Despite the tremendous efforts of the Communist Party in the Philippines to destabilize the government, its popularity is at its lowest.

The Party is exerting all its best to mobilize its front organizations by using them in staging series of rallies against the government in order to create a scenario that will bring down the country’s economy to the lowest level. The Communists want to make it appear to their foreign and international supporters that they are on top of the whole situation so that more funds will be poured in to their armed struggle. But apparently, its efforts just proved to be futile with the negative results of their supposedly DAILY SHOW OF FORCE. As hard as they tried, turn out was just a mere handful of deceived people, oftentimes even less than 50 heads joined their programmed activities. This only proves to show that majority of the people are now tired of their propaganda and are prepared to just enjoy peace and harmony under a true democracy.
The masses have discovered that the communists are just using their so called “democracy” to destroy the genuine democracy. The people now are able to discern that what the communist insurgents are offering is just but a sham democracy.

The people have also known that these rascals are likewise using the church to attain their evil ultimate goal of destroying the government, a legitimate institution established by God. It was also unveiled to the public that the communists have even infiltrated the government one way or the other to destroy the government.

The people are now fed up with the "Wolves' in Sheep’s Clothing" who represent the opportunistic communist terrorists of the Communist Party of the Philippines and it's shield, the National Democratic Front. The people are witnessing the communists malicious intent, that of superficially support human rights but in reality they are maintaining an armed terrorist/cannibalistic component, the New Peoples Army (NPA) that is bent to sabotage, thievery and mass murder of all those that oppose the communist way of life. The groups that support them are their legal fronts: BAYAN MUNA, GABRIELA, ANAKPAWIS, KMU, ALLIANCE OF CONCERNED TEACHERS, ANAKBAYAN, MIGRANTE, COURAGE, KARAPATAN and other seemingly innocent advocacy groups that are undoubtedly secretly supporting the opportunistic communist terrorists of the New Peoples Army. The communists do not believe in parliamentary struggle. They believe that the only way for change is through a violent armed revolution to topple the democratic Republic of the Philippines, OUR PHILIPPINES, the only country God has given us.

At present, the people now are enjoying the real peace they longed for. The people are thankful of the government’s initiative to bring back peace and prosperity in the land. Though gradually this is being done, the signs of sustainability are ever present. The people are now proud of being a Filipino.

Only in this part of the world that a country has foreseen a forthcoming global crisis. A remarkable step was undertaken by the Filipino government. Ahead of others, the Philippines did an extra mile to strengthen our economy’s firmness before the world’s economy was shaken down.


(Mamamayang Ayaw sa Komunista - MAK)

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  1. alam ba natin na ayaw aminin ng mga pula na mahina na sila at ang magawa nlang nila ay ang pagpapasikat at paggawa ng d maka tao

    pabagsaking ang mga kummonista