Terrorist NPA should be dismantled first! – ANAD

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist calls on the government to primarily dismantle the Maoist terrorist New Peoples Army (NPA) and not only the fidgety ones. ANAD issued this call as it strongly supports the move to cleanse the country of private armies as a means toward achieving clean, honest, and credible elections in May 2010.

ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover said that the NPA has already shown its tenacity to sow terror by the many merciless murders and harassments they premeditatedly committed in the countryside for their continued extortion activities against businesses and individuals; and victory for their candidates in the national and local levels, throughout the country.

“The NPAs are bunch of hooligans preying on helpless Filipinos and forcibly telling them to vote for their candidates like Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza, eyeing Senatorial seats, and those seeking elective positions in the different local government units, in the country,” said Rep. Alcover as he called on the recently organized special Presidential Commission Against Private Armies to focus more on the dismantling of the Maoist terrorists NPA.

“Other so-called private armies could easily be addressed by the military and the police after the NPA’s are immobilized and rendered incapable to terrorize our rural folks,” said Alcover. He described the NPA as a private army of the Maoist terrorists Communist Party of the Philippines, the sectoral front and pseudo Partylist organizations under the National Democratic Front (NDF) and Bagong Alyansa Makabayan or Bayan.

“The NPAs are no different from the so-called private armies that are now the target of the commission. Their actions are the same as they coerce, intimidate, and harass ordinary and helpless Filipinos to support their candidates and forcibly extort money from them. But the NPAs needs immediate attention as they are widespread and had been on this terrorist trade for over 41 years already,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

Rep. Alcover disclosed that reports from the field showed that the NPAs have now issued strong warning on our brother Filipinos, especially in the countryside, to vote and support the Senatorial bids of Ocampo, Maza, and candidates supported by the Maoist terrorist CPP-NDF, throughout the country.

“This is undeniable and flagrant hooliganism against our people’s true will and choice,” said Rep. Alcover. “Government should act now in the light of the blatant deceptions and manipulations currently waged by Godless, inhuman, and violent CPP-NPA-NDF that seeks to subvert and supplant the sovereign will of our people,” Rep. Alcover added.

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