Press Statement of Samahan Ng Mga Biktima Ng Komunista (SABIK), Samar Chapter

In his press release on June 10, 2009 [read press release], Mr. Salas “slammed the AFP for old gimmick,” base on his one-sided judgment, and “calls for immediate release of child soldier.”

It seemed that the NDF-EV, through its famous prevaricator, Mr. Salas is at first evading the real issue. Instead of answering the issue why the NPA has in its rank a child soldier, Mr. Salas immediately assailed the AFP as having “abducted the child for psywar purposes.” Is it really possible for the AFP to abduct a child and teach him how to (confidently) assemble and disassemble a rifle within a very short period of time?

Apparently, Mr. Salas’ press statement was meant to ACCUSE in order to avoid being ACCUSED of an obvious violation. For a seasoned liar and protector of the terrorist NPA like Mr. Salas, it would be easy for him to accuse the AFP than to answer questions surrounding the continuous recruitment by the NPA of children for their terrorist movement.

While the AFP may also have shortcomings, it appeared that this time it is more believable and credible than Mr. Salas. Someone who had the opportunity to talk and deal with the former “NPA Child Soldier” had observed the spontaneity of the child’s responses to various questions regarding his stay with the NPA. The child, accordingly, gave vivid details of his experiences and ordeal with the NPA that it is impossible for someone to believe that he was coached to reveal those details. It’s a pity that a child like him has been taught by the NPAs to carry and fire guns when he is supposed to be school learning how to read and write with other children of his age. Obviously, as the child has confided, there are many children now being lured and recruited by the NPA, so it is timely to ask Mr. Salas and the NPA to please have the conscience to spare the children from your nasty aim of amassing wealth and power.

Characteristically, Mr. Salas called on advocates of human rights and children’s right to investigate about the child in his press release. If there is any which would heed that call, it would be the Karapatan, which has a record of making investigation to malign the AFP when the NPA is already feeling the heat of AFP operations. Mr. Salas’ call for investigation is to prevent the obvious from looking more obvious. It is suspected that Mr. Salas did it so that when Karapatan conducts the investigation, it would not appear that such investigation is already premeditated and design by Mr. Salas and Karapatan to destroy the AFP and the soldiers- as they have done it many times before.

For Mr. Salas, this is a curious question. Can you invoke other things, aside from Oplan Bantay Laya, Con-Ass, etc, as reasons that you can use to fool the people into believing your purported “selfish” cause?
Thank you Mr. Salas, and again it is hoped that you prosper in telling your own twisted version of the truth!

Ann Ocenar, Spokesperson, SABIK-Samar Chapter
17 June 2009

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