ANAD hits Satur’s continued double-talk!

HOW CAN one be true, even to himself, when he has been used to spread deception and lies to advance their violent and inhuman ideology? This question always hangs over the heads of Maoist terrorist personalities, especially those seeking political and elective position in government.

ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover slammed Makabayan senatorial bet Satur Ocampo for issuing dubious statements designed to ultimately break and destroy his benefactor’s presidential ambitions.

This is Rep. Alcover’s reaction to Ocampo’s recent statement urging Senator Manny Villar to face his colleagues in the Senate and explain his side on the C-5 controversy.

“This is Ocampo’s vaunted double-talk! But now, it is leveled against Villar purposely to destroy the latter’s presidential aspirations and the political party that Villar heads. This is typical Maoist communist maneuver or manipulation of situations and conditions,” said Alcover.

Ocampo was recently quoted, in several national newspapers, urging Villar to face the music and the Senate. “What he did was well planned to stir-up and muddle the already volatile political landscape of the country with the hope that in the end mainstream political parties and candidates shall be decimated and banished,” said Rep. Alcover.

Rep. Alcover slammed the insatiable appetite and thirst for political power vociferously shown by Ocampo and company saying, “With their ulterior motive always in tow, not only would they use mainstream partisan political machinery as a vehicle to gain entry into our government’s important political and elective positions, but to advance the grand and insidious plan of their Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF against government and the Filipino people.”

“Until now, I cannot understand why quite a number of mainstream political personalities chose to ‘dance the tango’ with known communist terrorists masquerading as pro-people and protectors of human rights and pseudo political parties,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

Citing Makabayan party as nothing but a political paper tiger, Rep. Alcover said, “What is happening now is tailor-made to serve, at all cost, the devious and malicious ends of their Maoist communist masters,” he added.
“It is high time for our brother Filipinos to come forward, be counted and united to overwhelmingly deny their callous, violent, and inhuman intention against our free country and people,” stressed Rep. Alcover.

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