CPP-NPA-NDF FORMULA TO ESTABLISH “PEOPLES’ DEMOCRATIC GOVT.”: Kill, kill and kill more while talking peace!

Bayan Muna Party-List Reps. Satur Ocampo and Teodoro Casiño have gone to great lengths to dismiss the military's claim of a continuing purge within the CPP. Ocampo calls the suggestion of the CPP purge a 'cruel lie' (at one point presenting a 1987 CPP Central Committee resolution to support his assertion) and considers the issue of communist purging as 'close book'. Casiño on the other hand, wholeheartedly believes in the goodwill and sense of justice of the New People's Army (NPA, for brevity) because when they kill people, he says, they publicly acknowledge it as part of their long-standing policy.

Points for reflections:

Teddy Casiño, in his Business World column had said:

"…….unfortunately, the CPP-NPA-NDF is not a state power, it has no regular courts, no jails, no lethal injection facility. Thus, the only way it can impose capital punishment is by gunning down those convicted by its' People's Court'."

Excerpts from the CPP 1992 document titled "General Review of Important Events and Decisions (1980-1991):

"The Ahos campaign was widespread anti-infiltration campaign, launched in July 1985. Hundreds and hundreds of cadres, fighters, activists and ordinary peasants were arrested, interrogated and punished without sufficient and strong basis... Torture was extensively used on the fallacious ground that the victims were enemy spies, in a situation that the suspects were guilty even if the suspicion usually stood on the flimsiest grounds... The Ahos campaign was spurred by panic from unproven apprehensions regarding an extensive and long-running infiltration by the enemy. Such apprehensions were buttressed when worries mounted over growing security problems and losses in the countrysides and cities, and at the same time, there had been previous warning from central leadership against a wide network of infiltration."

According to Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, spokesman of the CPP:

“….these are all fabrications by the military…….”

But whatever denials CPP-NPA-NDF is waging, facts always suffice.

Excerpts from CPP Central Committee document published at CPP website, "Paglilinis ng Bushfire sa mga Nakapasok na mga Ahente ng Kaaway".

"Dapat nating ipagpatuloy ang mga taktikal na opensiba sa buong bansa . . . kasabay sa paglulunsad ng mga taktikal na opensiba dapat din ilunsad ang mga ispesyal na operasyon na tinatarget ang mga ahente ng kaaway na nakapasok sa ating hanay. Bigyan diin sa mga ispesyal na operasyong ito ang paglilinis ng Bushfire at iba pang ligal na organisasyon.

Ito ang pinakamainam na panahon para linisin ang Bushfire sa mga pinaghihinalaang mga ahente ng kaaway. Nilulunsad ng rehimeng Arroyo ang makahayop na operasyon para supilin ang mamamayan, ang mga partidong oposisyon, ang mga demokratikong organisasyong masa, ang midya at iba pa. Sa pagsabay ng ating ispesyal na operasyon dito, titingnan ng masa at mga alyado na ang mga berdugo ng kaaway ang may kagagawan sa mga pagpaslang at pananakot sa hanay ng mga ligal na organisasyon."



  2. dapat tirahin na ung leader ng mga ito, ung mga CPP at NDF panel prsonnel, ie firing squad..tingnan nila ung mga activista sa ibang lugar namamatay dahil against gv't..gusto nila maging mayaman agad..kaya nga may mahirap at mayaman, anu ang mangyari sa bansa kung ang lahat ng tao mayaman,,mga gago kasi ang mga rebelde na to, dahil sa hindi kuntinto kung anu ang mayrun cla,,