DAVAO CITY – ANAD Partylist denounces leaders of so-called militant organizations affiliated with BAYAN and MAKABAYAN for continuously deceiving the people on their real ideological and political agenda.

“We don’t begrudge BAYAN, MAKABAYAN and their affiliates for embracing communism if they believed that is best for the country but we abhorred their deceptive and misleading methods,” ANAD Partylist Mindanao Coordinator and Spokesman Arthur Tariman said in a press release.

BAYAN, MAKABAYAN and their affiliate organizations like GABRIELA, KABATAAN, ANAK-PAWIS, LFS, ACT, COURAGE, MIGRANTE and KATRIBU recruit members into their folds without telling the subjects the real nature of the so-called progressive or militant organizations they are representing.

The future of thousands of bright and promising young students all over the country are wasted because of the very deceptive recruitment method used by LFS, CEGP, KABATAAN and other campus-based front groups.

According to Tariman, the case of Alvin Luque is one good example of this deceptive method. Luque first joined LFS while he was still a student of Ateneo de Davao University in the ‘90s but without any inkling of the real design of the people who recruited him.

The intelligent Luque rose from being a mass member to a full-pledge party member, became BAYAN-Southern Mindanao chairman, and in between ran for the city council during the 2001 elections.

Until Luque’s media appearance at a NPA camp in a hinterland somewhere in the Davao Region during the 41st anniversary of the CPP, Luque never admitted his active involvement in the armed revolution.

“Luque always maintained that he was just a plain leader of BAYAN even in the face of evidence brought forward by the military that filed arson and rebellion charges against him in 2002. When the court issued the warrant for his arrest, he simply vanished and reappeared only last Dec. 26 as spokesman for the CPP-NPA-NDF in Southern Mindanao,” Tariman pointed out.

Luque’s case is not the first and the last. There are thousands of other “Luques” in other communist sectoral front organizations. They are victims-in-process of the CPP-NPA-NDF deceptive recruitment machinery.

It is not far-pitched that it would also happened to MAKABAYAN’s Joel Virador, Ariel Casilao and Lea Librado, all aspiring for seats in the city council under the Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod ticket of Mayor Rody Duterte in this year’s simultaneous national and local elections.

In view of the situation, ANAD Partylist urges the public to be wary and watchful in joining with so-called militant organizations as they might be communist fronts.
“Be very selective and inquisitive before joining any group presenting themselves as militant and progressive as they might take you to hell,” Tariman concluded. (ANAD PARTLIST-MINDANAO INFONEWS BUREAU)

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