Satur Ocampo did it again!

Just as the campaign against the insurgent rebels by the military is gaining headway, its legal fronts and known personalities with clear links to the left are maligning the Armed Forces in order to ease the pressure of government troops against their guerilla fronts which are waging the armed struggle in the suburbs. The order of battle as they claim to have purportedly include list of men targeted allegedly by the military is just but a doctored document tailor-fitted to their own advantage and maliciously done to discredit the reputation of the troops who are gradually gaining the trust and confidence of the people of Davao region particularly Compostela Valley province.

The International Solidarity Mission’s (ISM) supposed tour of Compostela province is not aimed on knowing the truth about the plight of the masses nor uncovering what murderous organizations or groups are killing our own people. Fact of the matter is, the ISM is doing international solidarity works in favor of the rebels as it is their sworn commitment to help communist insurgents and rebels around the world.

We are not an ignorant nation. In this age of information technology, one needs only to browse on the web to clearly know the doctrine of communism and the inner workings of communist strategy in subverting nations with existing democratic society and turning it into a socialist one through a bloody revolution in preparation to the final leap to communism. Their doctrine clearly states that in order to win the revolution, an active insurgent organization must use legal fronts to mask their identities and provide shield to their armed component that is waging war against the duly constituted government.

It is also the works of these legal fronts to expose, bloat and capitalize on purported violations of the armed forces of any nation they are trying to subvert. This, in the eyes of the common people is a necessary instrument so that the rights of both insurgents and government troops will be protected. But looking deeper into their mandate, nowhere can you find any provision that states what actions they will do in case a violation was committed not by the military but by the insurgents whom they have sworn to protect.

The people must realize that these front organizations which in this case is the ISM, is not mandated to look after supposed violations of human rights and protect the innocent. Looking at the past and present actions they have taken, we can surmise that their true function is to single out the armed forces of the host country in any case of violation of the rules of war and sensationalize it so that the active insurgents can use such issue against the existing legitimate government.

As if we have not heard enough, but these legal fronts do not only sensationalize and tailor-fit issues against the existing government in favor of the insurgents. The worse is their orchestrated move to hide any violation of human rights and rules of war by the active insurgents. They not only turn a blind eye in such cases but provide active legal shield to communist rebels who have severely violated every law of the land including human rights and the generally accepted principles of humanitarian law. Their true mandate is to condition the minds of the people that the government is evil and its instrument of aggression is the military which it uses to oppress the masses. In this light, these front organizations thus curve the perception of the people in hating the government, the military and all duly constituted authorities.

Satur Ocampo and the others did it again!

Nowhere can you find that ISM or any legal front organizations ever condemned the CPP/NPA/NDF in any summary killings they have committed even if the NPAs publicly admitted to such offenses. The NPAs are doing the killings with such impunity and with total disregard to the rights of the people they have summarily executed (some in front of their loved ones or even some killed by their loved ones, take the case of Father Balweg who was killed by his own brother). Such is the sad state of our nation that these killers roam around our barangays in the far flung areas and lording over the common people who cannot do otherwise but to succumb to their oppressive power. A coercive power that is left unchecked by those wolves masquerading as human rights advocates.

We do not condemn the true and legitimate human rights advocates either individually or as an organization. We hail and praise them to the highest degree and pray that they may stumble into the mine of truth for the sake of justice for all those innocent men, women and children whom the CPP/NPA/NDF have violated, tortured and killed without the benefit of a true and fair trial.

In Davao region alone, there is a record of 364 cases of summary executions done by the CPP/NPA/NDF whom they admitted to have carried out in service to the people?! We might be a forgiving nation but our memory is sharp and we cannot forget the barbaric massacre the NPAs have committed in Digos, Davao Del Sur exactly twenty years ago where they killed (some beheaded) a total of 39 innocent men, women including children and old folks in Sitio Rano, Brgy Binaton in June of 1989.

Now lets come back to the order of battle. Who now has a real order of battle which include killing of innocent people in all walks of life?


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