidation.

Lt Col Gabriel C Viray, Commander of the 84th IB, calls the peace loving people to condone the terror acts of the NPA’s against civilians. “Let’s join hands in condemning the rebel NPA’s cowardly act of terrorizing local officials who are not supportive to them”, he said. “Let’s challenge the KARAPATAN to denounce NPA’s human rights violations”, he added.

Terrorizing the people is an act of cowardice involving the innocent civilians who supports the governments’ peace effort and now denies the useless cause of the CPP/NPA. Including the five civilian victims of “Maco Massacre”, on February 13, 2011, they are all victims of the CPP/NPA’s terroristic acts.

The troops from the 84th Infantry Battalion based in Malagos District, Davao City, responded to the incident by deploying soldiers in the area for public security operations.

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  1. Within the peace talk cease fire. they have positioned themselves near their targets as usual. We have never learned or lessons. Now they have an 18 month time frame to make their united front much stronger.