ANAD strongly warn candidates and voters against Maoist terrorists “PTW”

From their dismal “Permit to Campaign” (PTC) scheme in the past, the Maoist terrorist are now into hard-selling their newly “Permit to Win” (PTW) commodity on candidates, especially in local government units, throughout the country.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist strongly warns the Filipino electorate and those seeking elective positions, in the 2010 national elections, that the Maoist terrorists have shifted their devious methods from merely extorting Permit to Campaign money towards demanding political aspirants to shell out sizeable amount of money, from Php 200 to 500 thousand for those aspiring for local elective positions; and higher for those seeking congressional and gubernatorial positions.

“Our sources in the countryside told us that the Maoist terrorist are hard-selling this to lure candidates into giving out money in exchange for an insurance of winning which the terrorists are not capable of,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover as he pointed to the new mode of extortion in the run-up towards the 2010 polls.

Records showed that in past political exercises, there never was a sizeable bloc number of vote’s equivalent to 3 million votes that Satur Ocampo and company has been boasting and brandishing in the past months. “The people, especially in the countryside, are now wary and have altogether repudiated Maoist terrorist presence and influence in their areas,” said Alcover. Reliable sources told ANAD that Maoist terrorist organizations have bought there way into the House of Representatives using coercion and the “color of money.”

Rep. Alcover describes the PTW scheme as simple yet blatant blackmailing by Maoist terrorist groups and personalities. “Their only motive is to secure the victory for Satur and Liza Maza for the Senate, and their own candidates in the local levels. In fact they have no intention, whatsoever, to comply with their end of the deal, if there is any, as they surely knew that they don’t have the capability and capacity of ensuring victory for those who may have given money to them,” said Rep. Alcover.

“They simply coerce, harass, and intimidate our people to vote for their chosen candidates. In this glaring anti-people scheme, our people must respond by putting up a bastion of defense to protect their sacred votes,” said Rep. Alcover as he called on all candidates, in all levels not to give even a penny to the Maoist terrorist as they will only use the same money against our people and government.
Alcover’s warning is explicitly defined when he said, “A vote for any of the candidates pushed and supported by identified Maoist terrorist personalities is a vote for the NPA and the Maoist terrorist organization itself.”

Reference: Rey A. Salas
National Spokesman
Tel No. (02) 489-7662

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