Maoist terrorists’ devious propaganda!

The malicious and crooked minds of Maoist terrorists propagandists are once again busy and at play solely to confuse and deceive our people, and to sow hate against the government that have been constantly touching base with its constituency and seeking ways to improve our well-being under the atmosphere of free and democratic yet republican governance.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist is a confluence of former Maoist communist rebels; victims of Maoist terrorist murders, forcible collections, intimidation and other forms of harassment; and plain and simple civilians with unwavering patriotism and boundless love of country.
ANAD Partylist is no military or government hound dog, as what the demented minds of Maoist terrorist propagandist oftentimes has said, but of Filipinos’ pure and genuine zeal to protect and preserve the democratic ideals and institutions vigorously sought and achieved by our forebears.

If indeed we are a creation of and supported by government and the military, we should now be far stronger and visible compared to what we are today. ANAD should have made it with three (3) slots since the 2004 and 2007 elections. But such is not the case. As clear as everybody could see and feel, we struggled very hard to reach the state of what we are today. It is our people’s strong push to move forward so that the flames of deception, lies, murders, and extortions, perpetrated with impunity by the Maoist terrorist’s CPP-NPA-NDF together with their sectoral front and pseudo Partylist organizations, could ably be addressed and eventually extinguished.

Marco Valbuena and Rubi del Mundo, both glib-tongued specialists of the Central Committee and the Southern Mindanao Revolutionary Committee, all of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF, respectively, is no different from their masters in the movement, namely: Jose Ma. Sison, Luis Jalandoni, Fidel Agcaoili, Jorge Madlos, Satur Ocampo, Renato Reyes, Liza Maza, Teddy Casiño, Rafael Mariano, Joel Maglungsod, Joel Virador, Raymond Palatino, and others. They spew lies to deceive our people.

They make not only one extra step but go out of their way to cover the grizzly murders and heartless extortions committed by the New People’s Army, throughout the country. The Filipino people never heard them acknowledge responsibility on the murders of tens of thousands of Filipinos in the l980’s to the present. Their insidious lies, have been slapped hardly their faces when their allegations of the military’s responsibility in the murder of Evelyn Pitao, sister of Leoncio Pitao aka Parago, were clearly overturned by unequivocal facts and evidences, as bared out by witnesses in the Davao region, showing the NPA’s dirty hands behind it!

If indeed they are strongly against extra-judicial killings, Rubi del Mundo should have opened his mouth when the Maoist terrorists mercilessly murdered 83 persons, mostly lumads, elderly, and unarmed civilians, in the Davao region during 2009. Our heart cries when these self-professed human rights protectors and advocates never cried for justice when: a) about 35 lumads in Sitio Rano, Barangay Binaton, Digos, Davao del Sur were annihilated inside a UCCP church by the group of aka Benzar in June 25, 1989; b) more than remains of about 300 persons, discovered in “The Garden”, in Inopacan, Southern Leyte where Satur Ocampo is one of those named in the charge sheet now before the courts; and c) when more than 3 people, including as 14-year old innocent girl, were killed in the gruesome ambush in Toboso, Negros Occidental, last July 23, 2009! These are but a few of the so many incidents perpetrated by the Maoist terrorists, as revealed by residents and witnesses, in their 41-years of insurgency against the Filipino people.

They, including Satur Ocampo et.al., chose to remain silent for how can they antagonize and disobey the order of their masters, who wields far more heavy carrot sticks ready to swing and inflict damage against anyone who disobey terrorist party lines and discipline!

Yet they have the temerity to twist facts, fabricate informations, shout innuendoes, and even liquidate people, for no other logical reason but to enhance their devious and violent Maoist terrorist ideology at the expense of our innocent and helpless people.

In stark contrast to their allegations, ANAD did not demonize Satur Ocampo and his ilks. We just bared the facts, the real character and persona of those seeking public office, abusing and manipulating opportunities under the aegis of democracy and freedom that we savor today.
How can anyone demonize already wild DEMONS sworn to spread terror and destruction on the once peaceful and stable Filipino community and country! Rubi del Mundo and others are glaring examples of what character and mind a Maoist terrorist is molded and now at play.

Truly, we advocate the strengthening of our government institutions, especially our security forces, e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police, to be of better service to our people and adequately extinguish the damning notion and belief still being possessed by DEMONS, like self-proclaimed Maoist messiah Joma Sison et.al. so obsessed in destroying the very fibers of our country’s economy, freedom, and democracy.

This does not make us hound dogs but a stimulus for those in government to do better for our country and people. In contrast, Rubi del Mundo and others are indeed lapdogs who cannot distinguish right from wrong but only mouth what their masters would want them to do!
Rey A. Salas
National Spokesman
Tel No. (02) 489-7662

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  1. Literally digging their own mass graves