The UNSEEN PLAN of the Puppets of MAO

(Note: Contribution from NADFFI - National Alliance for Democracy and Freedom Foundation, Inc.)

A rising communist hunger for recruitment is seen being done among the children, the out-of-school youth and the labor sector. This is because the CTM is losing in their People’s Protracted War (PPW) so that they are short of quality cadres, red fighters and party members. This development is brought about by so many reasons both in the local and the international.

Locally, the CPP is not able to proselyte and recruit from the students and the ilustrados whom they wish to lure and believe in the communist ideology. Additionally, the recent thrust of the AFP to inoculate the urban areas and sectors from the ideological encroaches of the communist political works exacted a great toll on their PPW. The party-list alone suffered a decrease of votes from 27 percent down to 16 percent as the people learned of their sinister plan.

There is neither hope for the communist movement in the political arena nor in the finance to sustain it because, internationally, their assets are already freezed being tagged as a foreign terrorist organization by both the US and the EU.

The fact that there is no more Russia and China to push for the communist dream to dominate the world the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is simply losing the chance to send scholars to schools of its own kind like the Lenin School of Russia. This is one of the reasons why there were good cadres before compared to today. In the absence of this there is obviously a dearth of real communists around the world and JOMA SISON would want this resurrected from the dead.

Given these developments the obvious and last course of action for the CPP, the New People’s Army (NPA) and the National Democratic Front (NDF) in order to prevent its death is to recruit children as combatants and rescue their political prisoners. The purpose is to redoubt the dwindling number of the NPA and use these as their goons in the next political exercise come 2010. This is the only way where they can be able to survive-concentrate in the political struggle. As long as the six devils in congress, one already locked up in the bottomless pit, are not renouncing their Maoist faith these are never humane and tamable. They will continue to deceive, steal and kill people.

The secret is they can easily convert one labor or student proselyte into a hardcore NPA once this is immersed and exposed to the radicalizing elements of the revolution through rallies and demonstrations. Everyone will have to take note for this because the political struggle is just a way to produce the means–armed men–to wrest power from the government in the end. Let not the AFP be deceived into believing that at the end of the day it is still the NPA that they will have to fight!

Do not be a fool. For if you have seen the movie about the Dinosaur coming into America and laid eggs at the Madison Square Garden the best solution was to bomb the nest or eggs before it becomes a baby dinosaur. Maglagom Kamo! Why make yourselves preoccupied with killing NPAs (body count syndrome) as if this is the first priority or top solution?

Undeniably, killing NPAs is part of the solution but never omit the weightier matters involved in the war against the communist insurgents on the ideological, political and organizational (IPO) work. Hit the Dinosaurs in their nest which is the political struggle. This is what the AFP missed doing for so many years now and I will have yet to see it come.

http://nadffi.org.ph is the official website of the National Alliance for Democracy and Freedom Foundation, Inc. (NADFFI).

NADFFI attempts to expose the CPP-NPA-NDF's untold secrets if only to make the whole world know that the Philippine government will never relent to any communist pressures as it is challenged once again to fight its long defeated enemy frontally on Philippine soil, and diplomatically, in the Netherlands where the leaders of the enemy have taken refuge, a cowardice act; and for the Philippine government to decidedly finish that fight.

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