ANAD denounce the murder of Pitao’s sister

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) denounce, in strongest terms, the continued murders, utter disregard to human life, and other forms of barbaric acts perpetrated by the Maoist communist-terrorist NPA against peace-loving and civilized Filipinos. ANAD decries the ability of these Maoist Godless and inhuman group to easily end one’s life while riding on the comforts of a hasty decision by their Kangaroo court where the victims were denied due process.

Representative Jun Alcover of ANAD Partylist describes as completely outrageous the murder of Evelyn Pitao, last May 23, in Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte. “We cannot hold our feelings on the unjustified and inhuman act committed by a group who professed to be protectors of human rights, of the oppressed, and purveyors of equality in Philippine society,” Alcover said.

The admission by the Maoist communist NPA command in Southern Mindanao of their responsibility on Evelyn’s murder, points to a glaring fact that they do not dignify and recognize the sanctity of family ties and relationships. “We must not forget Fr. Conrado Balweg who was treacherously murdered by his own brother, Jovito, upon orders of the central committee of the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF,” Alcover said.

“What is surprising is the conflicting statements issued by both the NPA command in Southern Mindanao and that of KARAPATAN, the Maoist communist front organization for human rights. This is really alarming considering the usual propaganda campaign line of the so-called human rights advocates that always points to the military and government as the ones responsible in all incidences of murders and killings in the country,” Alcover explained.

“Consistent with their denunciation and condemnation on the disappearances of Jocelyn Cadapan, Jonas Burgos, and others upon whom the government and military were accused as the ones responsible, I challenge Bayan Muna Congressmen Satur Ocampo, Tedoro Casino, Neri Colmenares and all their cohorts in the Maoist pseudo party groups to openly denounce and condemn the Maoist communist-terrorist NPA for the killing of Evelyn Pitao and her alleged lover – Roberto Dadula,” Alcover said even as he called on the Filipinos to wake up from deep slumber to confront and oppose the notorius Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF and all of its surrogate organizations.
“Our country truly deserves the full cooperation, understanding and support of every freedom loving Filipino for peace to completely reign again in our midst,” Alcover added.

Rep. Alcover dares pseudo partylist members to renounce their membership with the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines

Pseudo Partylist groups must now take out all the trappings and covers that they used in the 4 decades of Maoist communism insurgency in the country. This is the challenge poised by ANAD Partylist Representative Jun Alcover during his privilege speech, entitled – “A scourge of deceit and brutality”, at the House of Representatives this afternoon (June 1, 2009).

Alcover pointed out that Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis, and Kabataan are partylist organizations of the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines, under the National Democratic Front. “CPP chairman and Maoist messiah Jose Ma. Sison admitted this in his speech in Brussels, Belgium in l987 and during the launching of Makabayan, last April 16, 2009,” Alcover said.

Alcover warned those who still remain in the so-called political mainstream to be wary about Makabayan. “It is a political coalition instigated by the Maoist CPP. Let me warn you that any decision to be subservient to those who espouse a Godless and inhuman ideology could spell disaster for our country,” he said.

Alcover decried the unabated killings, harassments, and intimidation by the Maoist communist New People’s Army in the countryside; and the sustained anti-government campaign waged by the pseudo partylist groups to advance their cause and gain seats not only in Congress but in the Senate during the 2010 elections. “They continue to unleash their death squads on those whose opinions differ from the dogma they dearly hold. They have corrupted our electoral system by using armed units to dictate how communities vote. . . .They are not merely turning our democracy on its head. They are turning our democracy against itself!” Alcover said.

Alcover chided the pseudo Partylist Representatives for using Congress as a venue to launch their vicious propaganda campaign against government and to advance their cause. He added that they chose to join protest actions rather than willfully fulfill their sworn duty as members of the Lower House. “Such will be the case when Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will deliver her State of the Nation Address before a joint session of Congress. . . . Now is the time to ask Cong. Satur Ocampo and company as to which body they wanted to belong. They cannot be in two places at the same time,” he clarified.

The ANAD partylist representative challenged Congressmen Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casino, Neri Colmenares, Rafael Mariano, Joel Maglungsod, Liza Maza, Luzviminda Ilagan, and Raymond Palatino to renounce armed struggle, renounce their membership in the Communist Party of the Philippines, and denounce the terrorist acts of the communist NPA. “The proxies of Maoist Messiah Jose Ma. Sison, in this hall, must now be asked with full clarity about their readiness to standby their oath of office - -to defend the republic and obey the constitution,” Alcover stressed.

To effectively and peacefully confront and oppose the continued deception and brutality of the Maoist communists, Alcover called on the government to maximize the use of its resources to conduct a peaceful education campaign from the national to the barangay level with the local government units in the forefront of the effort. “Killing or arresting these Maoist communists’ agitators and propaganda operators will not solve the problem. We can isolate physically a person but we cannot isolate or kill an ideology. The best way is by educating the Filipinos,” Alcover explained.

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